Best but Limited Christmas Gifts on Sale

  • DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift

    $99.99 Amazon Echo 2nd Gen - Black (50 by Random)

    20-In-1 complete DVD/(4K UHD) Blu-ray/Video solutions, a versatile combo of all the powerful products in DVDFab 11.

    Gift 1: $99.99 Amazon Echo 2nd Gen - Black (50 by Random)
    Gift 2: 5-Computer License
    Gift 3: $30 Amazon Gift Card


  • (Upgrade) DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift

    Existing users start at only $69 or even less

    Price varies depending on how many products you already have for DVDFab 10/11. Simply enter your DVDFab Account to check your exclusive price for upgrading to the lifetime version of the all-in-one bundle.



    Submission failed. Please check your network connection and try again.

    Oops! You're not eligible for this upgrade, either becuase you haven't purchased any product, or you are already an All-In-One user.

  • All-In-One Users Upgrade to DVDFab Prime

    A Prime member ($99/year) is granted with free access to all the software products and services we have.

    * The products include: DVDFab 11, Passkey 9, Player 5 Ultra, Geekit and all the future software products, except DVDFab DIY.
    * The services include: 5-Computer License, Dual OS Service, Extended Download Service, Exclusive Skins, 1-to-1 Customer Service, DF. 17" Business Backpack (only 500 in stock), and the future services.

    Oops! It seems you are not an all-in-one user. Contact us if you think this is a mistake.

  • Existing Users Save 50% on Software Not Purchased Yet

    Ultimate Christmas Gift to existing customers — Now you can save 50% on the software products you still don't own yet, including all the modules or options in DVDFab 11, Passkey 9 and Player 5. The exclusive offer stands till Dec. 25.

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Play Quiz to Win Lifetime All-In-One

Answer questions, 1 per level, to win rewards!
A reward is set for each level, and each reward is bigger than the previous level,
with Lifetime All-In-One or 1-Year UHD Copy (random selected) for the final level.



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Storewide Software

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You've Nailed All Levels

You're Awarded

Lifetime All-In-One

1-Year UHD Copy

Christmas is celebrated in the ____ month of the year.

It is universally believed that Santa Clause will visit each house at midnight through the ____ to hide his gifts to kids into their stockings.

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of ____.

Christmas is the state official holiday observed in the following countries except ____.

How many paid modules/options does the latest Windows version of DVDFab 11 offer?

How many conversion profiles does the latest DVD Ripper offer?