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Along with the Euro 2016 drops its curtain, the ultimate winners in this quiz come out!
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According to the time users submitted the answers, the earliest top 10 winners shown as below will be rewarded with any single 1-year DVDFab product you like.

1.a-da**** 3.ima**** 5.rin******** 9.met****
2.poc******** 6.mea**** 8.nqo**** 10.pau****

The earliest top 11th - 30th winners shown as below will be rewarded with a
$20 valued Amazon Gift Card.

11.755**** 13.avd**** 15.sol**** 17.gur**** 19.hys**** 21.pan**** 23.j.f**** 25.ti**** 27.nob**** 29.rod****
12.lam**** 14.ska**** 16.jj5**** 18.mic**** 20.tog**** 22.kli**** 24.mon**** 26.rap**** 28.nob********

The rest winners shown as below will be rewarded with a commemorative DVDFab T-shirt.

31.rod**** 33.d.h****
32.wen**** 34.gol****

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1. After the Euro 2016 drops its curtain, we will rank all the winners according to the time he submitted the answer. The earliest top 10 winners will be rewarded with any single 1-year DVDFab product (PC Backup and iFoneRestore excluded) he likes; the 11th to 30th winners will be rewarded with a $20 Amazon Gift Card; and all the rest winners will get a commemorative DVDFab T-shirt.

2. All the winners will be named in our official website after the quiz, and we will contact you with the delivery of awards within three days. So, a valid and commonly used E-mail address for submitting your answer will be high recommended and a necessary.

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