In the early days of mobile phones, the 3GP format was created that was supported by mobile phones. In those days, bigger formats were not supported by contemporary phones. 3GP is an extremely small format that compresses video to a big extent so that it takes less space on phone’s memory but quality degrades as well. The best thing is that the phones of this generation support almost all known video formats. So, you don’t need to use 3GP format now. MP4 will also work on your smartphone.

However, if you have videos in 3GP format, you can convert them to MP4 using 3GP to MP4 converter tools. In this article, we are going to list 5 Best tools that can convert 3GP to MP4.


1.     DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the bestin the industry of video conversion software. The software is premium one, but it is offered free for 30 days. So that you can try it out first and then make the buying decision. When it comes to converting3GP to MP4, this software comes first on our list.

Best features of DVDFab Video Converter

·        The software is easy to use and converting 3GP to MP4 is quite easy as well.

·        You get the better control on output file after conversion as you can trim some parts as well. You can even rotate the video and do many different changes apart from conversion.

·        When you convert 3Gp to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter, there is no quality degrade in the video.

·        The software is robust and quite efficient to do the jobs that it is made for.

·        It comes from the DVDFab family which is a pioneer in creating excellent software tools.

How to Convert 3Gp to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter

Download DVDFab Video Converter, and install it on your computer. Once done, launch it. You will see a clean looking UI in front of you where you can see multiple options. But, you have to click on “Converter”. Then you will see a + icon in the center of the UI. Click that to select the 3GP file which you want to convert to MP4

It will open the dialogue box from where you can navigate to folders, and locate the 3GP video. Select the file, and click “Open”.

Now, the video will be added to the converter.

Now, you need to select the output format and click Start.

In the above screenshot, you can see, that first need to select MP4, then set the output file location, and then click “Start” button.

Within few moments, you will be prompted as the conversion is completed. Now, you can see that the 3GP video is converted to MP4.

That’s all you have to do to convert the video using this awesome 3GP to MP4 converter.


2.     VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the best free media players in the world because it plays almost all video and audio formats. Apart from this, it has different features that you don’t even get in many premium software.

Features of VLC Media Player:

·        VLC is the best free 3GP to MP4 Converter software which additionally converts other video and audio files to another as well.

·        VLC is renowned for playing almost all audio and video formats.

·        There many adjustments and effects for the videos which enhance your video watching experience.

·        Taking screenshots of the video playing is also possible when you use it.

·        You can set the playing video as your desktop background.

·        You can stream online videos with its inbuilt feature.



This is an online tool to convert 3GP to MP4. However, you might think this tool is a bit slow because when you select the file, it first gets uploaded to its server, and then gets converted. So, the uploading time will be your waiting time.

But, that is all fine since it is free, and converts 3GP to MP4 without degrading the quality. It offers many options that you can change for the output file. But, they are optional. If you want changes, you can do otherwise leave them. Just upload and convert.

Best Features of

·        It converts 3GP to MP4 without the need of a desktop software program. It does it online.

·        Apart from 3GP to MP4, it converts various media files to another as well.

·        It is completely free.


Thisis another online tool that offers convert anything to anything. It does convert 3GP to MP4 media format as well. All you have to do is to visit the website, then click “select file” then select the output format from the drop-down and convert.

Features of CloudConvert:

·        Apart from 3Gp to MP4, it supports 218 formats for conversion.

·        No need of installing the Desktop software since it converts the file in the cloud.

·        It uploads the source file quickly.

·        It offers API so that you can integrate it into your application.


5.     Handbrake

Handbrake is an open source software tool to convert 3GP to MP4. The software works well, and it is nowhere less than a premium converter software tool.

Features of Handbrake – Free 3GP to MP4 Converter:

·        You can select Title, chapter and range options while conversion.

·        It offers chapter markers.

·        No quality degrades in the output file after conversion

·        It support for CFR and VFR

·        It is entirely free 3GP to MP4 converter software.



Converting media file formats is one of necessary things because many times you get some files that can’t be played by your existing video player. These above-mentioned 3GP to MP4 converter tools are the best ones in the business.

Moreover, the most robust tool is DVDFab Video Converter which we have mentioned as the first converter software on this list. This is the best because it has many good features that you can use while converting. Also, there is no degrading in the quality even a bit.

However, it is up to you to choose the best 3GP to MP4 converter software for you from this list.