Introduction to AAC and MP3 File Format

While enjoying your favorite audio files on your desired device, you don't bother about the format, codec, encoding, or any other technical aspects of your audio file. However, you face challenges when sharing your file to different devices and platforms for flexible listening.

Regarding audio files stored in AAC audio file format, you must go for AAC to Mp3 conversion to make the audio file compatible with all devices, as all major platforms and devices support the Mp3 file format. So, let's see why and how to do it with the top three AAC to Mp3 converters.

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What is the AAC File Format?

AAC is the abbreviation of Advanced Audio Coding file format developed by Apple as a default audio format for all Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, iTunes, Apple Music, etc. The new generation audio format uses lossy audio compression, offering way better audio quality than other commonly available audio formats. This audio file size is also smaller than other audio formats for better space customization on your device.  

Why Do You Need to Convert AAC to Mp3?

Despite offering better audio quality and smaller file size than Mp3 format at a similar bitrate, you still need to convert AAC to Mp3 due to certain limitations of AAC audio files.

  • AAC format is limited to Apple platforms & devices.
  • File organization standard is quite complicated.
  • Due to lossy compression, the original audio quality will not be experienced.
  • AAC audio file needs more processing power to get decoded & played.
  • AAC file is not compatible with all types of audio-video editing software.
  • You can't get guaranteed audio quality due to the involvement of certain factors such as settings, encoder quality, source files, etc.

So, to avoid these limitations of AAC audio file format, you can easily convert AAC - Advanced audio coding to Mp3 as it's also a compressed file with all device compatibility. So, let's follow the authentic methods.

Method 1: Convert AAC to Mp3 using DVDFab Video Converter

Always look for maximum flexibility and customization to select one of the best audio converters? So, the professional DVDFab Video Converter lets you convert AAC to Mp3 with over 1000 audio and video format support. This tool will convert your AAC file and any other video and audio files and make them compatible and playable on any device.


  • Convert AAC to Mp3 without compromising the original audio quality.
  • Access your converted Mp3 file to any audio player with its original quality.
  • Enjoy multiple AAC file conversions in one go with batch conversion.
  • Explore the fastest conversion in 50X speed with GPU acceleration.
  • You can share your file on any social media platform, including Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • You can also save the metadata of your audio file to organize your offline library.

How to convert AAC to Mp3 with DVDFab Video Converter on Windows and Mac?

Step 1: After launching the DVDFab Video converter on Windows/Mac computer, select the "Converter" module from the top panel. 

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Step 2: Then use the drag & drop option to place the AAC audio file into the main UI, or you can select the "+" sign to insert the audio file into the software.

Step 3: Head to the drop-down menu and select the "Choose other profile" option. In the profile library, you need to select your desired Mp3 format.

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Then, click "Advanced Settings" to set related audio parameters as you like.

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Step 4: Next, head to the "Save to" option and go for the folder icon to choose the output directory. After that, select the "Start" option to initiate the conversion. DVDFab will immediately convert AAC to Mp3 while offering the detailed conversion progress detail during the conversion process.

Method 2: Convert AAC to Mp3 Using iTunes

If you are using AAC file format on any of your Apple devices, you must; it will be convenient to convert AAC to Mp3 using your computer. Even though iTunes is mostly used to transfer files, play, or buy media content, iTunes can also work as one of the best audio converters.

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How to use iTunes AAC to MP3 convert on Apple devices?

Step 1: First, you must change the iTunes settings to create an Mp3 file. To do this, you need to launch the iTunes app > Preference > New pop-up window > General Tab > Import settings option > get a new window. Head to the "Import Using Section" to select the Mp3 Encoder option. From the setting option, you can also select the file quality. Hit on the "OK" option to confirm your changes.

Step 2: Now, you can select one or multiple AAC files you like to convert and head to the main interface to select the "File menu."

Step 3: Next, opt for the Convert option > Create Mp3 version. Then iTunes will create the new version of your selected AAC file in Mp3 format. Now, you can delete the AAC version when you have both the AAC and Mp3 format of the same file.

Method 3: Convert AAC to Mp3 With Convertio Online Tool

If you want to convert from AAC to Mp3 on any device or platform with a few clicks of Convertio online AAC to Mp3 converter is the best option to enjoy your favorite audio file on any device. Without registration or installation hassle, you can convert your AAC audio file to Mp3 with a stable internet connection. While converting a file with this tool, you can select a variable bitrate and audio channel option.

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How to use the Convertio Online Tool to convert AAC to MP3 online?

Step 1: Choose your AAC audio file from your PC, Google Drive, URL, or Dropbox. Otherwise, you can use the drag option to insert the file into the tool.

Step 2: Select the Mp3 option as your output profile. The tool will instantly convert the file; you can download it after its successful conversion.

What is the Best Method for Converting AAC to Mp3?

When you have three methods, you might get confused about selecting the right one. So, while choosing the appropriate method, you must focus on the various aspects of these methods. With iTunes methods, you need to go through lots of complicated steps of Mp3 file creation, and it also supports very limited format support apart from Mp3. 

In the case of online tools, it is not at all a safe method for your device and personal data. It also doesn't offer batch conversion; sometimes, this online tool doesn't work properly during conversion. So, if you don't want to face these obstacles in your AAC to Mp3 file conversion process, the Free Video Converter from DVDFab is the ultimate option without any limitations.


If you think about how you will share your favorite library with your friends, they are available in AAC format; try one of the best AAC to Mp3 converters mentioned above to solve your problem. So, if you want to experience a more versatile converter with maximum customizable features and format options, DVDFab is the one-stop shop.