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12 Best Photo Editing Software to Enhance Image


   Posted by Starry

2020-09-24 05:34:47


Summary: If you are looking for the best photo editing software to polish your photos for special uses, you have come to the right place. This article aims to recommend you top 12 best photo editors to retouch your photos with high quality for difference purposes.

Photo Enhancer AI

Empowered by artificial intelligence, this photo enhancer is the best software to enhance photo from such three aspects. Enhance photo resolution up to 40x, get rid of background/color/luminance noise, as well as sharpen image by removing motion blur and out-of-focus blur.

Want to try out the best photo editing software to retouch your photos for diverse uses? Whether you are a novice or professional seeking to edit photos fast and well, you have come to the right page. In this article, you will be presented 12 best photo editors, available on desktop, browser, or mobile apps, which can be applied to create masterpieces or embellish image to perfection. Never let slip such marvelous photo editing tools!


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PART 1: Best AI-powered Photo Editing Software to Enhance Image Quality

* DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI [Win, Best Recommendation]

* Skylum Luminar 4 [Win & Mac]

* Topazlabs [Win & Mac]

* Let’s Enhance [Online]

PART 2: Best Photo Editors for Photographers to Retouch Photos

* Adobe Photoshop [Win & Mac]

* Capture One [Win & Mac]

* GIMP [Win, Mac & Linux]

* Adobe Lightroom [Win & Mac, Android & iOS, Online]

PART 3: Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners to Embellish Images

* Corel PaintShop Pro [Win]

* Apple Photos [iOS & iPadOS]

* Google Photos [Win & Mac, Android & iOS]

* Fotor [Win & Mac, Online, Android & iOS]

PART 4: Related FAQs



PART 1: Best AI-powered Photo Editing Software to Enhance Image Quality


It is an indisputable fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been widely used in every walk of life to maximize productivity. The same goes for image processing. Compared to traditional non-AI photo editors, AI-driven photo editing software can automatically process photos based on specific algorithm and enhance image quality in a few clicks with unbelievable quality. Let’s check some best photo editors that stand out from the rest.


DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

All among all AI-powered best photo editing software, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI shall stand head and shoulders above others due to its flagship features. Aided by Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, this best photo editing software for PC will retouch your photos to perfection without quality loss and unexpected processing speed for the better of personal, business, or professional purposes. Besides, all sorts of photos can be at your disposal.

# Enlarge image by up to 40x without losing any quality

# Remove noise from photos to enhance image clarity & definition

# Fix blurry image, sharpen edges, and add original details to make image life-like

# Clean & intuitive interface without any learning curve

Pros: Free trial with no register; reasonable price for advanced features; fast processing

Con: for Windows only

Price plan: $79/year; $99 for 2 years; $129/lifetime

Note that if you wonder how to enhance image free and easily on Windows 10, turn to this best photo editing software for PC free download since it enables you to improve photo quality from multiaspects beyond expectation.


Luminar 4

As one of the best photo editors, Lumiar 4 gives users the power to proceed with photo editing tasks via its revolutionary tools and AI technologies, which enables users to retouch landscape photos and portraits with niche targeting tools based on AI tech. Besides, this best photo editing software for Mac and Windows works as both a standalone or plug-in modes for Adobe family or Apple app.

Pros: available on Win & Mac; streamlined workflow & fast photo editing results

Cons: resource hungry process; limited export options

Price plan: HK$698; bundle (HK$1010-1482)


Topazlabs Sharpen AI

As one of the best photo editing software, Sharpen AI specializes in correcting small amounts of general softness without artifacts or halos, with which blurry images will be fixed in just a few clicks. Meanwhile, the Stabilize module of this photo editor will be activated to reverse motion blur, while the Focus module is perfect for sharpening out-of-focus eyes or correcting issues caused by incorrect in-camera focus.

Pro: compatible with Win & Mac

Con: free trial with email register

Price plan: $79.99

Note that Topazlabs has developed several modules driven by AI technologies to deal with images from diverse angles, each of which comes at a price. Think twice before paying out of your own pockets.


Let’s Enhance

As one of the best photo editing software online tools, Let’s Enhance applies cutting-edge Image Super Resolution technology based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks capable of increasing image resolution by adding extra details from millions of trained images.

Pro: online process without installation

Cons: free trial with email register & service restrictions; noise reduction system applicable to .jpg or .jpeg extension

Price plan: $9-34/month as per image numbers



PART 2: Best Photo Editors for Photographers/Professionals


Before the emergence of AI tech, most photographers might tend to seek traditional photo editing software to retouch photos for special uses. Here come the best photo editors for your option.


Adobe Photoshop

Among all non-AI photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop is deemed the world’s best imaging and graphic design software for creative projects from photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design, a perfect tool for photographic enthusiasts and professionals to remove objects, retouch and combine photos/texts, even play with colors and effects like layers and masks. Adobe PS is widely recognized as the best professional photo editing software for image retouching except for AI options.

Pros: available on Win & Mac; streamlined workflow

Cons: Bicubic Interpolation makes image unsharp and blurry; steep learning curve

Price plan: US$20.99/month; bundles for individuals & business


Capture One

As one of the best photo editors for photographers or professionals, Capture One shall win a place because it enables you to transform colors, perfect the smallest details, and unleash your creativity with precise editing tools, thus bringing lifelike colors tailored to your camera and reducing noise from images. Such robust features are tailored to advanced users pursuing peak color quality.

Pros: available on Win & Mac; fast processing; 30-day free trial

Cons: export image with watermark; fail to deblur; no cloud storage option

Price plan: $20/month; $299/lifetime



GIMP, short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a cross-platform photo editor equipped with sophisticated tools to retouch images. From retouching to restoring to creative composites, what can be done in Photoshop will be achieved by GIMP. As the best photo editing software free, GIMP gives artists the power and flexibility to transform images into unique masterpieces via its top-notch color management features.

Pros: freeware; tailored to graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, or scientists

Con: learning curve


Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a cloud-based service that gives you everything needed to edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device whenever you like. As one of the best photo editors online tools, Adobe Lightroom boasts innovative and robust editing tools including cropping, rotating, color adjustment, sharpening, noise reduction, filters and dehaze, so as to perfect your photos and finesse the details than expected.

Pros: 7-day free trial; compatible with any device from desktop to mobile

Con: free trial with email register; internet connection required

Price plan: US$9.99-19.99/month for different storage space



PART 3: Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners


Aside from the above-mentioned best photo editing software for professionals, there are some easy-to-use photo editors designed for beginners. Here are some good examples for your reference.


Corel PaintShop Pro

As one of the best photo editing software for PC, PaintShop enables users to edit, retouch, and correct photos with innovative tools and features including AI Unsampling/Denoise/Style Transfer, Scratch Remover, Fade Correction, Color Correction, Noise Removal, Sharpening, Selection & Correction, and Raw Lab so as to produce a planet-like effect. Besides, layers, masks, drawing, painting, and filling tools are prepared for advanced image editing, compositing, and graphic design. Texts and built-in templates will make your work personalized and outstanding.

Pros: various import & export formats; 30-day free trial; 360 degree image editing

Con: available for Windows only

Price plan: € 89,99/Full; € 89,99/Upgrade


Apple Photos

Photos is designed to find, edit, relive, and share your refined photos and videos with intelligent new features to create best shots. Powered by on-device machine learning, Photos hides similar photos, reduces clutter, finds and focuses on the best part of your photos for better views. Streamlined editing with new tools like cropping, rotating, Auto Enhance, and effects including filters, exposure, contrast, and brightness are all at your fingertips. As the best photo editor free for iOS users, Photos outshines other apps.

Pros: simple to use and free for iOS users; feature-rich

Con: compatible with iOS and iPad only


Google Photos

Google Photos is noted for its free storage and automatic organization for all your best shots accompanied by simple editing tools including cropping, rotating, adding or adjusting filters, changing date and time stamp. Make the most of this best photo editor free application to simply preserve and retouch your photos.

Pro: free; good for image storage; compatible with computer, Android, iPhone & iPad

Con: limited editing tools



As one of the best photo editors online application, Fotor enables users to resize, apply filters & text, adjust color, size, and light accompanied by AI, RGB, and HDR effect for advanced editing, and retouch portrait by adding highlights and increasing radiance. Meanwhile, this online best photo editing software contains handy tools and features for amazing graphic designs. Fotor is considered the best photo editing software free

Pros: available on Win & Mac, online, Android & iOS; preset template for diversified editing

Con: business ads for online app

Price plan: US$39.99/year; $8.99/month


In the first three parts, you have gained a better understanding of best photo editing software for professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners who are looking to embellish photos with diverse choices of editing tools and innovative effects. Some of the above best photo editors are powered by AI technologies to bring out the best of their features, typical of which is Photo Enhancer AI, the best photo editor with packed features and friendly interface based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. If you prefer to online photo editors, Fotor will be your good choice.



Related FAQs on Best Photo Editor


* What is the best photo editing software?

In terms of comprehensive features, user experience, and cost performance, DVDFab Photo Enhancer, Adobe Photoshop, and Fotor shall be given top prioroty when you hope to enhance image efficiently and professionally. By the way, if you aim to edit video, audio, and image with one tool, that being said, killing three birds with one stone, then VideoCruise will be the best solution to fulfill your goal.


* What’s the best free photo editing app?

In most cases, best photo editor apps with free trial provide users with limited features and in-app purchases for advanced editing. If you want to try out entirely free photo editing software, Apple Photos, Snapseed, Prisma Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop Express/Fix, Photo Collage, Canva, and Instagram will be for your reference.


* What software do most photographers use?

To enhance image quality radically and automatically, most users will choose AI-powered photo editing software like Photo Enhancer AI and Core PaintShop Pro. To retouch photos with smooth workflow and professional graphic design, Adobe Photoshop (Lightroom) and GIMP will work better than other options.

Enhance photo quality by denoising, improving image resolution and reducing motion blur as well as out-of-focus blur

How to enhance a photo? Let Photo Enhancer AI do you a favor. As a versatile and easy-to-use photo enhancer, it is capable to upscale image up to 40 by adding more details to your photo. Also, skillful at telling apart noisy and clear images, this free photo enhancer is dedicated to removing background, color and luminance noise from your file. Facing photo blur caused by motion or focus, Photo Enhancer AI will solve it automatically as well.

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