How To Do Disc Decryption Faq

Q: Why do I see the notice about AACS circumvention?

A: Making backup copies of discs you own or converting them to play on different devices (commonly called "Fair Use" in most places) requires circumventing or removing the copy prevention technology used on the original discs. For Blu-ray discs, this technology is known as AACS and is aggressively defended by an organization that controls and licenses it to the disc makers. Thus, DVDFab products sold in the US no longer contain the ability to remove this technology from AACS-protected discs. That being said, DVDFab users in the US may be able to search for third-party tools such as AnyDVD HD (payware), Woookao (freeware) to restore the ability to copy or convert this material. If the law from your region/area does not allow such "Fair Use" of copyrighted materials, please do not use these products. If you think the law for your area should be changed, please contact your elected representative(s).


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