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How to Rip DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy?

Do you want to rip your media DVDs to your hard drive? Do you want to play them without swapping discs and without interruptions? Are you looking for an easy and flexible way to rip your DVDs? Then, DVDFab DVD Copy will take care of all your needs.

There is step-by-step guide below to show you how to use DVDFab DVD Copy to rip your protected or unprotected DVDs with a few clicks.


Rip DVD>Step 1: Run DVDFab DVD Copy

Install and run DVDFab, go to "DVD Copy" option.


Rip DVD>Step 2: Insert DVD disc

Insert DVD disc to open the source. You need to specify the DVD disc's region code.


Wait a while for the program to open the DVD source.


Rip DVD>Step 3: Open Common Settings window

After the DVD is imported in, we can click the round green button with a white check (Common Settings button) on the right top of the main interface to open the Common Settings window and do some settings.


1) To rip DVD, we should select "DVD Copy" on the left pane of the Common Settings window and "DVD Folder" as the default output target.


2) Go to "General" to browse and select the output directory. On Windows 7 the default output will be C:\Users\username\Documents\DVDFab\


There are multiple functions on the upper part of the General interface for you to select according to your needs.


Rip DVD>Step 4: Advanced settings

1) On the left pane of the main interface, you can select "Full Disc" if you want to rip all the content of the original disc, or "Main Movie" if you want to rip only the main movie —the longest title.

2) You should select "Copy DVD-Video (VIDEO_TS folder)" by default.

Select "Remove annoying PGCs" to eliminate unwanted program chains like FBI warnings if you want.

3) Change the volume label as you like just by typing into the Volume Label text box. Use the same name of the movie title is better.

4) For the quality setting, we can select DVD9 for 100% quality with no compression, or DVD5 with a lower quality which will (if needed) compress the output to a size that would fit a single layer DVD.


Rip DVD>Step 5: Choose a target

We can choose a target in the hard drive by clicking (folder icon) or click (ISO icon) to select a default ISO file to store ripped files. Here we choose the default file folder in the Target drop-down list.


Rip DVD>Step 6: Begin ripping

Click "Start" button to begin the DVD ripping process. The ripping time is normally 15-20 minutes depending on the hardware and the size of the disc. And DVDFab lets you overview the ripping progress for your convenience.

Wait until the ripping process completed. After the message "Process Completed Successfully" shows up, press "OK" to finish.


OK, done. Easy, isn't it? All the above is just the tip of the iceberg of the multiple functions and features of DVDFab DVD Copy, just try it out to have a wonderful experience in rip DVD. If you want to convert DVD into videos, you just need to learn more about DVD Ripper.

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