Compression of video is nothing but a process in which a video file is encoded in a manner that ultimately consumes lesser space than what the original file took and thus it becomes easier for it to be transmitted via the internet. Video compression software and applications become extremely useful while handling a huge amount of data. It very conveniently compresses the data without much loss and therefore the transmission becomes smooth. 

Although, there are chances that the entire process of video compression might affect the quality of the video the work will be done with a manageable quality. There are certain video data files that need to be transmitted through the internet but the hindrance is that of space, by compression the file can be transmitted and shared via the internet. There are a lot of online websites, software, and applications available that compress a large amount of data for us.

8mb video compressor

Video compression has become a huge part of our technological requirements. Today, we benefit from all these advancements as we can very conveniently share huge data files across the globe with the click of a button by compressing them.

8MB Video Compressor

8MB video compressor is an online service that is free of cost and compresses videos. The intention behind its design is to accommodate the users and reduce the error of the file being too powerful to be sent. Video compressor 8MB permits its users to compress a maximum of 2GB video file to 8MB file for free, which also requires no registration. 

Pros And Cons Of 8MB Video Compressor


  • Ease of use Easy to be understood and used by beginners.
  • There are no ads to disturb and consume time.
  • It has a clean design which eliminates the risk of confusion or doubt.
  • It compresses videos under 8MB and it has a good compression ratio.


  • It takes a longer duration to upload.
  • If the file that needs compression is too big, it might reduce the quality of the video.
  • You can only process any two videos in the duration of two days and not more.

The 8MB video compressing service is designed in order to compress any video to the size of 8MB online for free. The video compressor to 8MB offers 3 major output size options for the files, namely, 8MB, 50MB, and 100MB. The user can manually select the desired size for their files. It goes without saying that the smaller the size, the worse the video quality. This online service which is absolutely free provides a clean, uncomplicated design, no advertisements, and no pop-up messages as a distraction. As of now, this service offers a maximum size of 2GB that can be converted. It is a good enough offer in comparison to what other services are currently offering. Despite this service offering a good enough space, it has its own drawbacks. The entire process of uploading can be extremely slow, thus, very time-consuming. There are chances that some uninvited errors may appear. The video quality can also face some issues. The quality may become worse if a large file is converted into a very small size. 

How to Reduce the Videos Up To 8MB By Using 8MB Video Compressor

Step 1. The very beginning step is to enter into the video 8MB compressor wesite. Click on the tab Upload or Drag & Draop to add videos you want to compress to the online video compressor. Or the other way is to COPY and PASTE the desired video URL to compress.

8mb video compressor

Step 2. Then the user needs to select the output size of the video to 8MB, 50MB, or 100MB depending upon the requirement. Then you can click on the Options of DROP-DOWN for further features like trimming, sound cancellation, or any other from the ones available.


Sidenote: the entire process of video upload can take a longer time than expected.

Step 3. Lastly, the user needs to click on the UPLOAD button in order to start the uploading of the video. After the uploading process is finished, the user can download the resulting video from the 8MB Video Compressor’s website. Note: all the videos are by default deleted from its website after a duration of 20 minutes. Therefore, one is expected to download the file at the earliest.

Some Of the Main Key Features Of 8MB Video Compressor:

  • Users can compress any video file of up to 2GB into 8MB.
  • Absolutely free of cost. No sign-up is necessary and no advertisements.
  • Users can upload any video from any computer or via URL.
  • Users can conveniently share small videos online without any errors.
  • The website offers many custom options to the users to meet their requirements. For instance: trim, cut, copy, etc.

The entire opportunity of being able to compress large files into small-sized files in itself is a big relief. That too, it's online, free of cost with no sign-up required and there are absolutely no advertisements and pop-up messages that would distract or disrupt the entire process. 8MB video Compressor service is handy for the above-mentioned requirements. Video Compressor for Discord may also bring you inspiration.

There are possibilities of a weaker quality output or an extremely time-consuming process but it works fine. Compressing videos through this online free service enables its users to freely edit, upload, trim and compress large files into convenient small files for better functioning and quick transfer without any payment, sign-up, or advertisement. One might wonder if the 8MB Video Compressor is safe or not. 

It will be right to say that this online free service is absolutely user-friendly. Though sometimes an error may occur that can also be because of some technical issues. Otherwise, this website is heavily used by various users and is very popular. Meanwhile, Online Video Compressors will also help you a lot.

Alternative to 8MB video compressor-DVDFab Video Converter

When it comes to how to compress a video, the DVDFab video converter will be your optimal option. Equipped with a full-featured compressing function, this best alternative to the 8MB video compressor enables users to convert video from one format to another without losing quality. Also, You can compress video with the right size and quality for playback on mobile devices or sharing on social networks like YouTube.

Features of DVDFab video converter

  • Compress videos of various formats for discord with ease and at a high speed
  • Available for video editing and batch video processing
  • Freely customized audio & video parameters meeting your various needs

Tutorial of this 8mb video compressor alternative

Step 1: Download DVDFab video converter and complete the installation on your computer. 

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download

Step 2: Click on + button or drag & drop files to upload video files. 


Step 3: Then you customize the output format and quality of your video. Except for compressing a video into one as you wished, you can also choose to smoother or enlarger your videos to have a better watching experience. Also, it offers you all-round and various options to set the video based on devices. After that, click the Start button.

alternative to 8mb video compressor dvdfab video converter

Step 4: In the Task Queue column, you can detect the whole process. At the same time, this video compressor offers a multi-task processing service, which will greatly improve your efficience.

alternative to 8mb video compressor


An 8MB video after compression is usually 36 seconds, the rest depends upon the compression standard. Whatever settings are chosen by the user, the video length and its quality will be in accordance. Besides, if you want to know details about compressor for Discord, you can click here to learn more useful information.

The answer is YES. The online 8MB Video Compressor service is absolutely safe. It is user-friendly as well. The entire process is simple and best suited even for beginners. Also, their protocol of automatic deletion of every video after a duration of 20 minutes makes the entire process secure.

There are several methods with which a user can reduce a video’s MB. The users can comfortably shorten the video file’s length, the bitrate and frame rate of the video can be lowered down, also, a better and more efficient video codec can be used to encode the video file, etc.