Stealthy Clone

StealthyClone is one of the anti-protection technologies, also the homebrew, from DVDFab. It is the world's first generic approach to deal with Sony DADC Screen Pass, which has been used by Hollywood major studios as well as independent publishers throughout the world, and other structural protections that may appear.

What is Sony DADC Screen Pass?

Screen Pass is a Java based (BD-J) structural protection created by Sony DADC division, after other protections failed to do their job, such as AACS (mandatory) and BD+ (optionally).
Screen Pass will protect original discs from ripping tools like this: It tries to determine if the disc being played is authorized. If not, users will receive some message warning that the original disc should be used, no ripping tools allowed, and something like that, and playback will be stopped or badly affected consequently.

Wanna backup Screen Pass protected BDs for personal use? StealthyClone is here!

DVDFab StealthyClone can make a cloned disc appear just the same like the original one. It works like this: when a protected disc is asking through Java means about various files and performs checks on them to try to find out if a disc is original, StealthyClone is hooked in and answers well. And as the protection cannot tell if the disc is a clone or not, it will just assume it's original and continue with correct playback for the disc.

Products with StealthyClone anti-protection:

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy
Passkey for Blu-ray

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