Lightning Shrink

Brief: What is DVDFab Lightning-Shrink?

Targeted at Blu-ray ripping and converting, Lightning-Shrink is newest decoding and recoding technology DVDFab Team has developed. It helps Blu-ray lovers to rip their Blu-ray collections for personal backup, or convert them for playback on all kinds of portable devices, smart phones, and tablets, etc, in a very fast manner. It is not the world's first decoding and recoding technology you have ever met, but it is absolutely the best kind you've never seen before.

What Does DVDFab Lightning-Shrink Do?

Just as its name implies, DVDFab Lightning-Shrink takes the advantages of nVIDIA's CUDA hardware acceleration and NVENC technology, or Intel Quick Sync, to significantly cut down the time you spend on ripping or converting Blu-ray movies, shockingly to within an hour. That's to say, with DVDFab Lightning-Shrink technology, your nightmares of 5+ hours on ripping or converting Blu-rays are gone, forever!

In What Circumstances Can I Benefit from DVDFab Lightning-Shrink?

DVDFab Lightning-Shrink is applied in DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Ripper products. You can enable it when you are in either of the following situations:

  • Whenever Blu-ray compression gets involved, such as, rip a feature-length Blu-ray movie off onto computer HDD as an ISO in BD25 size, or compress a BD50 size ISO on HDD into BD25 size;
  • Whenever converting Blu-ray movies into on-demand videos, like MP4, MKV, AVI, M2TS, etc, to play on all sorts of devices capable of video displaying;

Are There Any Special System Requirements?

IQS-based Lightning-Shrink: 2nd generation, or higher level Intel® Core™ processor is required;
CUDA-based Lightning-Shrink: nVIADIA’s CUDA capable Graphics Card is required;
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink: nVIADIA’s CUDA 5.0 rated Graphics Card, like GTX 750/GTX 750 Ti (driver version: WHQL 334.89 or higher) which employs the NVENC technology, is required.

How Do I Apply DVDFab Lightning-Shrink?

It's easy: Open Common Settings panel via the gear icon at the top right corner of DVDFab 9 newest version, navigate to General>A/V Codec, and then mark the option of "Enable Lightning-Shrink when applicable". Next, click the "OK" button on that window and restart DVDFab 9 so that the settings shall take effect.

Comparison between IQS and IQS-based Lightning-Shrink:

Time Consumption Comparison
Hardware & System Copy Mode Source DVDFab 9063 (with IQS only) DVDFab 9070 (with Lightning-Shrink)
Win8 64-bit, i7-3770 Main Movie 2012.iso 50mins 41s 23mins 15s
BD Ripper: mp4.h264.aac 48mins 12s 21mins 33s
Win7 64-bit, i7-2600 Main Movie 58mins 37s 36mins 25s
Win7 64-bit, i5-2400 Main Movie 72mins 40s 37mins 59s

"Within One Hour"-- Lightning-Shrink Test on other popular movies:

Hardware & System Copy Mode DVDFab Version Source Time Consumption
Win7 64-bit, i5-2400 Full Disc DVDFab 9070 (with Lightning-Shrink) The Karate Kid 48mins
The Hunger Games 53mins
Manhattan_AC (Thor) 61mins
Source Code 36mins
Fifth Element 42mins

Comparison Table between Software and NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink:

Hardware & System Source Copy Mode AV Codec Time Consumption
Win 7 64-bit; CPU: i5-2400; RAM: 4G; NVIDIA GeForce GTX-750; Driver: 335.23 WHQI Hunger Games.iso BD Ripper to MP4 Software 142mins 5s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 18mins 15s
BD Ripper to MKV Software 105mins 41s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 12mins 15s
BD Ripper to AVI Software 146mins 28s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 13mins 41s
Main Movie BD25 Software 73mins 40s
NVENC-based Lightning-Shrink 17mins 25s

For further information about DVDFab Lightning-Shrink technology, please refer to http://blog.dvdfab.cn/lightning-shrink.html