Nowadays, rhymes are the first thing kids learn, which helps them develop their vocabulary and enhance their English language skills quickly. People look for funny and fun rhymes download websites because these rhymes always teach children some lessons & morals.

The composition of the rhymes includes catchy tunes. Most of the words simultaneously repeat in peculiar intervals, making it easier for children to remember. This positively impacts kids' memorizing, learning, and listening skills. So how to download the best rhymes? Read out to find a quick way for nursery rhymes video free download mp4.

Top 10 Nursery Rhymes Songs 2023

1. Johnny Johnny Yes, Papa

Views - 664 Crore

Release Date - July 9, 2009

Description - This evergreen classic nursery rhyme depicts the significance of honesty & truthfulness. The verse starts with a little kid, Johnny, caught red-handed by his father while consuming sugar. He admits this action to his father.

2. Wheels on the Bus.

Views - 500 Crore

Release Date - December 1937

Description - It is most commonly sung during school trips where classes will ride a bus to their destination. Its cyclical nature - meaning that each verse is nearly identical besides a few words - helped make it so popular as children could quickly learn and participate.

3. Baa-Baa Black Sheep

Views - 353 Crore

Release Date - 1744

Description - This rhyme is split into business and surprising themes. The surprising part unfolds when the sheep cannot offer wool to the narrator despite having three wholesome bags of wool. Since a little boy, the sheep's master & dame living down the lane has already reserved it.

4. Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Views - 106 Crore

Release Date - 1961

Description - This fun yet informative rhyme is famous for helping kids evolve their gross motor skills because it includes various body parts performing individual actions. Listening to this rhyme lets your child know the function of different body parts.

5. Hickory Dickory Dock

Views - 86 crore

Release Date - 1982

Description - Hickory, Dickory, Dock is a rhyme that unveils the situation when a mouse starts running up a clock. This rhyme gained momentum because it communicated the little details in an engaging, fun tone. There are no changes in the first & last lines of the verse.

6. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Views - 38 Crore

Release Date - December 31, 1975

Description - A cannon that could climb a tower wall and fire below was referred to as "Humpty Dumpty" in colloquial language. You can learn how to get done with these rhymes download here.

7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Views - 28 Crore

Release Date - 1806

Description - This beautiful rhyme is every child's favorite. The poem starts with a tiny girl observing the night sky. She notices how a little star illuminates the sky with its sparkling and shiny spark. She addresses the stars as diamonds and their significance in the night sky.

8. One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Views - 8.8 Crore

Release Date - 1765

Description - This rhyme is ideal for teachers & parents to guide their children to identify and memorize the numbers in the most straightforward and fun manner. Keep on reading to know how to proceed with downloading rhymes.

9. Helping Daddy Song

Views - 5.5 crore

Release Date - May 14, 2022

Description - This rhyme shows the relationship between a kid and his father. The way the kid helps his father with different chores joyfully. These videos are available for free download nursery rhymes video songs with lyrics.

10. Hush, Little Baby

Views - 4 crore

Release Date - 2015

Description - This familiar rhyme lists everything their father would do to make them happy and is addressed to a crying child. You can learn how to free download nursery rhymes video songs with lyrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should kids start listening to rhymes?

The age group between three to four shall begin listening to rhymes. Rhyming promotes the development of phonological awareness skills. Through these rhymes, the child gets to know a lot of different words.

Can I download the Cocomelon nursery rhymes video to my phone?

Follow the steps below to download Cocomelon nursery rhymes:-

Step 1: Download the Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes video app.

Step 2: Browse for your favorite Cocomelon videos

Step 3: Affirm the downloading procedure.

Step 4: Play the Cocomelon videos in MP4

Are children's nursery rhymes beneficial?

Nursery rhymes train your child's brain to break down words into syllables and recognize patterns in words that rhyme or share similar sounds.


Since every kid adores nursery rhymes, parents often look for websites and apps that facilitate nursery rhymes video free download mp4 to teach and entertain their kids without network issues easily. In this piece, we have explained the simple ways you can follow to download rhymes.

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