What’s BluPath?

The idea behind BluPath originated from the experience of PathPlayer and the creation of DVDFab Media Player. Works in a similar way to PathPlayer, BluPath is included with the Blu-ray copy software, Blu-ray ripper software and Blu-ray to DVD converter software of the DVDFab package. This Blu-ray analysis tool is born to facilitate DVDFab users with the Blu-ray decryption process.

How does BluPath work?

Similar to PathPlayer, when a Blu-ray disc is detected by DVDFab, BluPath starts an invisible internal Blu-ray player to scan, check and analyze the inserted disc at superb fast speed in the background. During this process, BluPath is actually doing a lot of work:

● Quickly and precisely pick up the correct playlist

Nowadays, to prevent consumers from making backups of their legally purchased Blu-ray movie discs, the film industry and movie studios have been, in the name of fighting against copyright infringement, constantly ushering in new protection algorithms. Planting multiple, if not tons of, fake playlists into the menus of a Blu-ray disc is just one effort towards that purpose. The direct consequence of this weird effort is that consumers are confused when attempting to copy that movie with 3rd party Blu-ray backup software products.

The Screen Pass from Sony DADC proves to be a good demonstration of such effort. Sony introduces this protection scheme to hide the main playlist of a Blu-ray disc among tens or hundreds of fake playlists, in order to confuse users attempting to extract the main movie. To handle the problem, Fengtao Software comes up with StealthyClone – the BluPath based technology – to help users quickly and precisely locate the correct playlist, in a matter of seconds. In addition, StealthyClone works with almost all the discs protected by similar protections other than Screen Pass.

● Take care of the region codes

For discs that are region locked (discs only work with one specific region and are locked for other regions), BluPath can automatically find the correct region for accessing the main menu where users can choose which playlist to play for a movie. Therefore, it eliminates the need of user-input or default input regarding the region code.

How does BluPath handle new protections?

A second run of the internal Blu-ray player after the disc is stripped of protections allows us to inform the users if a full disc backup is advisable. Only on very rare occasions with newly released Blu-ray discs that contain updated protection schemes may such verification fail. However, don’t be over concerned, in such circumstances, BluPath shall, as that happens to PathPlayer when a new DVD protection appears, automatically upload the protection information to our server via cloud, so that developers at DVDFab can get an in-time automated alert when such information is received.

Usually it won't take long before the problem gets solved and the decryption data is being put back to the server, so that users can run a second try to make a secured backup.

BluPath won’t just stop here

Innovation is the driving force of growth, bearing this in mind and with the idea of both PathPlayer and BluPath, Fengtao Software comes up with the plan to bring its decryption approach to the next stage, which shall upgrade the user experience to a brand new level, and we’ve already have it named as DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service, on which, more information is available here at www.dvdfab.cn/cloud-decryption.htm