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What's PathPlayer?

How Does PathPlayer Work?

What options do users have regarding the PathPlayer settings?

Will PathPlayer always work without a problem?

Theoretically, PathPlayer shall work flawlessly with all the DVDs. That said, there are still times when it might not work properly or not work at all. Those occasions might happen when the source DVDs are severely scratched, damaged or broken, which means DVDFab might not be able to back up that disc; or a new form of copy protection appears on the source disc, in which case, users will currently have to wait for an update that has new protection handled. However, when the DVDFab CDS technology is ready for DVDs, it won’t keep users waiting long, because PathPlayer shall automatically upload the protection information to DVDFab’s cloud server, which shall timely send an automated alert to the developers. After the developers get the protections handled, they shall put the decryption data back to the cloud server which shall send an automated email notification to users, so that they know immediately when the problem gets addressed.

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