Sometimes you want to use something other than your real photo for your social media appearance, business promotion, or graphic design purposes. In that case, the smartest AI technology of the anime profile picture generator would be a savior for you. So, instead of selecting any random anime maker, here you will get the list of the 10 best anime profile picture makers.

Top 10 Best Anime Profile Picture Maker

Avataaars Generator

Avataaars Generator is one of the most popular anime profile picture makers in the web world. In the free library of this Sketch app, you can create and customize your anime image according to your specifications. The light-weighted, scalable tool has an official editor.


  • Customize your hair, clothing, emotions, color, accessories, etc.
  • There is no requirement to create an account to use this website.
  • It supports PNG files or SVG vector graphics.
  • This tool creates a picture of anime for your personal or professional use.


  • The hair color or facial hairstyle selection option is not available.
  • It doesn't provide high-resolution images.

Selfie 2 Anime

Selfie 2 Anime is a profound app for creating profile picture anime appearances. This anime profile picture generator will give you more satisfactory output as compared to another tool without providing massive distortion.


  • This free tool supports the U-GAT-IT model.
  • This AI-powered tool supports Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN).
  • Get cute anime pictures from your real image or selfie on desktop or mobile platforms.
  • The front-end & back-end source code is available.


  • The output result is blurry because this tool has failed to recognize the real facial features of the real images.
  • The output result needs to be better.

Selfie 2 Waifu

Selfie 2 Waifu is an image-to-image converting app that allows you to create pictures of anime from your selfie image. It supports the Generative Adversarial Network function. The beautiful anime picture created by this tool is clear and big. This website supports four languages.


  • This free web service supports Tensorflow technology.
  • This tool comes with the easiest UI option of the "Take a selfie" & "Upload a photo" sections.
  • This tool also provides a "Waifu Celebrity Guess Game" feature to identify the celebrity image from its anime version.
  • It provides an open-source library.


  • There are lots of ads on this site.
  • It has very limited image editing options.

Anime is a very effective anime profile picture maker that converts your real image to a beautiful anime picture. With this free online tool, you can use a simple drag & drop option to upload photos. It supports the resubmission of output images multiple times to get unrealistic images. It also provides multiple conversions simultaneously.


  • Get cute anime pictures from real images in a "Painted" style.
  • Get anime-style images with cartoon/toonify/Disney effects.
  • This tool never saves images on its server.
  • Instead of auto-crop, you can use the manual cropping option.


  • This tool works faster on a computer than on a mobile platform.
  • If the input image is not clear, the output result will not be satisfying.



Crypko is a very advanced anime profile picture generator that is all set to create beautiful anime pictures to serve your commercial purposes. For example, you can buy Crypko cards & special codes to create as many anime characters as possible.


  • This AI-powered tool supports Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN).
  • With its automatic technology, you can get high-quality anime images with multiple editing functions for hair, face, clothes, etc.
  • The AI algorithm of this tool creates anime characters reflecting your choice and intention.
  • With this tool, you don't need any drawing skills.


  • It's only meant for commercial purposes.
  • This tool is not fully free; it has its premium version.


MakeGirlsMoe is one of the smartest anime picture makers with advanced AI algorithms. You can get multiple images from any portrait. A collaborative team has developed this tool from a different renowned university.


  • This automatic tool provides high-quality images without any human assistance or drawing skills.
  • It is used for both commercial & personal purposes.
  • With this tool, you can get the maximum customization option of hair color, style, skin tone, eye color, smile, accessories, etc.
  • Along with standard mode, this tool offers an "Advanced Mode" option with multiple advanced image customizable settings options.


  • It doesn't offer any preview option.
  • Sometimes this app shows errors of black screen/white screen.


Avatoon is a very useful option for creating profile picture anime approaches. This tool helps you to present yourself with a funny cartoonish appeal to break the boring concept of the profile image. This tool can get high-resolution images in any size and format.


  • Turn your simple image into a stunning portrait with a cartoonish appeal.
  • This tool can be used for personal or professional purposes.
  • Use this easy, safe & fast tool to give you a transformation from your stereotype profile picture.
  • Get the output image in vector format.


  • The output result is very average & generic.
  • The output images are not recognizable.

Diversity Avatars

To create any profile picture of anime, the Diversity Avatars app offers three-level plans with multiple features. This tool provides software components of Adobe XD UX design, Sketch vector file format, InVision Studio UX design, Figma UX design, & FramerX UX design in its paid version.


  • It supports vector format for easy editing of your image.
  • It offers 30 free Avatars.
  • This lightweight tool supports SVG.
  • All the icons on this website are categorized & searchable.


  • Maximum features are available in a paid pack of essential & ultimate.
  • In the free version, you will get only 30 Avatars.


With 8bitIcon, you can create any cute anime picture to give a makeover to your image with your imaginary image. On this website, you will get 11 111 minted NFTs. This app allows you to enjoy automatic listing tools and sell your collection on the Open sea. In addition, you can download the file in PNG format for free.


  • With this pixel art avatar maker, you can create your NFT collection.
  • There are multiple image editing options to customize your image using various combinations.
  • Keep your creative pixel art live on the blockchain.
  • It offers an automatic NFT minting process.


  • The more complicated element you select, the higher the minted cost you have to bear.
  • To use this tool, you need to use the cryptocurrency Ethereum.


DoppelMe is a well-developed anime profile picture maker that helps you to create beautiful anime pictures. On this platform, you can explore multiple editing features of styles, looks, etc., make your desired picture of anime appealing.


  • Create a cool graphical version of yourself or anyone's image.
  • You can use the new avatar for any platform of messenger, blog, email, etc.
  • This free tool doesn't need support for Flash/ActiveX controls/toolbars/downloads.
  • It works on any web browser.


  • This is a very average anime profile maker with common output.
  • You must sign up on this website to access all the available options.

Some of these tools may not meet your expectations in terms of providing quality and clarity to your created anime picture. However, you can try the professional photo-enhancing perfection of the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI to meet your specifications.

How to enhance images with DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI?

While reducing business and all other imperfections in your output anime picture, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI can make your unique profile picture visually vibrant and aesthetically appealing. From upscaling resolution to adding cartoon effects, try multiple diversified features of this AI-based enhancer to customize your anime image.


  • Eliminate digital noise to reduce the blurriness of the image.
  • You can sharpen the image to DSLR-quality clarity.
  • Enhance any 2D/3D anime image with professional protection.
  • Get a photo 40x bigger than its original size.
  • Add your desired color to any black-white image.

Steps to enhance the image

Step 1: Select the module

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Start launching the software on your PC, & select your required module. You should wait a while to download your selected AI model.

Step 2: Select an image to enhance

Opt for the "+" option, and drag & drop the image for enhancement in the software's main interface.

Face Genarator

Step 3: Go for preview to change settings

While previewing the output result, you can make changes through the settings if it is needed.

Face Generator Upscaler

Step 4: Save the final image

After your final customization, go for the "Start to Process" option to save the final images.

Face Genatator


What does Avatar stand for?

Avatar refers to the graphical representation of human images. It is commonly known as a profile picture, personal icons, user pics, etc.

How many times can you change your Avatar?

You can change your Avatar several times while using different Avatar makers, but there is no limit.

What is the purpose of anime profile picture makers?

  • For fun
  • To gain social media popularity
  • To hide the original identity
  • Economic but unique option to promote brand

Last Word

When you have the best 10 anime profile picture generators with their benefits and limitations, you can easily select one of your needs depending on your specifications. However, while selecting an anime image maker, you must remember to take the systematic support of the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI to bring the best out of your selected anime maker.