What's BDInfo?

BDInfo, the short for Blu-ray Disc Information, refers to the video and audio technical specification from a Blu-ray movie disc, including disc size, playlist content, as well as stream codec and bit rate details.

Why do we need BDInfo report?

Upon the finishing of a Blu-ray backup process, some users may want to know the detailed information on the Blu-ray title they have just backed up, which may include the bit rate and codec information on both audios and videos. This can be done by some third party tools which may require an extra amount of time, long or short, to process some additional analysis, which means inconvenience to most of users. This is when and where DVDFab BDInfo feature kicks in, to make this BD info collection process drastically short.

How to get BDInfo report?

To switch on/off this feature, please go to Common Settings -> Blu-ray -> Blu-ray Information. It is deactivated by default, in consideration of the fact that few users would require such a BD info report. You need manually enable the feature under your special circumstance. The default output directory is C:\users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab 9\BDInfo, and you can change the path if you like.

What’s the difference between Quick Report and Full Report?

There are two versions of the BDInfo report that DVDFab BDInfo can provide,Quick Report and Full Report.
Quick Report:it comes out when disc loading and analyzing process finishes; it includes the general information of the Blu-ray disc; the process of making the Quick Report consumes little time.
Full Report:it comes out after the backup process finishes, and only when you choose Full Disc mode and BD 50 output size; it includes the detailed information the Blu-ray disc; compared to the quick report, the Full Report requires comparatively longer time.
The distinct difference between the two versions: only the Full Report will provide accurate bitrate information on each chapter, Quick Report does not.

What content does BDInfo include?

Both the Quick Report and Full Report include Blu-ray disc information like disc info, disc title, disc size, protection, Bd-Java, playlist, name, length, total bitrate, video, audio, subtitle and chapters, etc. But, only the Full Report will provide accurate bit rate information on each chapter.