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10-Bit Profile

What is 10-bit color?

Before jumping directly into the jargon of 10-bit color, we need to first have a general idea about the bit depth of color. Technically, bit depth determines the number of colors that can be stored for an image whether it's a still picture or a frame from a video footage. Each image is composed of the basic red, green, and blue channels. Each channel can display a variety of shades of the appropriate color. The number of shades determines the bit depth of the image.

10-bit conversion profiles in DVDFab 10

Currently, the majority of desktop monitors, laptop screens, mobile device screens, or media projectors on the market are still displaying images with 8-bit depth. Only a few are capable of presenting images with 10-bit color depth. On the other hand, human eyes can barely see the difference between the 8-bit images and the 10-bit images. That said, if you do have a device, might be your smart TV or your projector, which is capable of displaying videos in 10-bit color depth, then you can use DVDFab, including DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, UHD Ripper and Video Converter, to convert your DVDs, Blu-rays and other videos with the 10-bit conversion profiles.

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