Are you looking to upgrade your home theatre system to enjoy 4K resolution content? Do want to opt for the best 4K resolution converter that helps you to convert your video resolution to 4K? Then our today’s article is all about this. Besides, if you want to know more about 16:9 resolution, this passage will provide a detailed introduction.

We can’t deny that the increasing technology has blessed us with the latest means of achieving our desires, say, watching and editing videos for a clearer image either for yourself or for your audience. Truth is that 4K is increasingly supported by TV networks and studios, as well as streaming platforms like Netflix, and game consoles such as Xbox One X and PS4. What is 4K resolution? What is the resolution of 4K? Do you know what it is? If not, then we’ll delve into these questions and demonstrate how to convert 4K video resolution from low-res video? Let’s have a sneak-peak into it! 

1. What Is 4K Resolution? 

The term 4K resolution refers to the resolution up to 4000 pixels, which offers at-home viewers a resolution of 3840x2160. Other than 8K resolution, it is currently the most affordable available and can capture more details and texture than other format. What is 4K resolution size for TVs? Most TV companies out there describe it as 3840 x 2160 pixels, or often 2160p. Moreover, it refers to the horizontal resolutions, unlike the former 1080p – measured in terms of vertical resolutions. In addition, 4K monitor resolution incorporates about 8 million pixels, and we can say that it is 4 times your 1080p screen. Isn’t it? Thus, 4K resolution pixels will contribute to clearer and higher image quality, which makes home entertainment much more life-like than ever before. It provides viewers with true feeling that they are looking right out a window. Therefore, I think moving to upgrade your system to 4K would be a reasonable idea. With technology, equipment and 4K content, you are more likely to enjoy amazingly clear image.

2. 4K Resolution vs 1080p – Which One Is Better? 

When shifting to a 4K video resolution system, a question often pops up in mind: how do 4K resolution and 1080p vary? Would that be worth doing? Will my decision won’t disappoint me in the future? Absolutely not! Because 4K resolution is a way far better than its predecessor 1080p. To make the things precise in front of you, look more into their differences between 4K resolution vs 1080p shown as below.

Convert 4K resolution video to popular formats

The primary difference is between their pixel resolution, an HD TV with 1080p contains 2 million pixels while an advanced UHD TV with 4K resolution is developed from 8 million pixels. Did you notice that there’s a huge difference in their pixels? 4K resolution pixels are 4 times greater than 1080p; therefore, you can enjoy better screen vision with 4K resolution size TV. 

Another difference is in their measurement, 4K resolution is measured horizontally, and in contrast, 1080p is measured referring to vertical pixels. So, by calculating both, we analyze that 4K contains double pixels than 1080p. 

Moreover, 4k is labeled as UHD (Ultra High Definition), on the other hand, 1080p is labeled by eliminating U (Ultra) that is HD (High Definition). The title given to them can also be seen by looking into their resolution since 4K monitor resolution can produce a more defined image than 1080p. 

Lastly, the undeniable feature is image quality. 1080p ensures a slighter dull image as compared to its advanced system 4K. The 4K resolution pixels are almost 3840 x 2160p, while 1920 x 1080p in 1080p. 

3. Top 3 Best 4K Resolution Converter – Optimized for Home & Marketing Videos

While looking at the 4K video resolution features, you’ve probably set your mind to opt for it. So to make it easy for you, we have also enlisted some best resolution converter software you can use. These are not only the best but are easy to use. Check out the list below!   

DVDFab Video Converter (Best Recommendation)

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the top-notch video converters out there. Not only is it compatible with advanced features but also ensures easy-to-do steps. Its 4K resolution video converter is the best and easy-to-use, which converts videos from different formats to mainstream ones without any hassle. It also offers you a wide range of functions to customize videos and to convert any video file format (MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, VOB, WMV, ASF, and many other files format) to high-quality 4K video resolution within less time. HEVC/H265, H264, 3D, 8K, 4K, 10bit, 12bit, and Passthrough are available to meet diverse needs. In addition, the release of DVDFab 12 introduces more features, which means you can enjoy more valuable tools with better user experience. Come and have a try on Windows and MacOS.

Best 4K resolution video converter


  • Read and convert 1000+ pre-designed audio and video formats, from video to video, video to audio, and audio to audio, for gapless playback on multiple portable or mobile devices
  • Support countless preset devices including Amazon, Apple, BlackBerry, Box, Google, Microsoft, Huawei, LG, Samsung, Sony, Xbox, and 3D devices
  • GPU H/W technologies ensure steady and 30x faster conversion, from one format to another like MKV to MP4
  • Upscale video from 720p to 1080p, or from 1080p to 4K with Enlarger AI 
  • Customize and enhance video quality via Advanced Settings and Video Editor
  • Free version, Full trial and Paid version available

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Con: Basic editing features not suitable for pro video editing

When you considering converting 4K resolution video from MKV to MP4, this best 4K video resolution converter is worth your top priority. Not only does it work as a video converter, video compressor, but also acts as a video editor to make your video personalized, professional-looking and compelling.

Wondershare Video Converter 

Wondershare is another best 4K resolution video converter, which offers a powerful and user-friendly experience to users. It works on both Mac and Windows and allows you to convert UHD, HD, and SD videos to other formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. 

Convert 4K resolution for home play


  • Easy to use 
  • Fast editing and converting features 

Cons: This 4K video editor doesn’t sync sound with video 


We have also listed VideoProC, which means it can provide you with the best features for video conversion as well as for simple video editing. It enables you to convert 4K videos into numerous formats as per personal preference. 

Convert 4K video resolution for better play


  • GPU hardware acceleration ensure video conversion at a quick rate
  • 370+ pre-designed formats available 
  • Easy to use with a free trial available 

Cons: Not enough features for pro video editing 

4. How to Convert 4K Video Resolution with DVDFab Video Converter

As described above, DVDFab Video Converter ranks on the top of the list. Therefore, we’re going to mention some key steps you can use to convert 4K video resolution.

Step 1: Download, lunch DVDFab Video Converter and load video source

After download and installation, run DVDFab 12 and select Converter module. Add your 4K video file to the 4K resolution converter via the + buttons, or drag and drop the source video onto the main UI.

Load 4K resolution video to the 4K video converter

Step 2: Choose one profile and customize the output

Afterwards, go to the main menu (Choose Other Profile), click on the Format icon, and tick the 4K option to choose your wanted format. Of course, you can hit the Device icon to set your wanted compatible device.

Choose profile before converting 4K resolution

When it comes to customizing output video, here are two friendly options for your reference.

Advanced Settings: you can set video and audio parameters as you like. Frame rate, video quality, output size, audio channels, sample rate, volume etc., are all at your disposal. These options can be used to personalize your audio according to specific needs.

Customize output video with this 4K resolution converter

Video Edit: Do you want to enhance video by editing footage? The non-linear video editor enables you to crop, trim merge, and rotate video, add watermarks (both text and image), subtitles, credits, background music to video, and adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. 

Besides, you can add external subtitles to the video for better playback. This is the focal point for those keen on foreign movies or TV shows.

Step 3: Select a file directory and start to convert 4K resolution video

After editing, now for saving a video, scroll down and click on the “Folder” icon to select the directory. If you want to share your video on your YouTube Channel, DVDFab 4K Video Converter allows you to send it to your channel directly. Once done, hit the Start button to proceed with 4K video conversion.

These are the simple steps to convert 4K video from format to another. Note that if you load video source of 8K resolution, you can convert 8K to 4K from between different formats without losing quality. But it does not apply to the opposite situation. After 4K resolution video, it’s high time you should enjoy 4K content with a professional but easy-to-use 4K player. Move on to next part!

5. How to Watch 4K Content with Best 4K Media Player on Windows & Mac

Do you look for the best 4K video player to watch your favourite 4K movies or videos with amazing viewing experience? After detailed comparison of the existing 4K media player in the market, it is worthwhile to try out DVDFab Player 6 to gain the utmost immersive experience.

First, let’s check its highlighted features.

  • Play DVDs and (4K Ultra HD) Blu-rays with menu navigation for better playback control
  • Play HDR10, 3D content, HEVC, 4K UHD video, music and other files with high image quality
  • Organize and manage local media files via poster walls
  • Load DVD and Blu-ray discs as ISO files to the local library
  • PC and TV playback modes designed for small and huge screens
  • Hi-Res audio output support, up to Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • Fast and precise preview with adjustable thumbnails for quick play
  • Customize playlist with flexible settings, hot keys for full control
  • Available on Windows and Mac, free version for video playback

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Step 1: Download, run DVDFab Player 6, and load 4K video source

Step 2: Customize playback list and start to watch 4K movies

To conclude, we have discussed what is the resolution of 4K, the difference between 4K resolution vs 1080p, top 4 best 4K video resolution converter, and how to convert 4K resolution video to popular formats for specific use, be it for quality home entertainment, or for better upload on your YouTube channels to engage audience. Hope you’ve got your answers, and now you don’t need to think anymore to opt for a 4K video converter. If you’re looking to look into one of these, do let us know by commenting. We would be happy to hear out your choice. 


What is the best 4K resolution TVs?

To ensure better playback experience, you need to make the right choice in 4K resolution TVs. There are many factors needed to be considered like the environment where you are stay. For instance, OLED models are good for watching content in dark rooms. Here are some good options for you. Having a 4K HDR TV at hand will add more spice to your entertainment.

  • LG CX OLED, high-end TV with packed features to deliver stunning picture quality
  • Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED, good choice for viewing in dark and bright rooms, good resolution upscaling capacity
  • Vizio P Series Quantum X 2020, perfect for HDR content viewing


Is Netflix streaming in 4K?

Netflix supports two different HDR streaming formats, namely, Dolby Vision and HDR10. Thus, it will be thrilling to stream Netflix in 4K resolution on a 4K Ultra HD TV that boasts true 4K display and 4K-enabled hardware. However, if you want to download Netflix for offline play, you need to turn to its Netflix downloader app or third-party streaming downloader.