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How to Produce Your Own Blu-ray Video Disc

Have you even been thinking of creating your own Blu-ray disc at home? Now, as a simple Blu-ray authoring tool, DVDFab Blu-ray Creator is born for the mission of producing your own high quality Blu-ray movies from all sorts of video files on PC, at home.


There is a tip showing you how to do it with this gorgeous Blu-ray movie maker.


Blu-ray Creating Step 1> Open DVDFab and direct to Blu-ray Creator option

Click the yellow folder icon at the source area to choose the folder that contains the video files you are going to process, or click the film & paper icon right behind the folder to select the video files directly; Choose the audio track(s) and subtitle stream(s) you need in the final disc; Select one output size at the bottom and set the target as your Blu-ray burner.



Note: If there is no subtitle in the original video file, and you want to add your external ones, you can just click the “External Subtitle Settings” button to do this.


Blu-ray Creating Step 2> Start to burn:

Go to the “Next” window, insert a blank BD disc into your BD writer, and then click the “Start” button to begin the converting and burring process.



You can trace the information at the three different pages, and under the “Option” page, you can choose to shut down your PC automatically after the disc get burnt.



After about 1 hour or one and a half later, depending on the source video size, there will be a mini window popping up, indicating the process is done right. Then, close that window and take the BD disc out and check it out on your Blu-ray player.


Okay, this is pretty much all you should pay attention on this task. It is pretty easy, right!


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