Who knew seven naïve boys from South Korea could take the music hemisphere of an entire nation by storm? Bangtan Sonyeodan, commonly known as BTS, can rightly be called the flagbearers of the K-Pop industry. The English translation of their name means "Bulletproof Boy Scouts," a rendition of how the band fought against criticisms and stereotypes while focusing on sensitive topics like mental health, self-love, and the troubles of adolescence through their music.

They proved that music traverses all barriers, be it linguistic or other demographics. Whether you are a die-hard ARMY (BTS fan) or a first-time listener, BTS songs will get you grooving. As BTS fans keep growing worldwide, today, we have compiled a guide on BTS song downloads so you can play them on a loop even without network connectivity.


BTS playlist you can't miss

South Korean boy band BTS was created in 2010 originally as a hip-hop group. They debuted in 2013 under the wing of Big Hit Entertainment. However, their musical style evolved to incorporate a variety of genres to make their songs versatile. While each BTS song comes with its fan base, we have listed some of the best pieces of the septet which immensely impacted global pop culture.

Life Goes On

bts songs: life goes on

This 2020 song co-written by J-Hope, Suga, and RM aimed at offering comfort and healing to pandemic-stricken people. The song spiraled up to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and conveyed how our 'life goes on' amidst the new normal.


bts songs: Dynamite

This monumental track ablates the global music industry by debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and retaining the numero uno seat for three weeks. It was the first all-English track by BTS where the band of boys went out of their comfort zone to light up smiles on fans' faces worldwide. The peppy number was penned down to convey a healing message amidst people's everyday struggles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spring Day

Rock instrumentation was used in this warm song which conveys the feeling of grief, loss and longing amidst the roller-coaster of life. This song received commercial success both in South Korea and around the globe. Even to date, fans love listening to this song during tough times. Spring day is a rumored tribute to the victims of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, which happened in 2014.

Boy with Luv

This song was a collaboration of BTS with famous American singer Halsey. The peppy dance number received positive comments from music lovers globally. The visuals of this song were drenched in a soft pink pastel aesthetic. 'Boy With luv" was the second music video of BTS to receive a billion views on YouTube.


BTS released this single on 9th July 2021. It broke YouTube records for being the fastest video to earn 10 million views and a Grammy nomination. This summer number doesn't touch deep topics like the others mentioned in our list. The dance-pop number uses a criminal metaphor and crisp synth sounds, making you groove in no time.

MIC Drop

bts songs mic drop

MIC Drop was created to celebrate the hard road traversed by BTS and its incredible achievements since its debut. This hip-hop song claps back at haters and showcases the bright future the band has ahead of themselves. MIC Drop featured multiple collaborations with artists like Steve Aoki and Desiigner and was released in more than four different versions.

How to find BTS all songs list to download

You can listen to BTS's latest songs on different online platforms without installing third-party software. These platforms also provide an official way for BTS song download so that you can keep the music playing even without any internet connectivity.


Youtube, the largest video streaming platform, boasts a rich library of the latest releases and old tracks. You can download videos from YouTube for BTS new songs. You can subscribe to the BTS YouTube channel to receive the latest updates from the official portal. You can also download BTS songs offline by subscribing to YouTube premium.


TikTok has become a rage among the young crowd since its launch & can be used to watch short-form videos. TikTok has creative content that can be browsed through its mobile app and web version. You can even upload fascinating videos on this all-inclusive platform, catering to your entertainment quotient with exciting content on your idols. Often the content creators provide a download option so that you can download the songs to be played offline in your spare time.


SoundCloud is a music track-sharing platform containing self-made tracks and famous numbers released by celebrated bands like BTS. You can undertake BTS songs download MP3 if the tracks feature download options.


vlive streaming platform: download the bts songs

Vlive is a live-streaming platform connecting global fans with their K-Pop idols. However, you can also discover unique music resources like live shows on this platform. Amazing BTS videos or music found on this platform can be enjoyed online. Some music or video clips can also be downloaded in the Vlive mobile app for offline viewing or listening to them without a network connection.

How to carry out BTS song download offline

YouTube Premium

Using YouTube Music Premium, you can download your favorite BTS videos and audio for offline enjoyment. However, you must reconnect to the internet once every 30 days to maintain your downloads. You can choose among the two options for downloading music using YouTube Premium:

  • Turn on smart downloads, so the app automatically downloads audio and videos depending on your prior listening history.
  • You can also download individual songs by tapping on the cover of any song and clicking the 'Download' button. Alternatively, you can tap 'Menu' followed by the 'Download' option. If you want to download an entire BTS playlist, then you will have to tap on 'Menu' followed by 'Download.' You can also download the playlist by clicking the download arrow on the playlist or album details page.

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Steps to BTS Song Download Using StreamFab YouTube Downloader 

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download bts songs using streamfab youtube downloader

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bts song download using a downloader

Step 3: Select your video

Choose and play the video or BTS all songs list you want to download.

bts songs download mp3

Step 4: Customize and download your video

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BTS took music to roaring heights, making us listen to their tracks on repeat mode. Whether you fought with a friend or had a hectic day at work, you will find solace in listening to BTS tracks. If you have been having trouble downloading BTS songs, then all your doubts will be cleared after today's discussion. Download your favorite tracks today and bask in the beautiful creations of this South Korean gem.