Steps to install DVDFab 12

The latest version of DVDFab can be downloaded at Click "Free Download" to download the online version or use the URL below to download the offline version. (A note: the online version will always install the latest version that is available at the time of installation)

Download to your desktop or other convenient location. Right-click on the installer file and select "Run As Administrator".

In the first window, click on "Click to Install" to start the process; if you want to install it to a different directory, click the "Custom" on the right to choose a directory. You can also choose to create a desktop shortcut or not. 

Wait till the installation completes and Start DVDFab.

If you use the online installer, there will be a few more steps before the installation process actually gets started, after clicking "Click to Install", it will start to "Gathering download information, Check Data and Downloading", just be sure that the network is stable and the rest of the steps are the same.