Why add audio to video? What if a video contains an audio that stops you from enjoying your file? Just mute it and replace the original audio with a fresh one. What if a video lacks an audio and there is only motion display. Add music to video to make it vivid. Here, there are 12 programs available for you to add audio to video on Windows, Mac, Online. You can also add MP3 to MP4 on YouTube without any help from third-party software. Most importantly, I prepare you for MP3 download from YouTube, which makes it easy to add music to video.

Table of Contents:

1. Add Audio to Video Offline

How to add audio to video? It is similar to the scene that you are doing a video with PowerPoint and planning to add audio to it. Remember how to add audio to PowerPoint”? Click the button of “Insert” in the toolbar and look for an audio to insert. But as is known to us, free music for videos available in your computer is very limited while those in PowerPoint is paid. So that’s why a growing number of people are looking for a free tool to add audio to video. As a member of that group, you are coming to the right place. Now let’s learn how to add audio to a video with some freeware which is full of free music.

(1) Convert MP3 to MP4 Video Editor (Windows)

Video Editor: Convert Image and music to video or Add audio track to MP4

The first free program helping you add audio to video quickly is Video Editor. Compatible with Windows 10/8/1/8/7, it is very easy-to-use and provides a free trial without any watermark on your output file. There are 207 sound effects embedded in this audio editor, including 19 game sound, 2 vocals, 18 computer sound, 22 environment, 25 food, 13 magic sound, 27 cellphone, 14 object and 28 laughter sound, as well as 85 pieces of music. All of them are free audios. You can make a video out of images and music and add audio to video easily with this freeware.


  • Free for trial up to 30 days
  • Able to read video, audio, image without number limit
  • Provide bountiful video effects and video editing tools
  • Output video in high definition free and fast


  • Only available on Windows

How to Add Audio to Video

How to convert image and music to a video (Add audio to video):

  • Get Video Editor launched on Windows
  • Import your images without number limit
  • Drag such files to the Timeline section
  • Click “Audio” in the left toolbar and add your favorite music to Timeline (207 choices)
  • Select the audio track and set duration to make it matched with your images in length
  • Try others options in this MP3 to MP4 converter like filters, transitions, split, crop, etc. (Optional)
  • Click the button of Export, name your file and set the output directory 
  • Choose output video formats ranging from MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV and GIF
  • Select output video quality: Standard, High and Higher
  • Start to convert MP3 to MP4

 i  Free Download  

Add Audio to Video Free

How to add audio to a video with Video Editor? Follow the same steps as what you convert images and music to a video, but this time remember to import a video and audio to this MP3 to MP4 converter and drag them to the Timeline section. Set the duration of each of them and make the audio and video matched in length. If you want to mute video and then add new audiotrack to your file, it is also accessible. Continue to customize your video with the options available in this free software. At last, click the button of Export and choose output video format and quality.

Add Audio to Video Free with Video Editor

Other functions of this MP3 to MP4 converter:

  • Add text, filters, transitions, overlays and elements to your file
  • Rotate, split, crop, zoom in or out, mosaic, green screen cutout, denoise, extract subtitles, etc.

(2) Add Audio to Video Toolkit  (Windows)

Toolkit - MP3 to MP4 with Image
This program to add audio to video is very versatile. You can use it to edit video, audio, image, watermark, and subtitles free at will.

  • Offer a 30-day free trial
  • Work quickly, 10 times faster than the normal speed
  • No limit on file size


  • Only compatible with Windows Operating System

Add Audio to Your Video with DVDFab Toolkit

How to add audio to a video with DVDFab Toolkit:

  • Download and install this converter MP3 to MP4 on Windows
  • Click “PIC to Video” under “Image Tools”
  • Add your images first no matter how many photos you want
  • Input a title and set the output video format as MP4 or MKV
  • Choose video resolution from 10 options listed below

 i  Free Download   

10 Kinds of Video Resolution DVDFab Toolkit supports

3820 x 2160

720 x 480

1920 x 1080

480 x 360

1280 x 720

480 x 272

800 x 480

480 x 320

720 x 576

400 x 240

  • Select one Scaling Options: Scale to Fit or Scale to Fill
  • Set Delay Time based on your need
  • Insert Audio by select it from your PC
  • Set where to store your file from “Save to”
  • Start to add audio to video free and fast

Add Audio to Video

Other functions of this MP3 to MP4 converter:

  • Convert audio to MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A formats
  • Trim audio
  • Adjust audio volume
  • Denoise GoPro video
  • Normalize an audio
  • Merge audio files
  • Extract audio and remux audio

DVDFab Toolkit

If you want both DVDFab Toolkit and Video Editor, you can download and install DVDFab Video Converter Pro to add audio to video. This free software includes two of them together with a video converter which enables you to convert video format free as well.

Add Audio to Video

(3) Add Audio to Video ShotCut (Windows)

The second program allowing you to add audio to video is ShotCut. It is a also a powerful Windows video editor, full of video effects like texts, filters, and among others. But there is no music for videos in this software. You need to locate audios from your computer and add audio to video. Now, let’s how to do that.

How to use ShotCut to add audio:

  • Add a video to this audio editor first
  • Drag it to the Timeline part
  • Right-click it and choose “Add audio track”
  • Import a new audio from your computer to the timeline section
  • Click the original audio > “+” > “Filter” > “Mute” to make it soundless
  • Save and start to add audio to video

Then the video exported will not contain the original audio. You are adding a new audio to your video by doing so. If you want to keep the two audio tracks, ignore the “mute audio” step.

ShotCut Add Audio

(4) Add Audio to Video iMovie (Mac) 

Besides Windows users, there are also people who want to add audio to video on Mac. Then which video editor is capable to do that? Have you heard of iMovie? It is one of the options for you to add audio to video free. Now follow me to learn how to use it.

How to add audio to iMovie:

  • Download and install iMovie on Mac
  • Launch it and click “Import” to add your video
  • Move your file to Timeline
  • Right-click you video and detach audio to delete it
  • Add new audio to Timeline

If your audio is longer than your video, right-click the audio, split and delete the audio as per you need. This is how to add audio to video with the help of iMovie on Mac. Also, you have to prepare your favorite music for videos in advance, since there is no free audio available in this software.

How to Add Audio to iMoive

(5) Add Audio to Video VLC Media Player (Mac)

Another Mac audio editor recommended is VLC Media Player. It is very versatile and can also be used to play DVD, VCD and CD files. Now let’s turn the spotlight on how to add audio to video using VLC.

How to add music to a video with VLC:

  • Open VLC and click “Media” > “Open multiple files”
  • Add your video to this audio editor
  • Tick off “Show more options” check box > “Play another media synchronously”
  • Click “Browse” > “Add” > open your audio > “Play”
  • Click the little triangle around “Play” > convert > Browse to keep video and added audio
  • Name your file and set its output destination

This is how to add audio to video in VLC and save it. But truth be told, this audio editor is really very complicated and different from other video editing software. So VLC is not advised to add audio to video for beginners. If you want to add music to video easily and fast, Video Editor is still your best friend.

How to Add Audio to Video in VLC

Till now, I have finished introducing the best free software for you to add audio to video free and easily. But remember that Video Editor is the only audio editor which provides hundreds of free music for videos which you cannot find in other Windows or Mac editor. That means if you choose VLC, iMovie or ShotCut, you have to ensure that you have enough free audios for use.

2. Add audio to video online

Apart from those offline MP3 to MP4 converters, you can also choose to add audio to video online with the following websites.

(1) Online Converter - Mp3 to MP4 with Background Color


  • Free to use

Allow you to share a file to Tweet, Facebook, Linkedln, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Email, Bookmark

  • Output a video with a constant background color and music without anything else
  • Imported file size is not bigger than 200 MB to add audio to video
  • Cannot support encrypted or protected audio files
  • Low speed to convert MP3 to MP4 with image especially when many people are using this online converter

Add Audio to Video Online

How to add audio to a video online with Online Converter

  • Head to the home of this online MP3 to MP4 converter
  • Select an audio you want to add like Taylor Swift’s Love Story
  • Choose your preferred background color listed below (18 colors)
  • Click the button of Convert to add audio to video
  • Download the completed file and enjoy it

18 Kinds of Background Color



















Other functions of this MP3 to MP4 converter:

  • Compress MP3
  • Cut MP3
  • Increase MP3 Volume
  • Merge Audio
  • Mix Audio

(2) KapWing - Add Audio to Video Online

Pro: Allow you upload a file from computer or paste URL
Con: Low speed to add audio to video

How to Add Audio to a Video

Steps on how to add audio to a video with KapWing:

  • Come to the official website of this MP3 to MP4 converter
  • Upload a video first (URL Paste is also available)
  • Continue to add an audio to this free software
  • Mute video or not
  • Set the start time of audio
  • Click the button of Create to add audio to video

Kapwing MP3 to MP4 Converter

Other function of this MP3 to MP4 converter:

  • Trim audio
  • Adjust volume
  • Mute video

(3) Clideo - Add Audio to Video Online


  • Support video streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, etc.
  • Accept files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Paste a URL


  • Low speed to process video or audio

Steps on “add audio to video” with Clideo

  • Come to the official website of Clideo
  • Click “Choose file” and import a video
  • Wait for its processing
  • Click “Add audio” on a new panel
  • Click the button of “Create” 

How to Add Audio to a Video

(4) Google Slides

Most people want to add audio to Google Slides. Do you what “Google Slides” mean? It is a free online presentation website where you can create, edit and present what you want, similar to PowerPoint. So the operations about how to add audio to on Google Slides has much in common with how to add audio to PowerPoint. Now let’s start to explore.

How to add audio to Google Slides

  • Upload your background music or sound effects to Google Drive first
  • Launch Google Slides and import your contents used to make a video
  • Click the button of “Insert” > “Audio”
  • Look through the files and select an audio to import
  • Click “Format options” > “Audio playback”
  • Choose playback mode like “On Click”,“Automatically”,etc.
  • Finish “add audio to video” 

How to Add Audio to Google Slides

(5) Voice2v

How many tools are there in Voice2v? Generally speaking, you can use it to convert image to video, turn audio to video, create a slideshow, add water effect, add music to video, and among others. It is a good online assistant and now let’s see how to add audio to video using it.

How to add music to a video with Voice2v:

  • Click “Add Music to Video” on the main interface of this audio editor
  • Upload your video and audio file
  • Click the option of “Add audio to video”
  • Wait for the processing in this online

Add Audio Track to Video

(6) AddAudioToVideo

If you want to add audio to video free, AddAudioToVideo online audio editor is another choice. Its use method is very similar to that of Online Converter and Voice2v. Let’s start to explore how it works.

How to add audio to a video with AddAudioToVideo:

  • Click the button of “Browse” and upload video file less than 500MB
  • Continue to browse and add MP3 audio file less than 100MB
  • Press the button of “Upload” below

Con: It is time-consuming to add audio to video free online with this software.

Add Audio to a Video

(7) MP3Care

Another software able to help you add audio to video is MP3Care. It supports video formats of MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV and WMV, as well as audio formats of MP3. There are only 3 steps needed to add music to video using this online website.

How to add audio to video online with MP3Care:

  • Step 1: select a video file (MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV)
  • Step 2: select Audio (music) File (mp3 audio file)
  • Step 3: Finished

Add MP3 to Video

(8) Biteable

The last assistant you can use to add audio to video in Biteable. But it is a little troublesome that you have to log in with your Google or Facebook account and password which is not required in other audio editors. Then followed is the use method of this online software.

How to add audio to a video using Biteable:

  • Click the button of “Add audio” on its website
  • Sign up or log in with Google or Facebook account
  • Name your video and choose video shape (16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5)
  • Click “Add” > “Videos, Images” > “Videos” 
  • Add audio to video

Cons: Time-consuming
Some functions in this audio editor is restricted. For instance, there will be a watermark during your free trial of adding MP3 to MP4. With $8.25 per month you can enjoy all the services.

How to Add Music to a Video

Till now, another 10 online audio editors have been illustrated. No matter which one you choose to add audio to video, the common weakness is a waste of time. You have to wait long before each software finishes processing each file. So, if you expect to save time and add audio to video quickly, offline software is your first choice.

3. Add Audio to YouTube video

  • Log in your YouTube account
  • Click your head profile > YouTube Studio > Your Videos
  • Play one of your videos and click “Editor” > “Audio”
  • Erase audio or add/replace audio
  • Click the button of “Save Changes”

This is how to add audio to YouTube video. It is free and very easy. Follow the steps above and you will make it.

Add Audio to YouTube Video

4. Free Music for Videos

Throughout this post, we have focused on how to add audio to a video on different operating systems and how to add audio to YouTube video. But it is still not enough. Subsequently, let’s continue to talk about free music for videos. Where do you find it?

In order to add audio to video , you must ensure that you have a wide range of audios for choice. Then the best way to do that is free music download. There are millions of songs on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, Jamendo and other websites which are the source of free music for videos. Follow me to learn how to download Mp3 from such video streaming websites, and I will take YouTube as an example.

MP3 to MP4 after music download

How to download MP3 from YouTube:

  • Get DVDFab YouTube to MP3 free downloaded on Windows/Mac/Android
  • Paste URL or search name to find your favorite video or audio
  • Click the button of “Download” > “Music”
  • Choose audio quality and click the button of “Download”

 i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

Then where to find your downloaded file? Click the “three-lines” icon in the upper-right corner > “Settings” > “Audio Directory” and add audio to video. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 can download music in batches from 1000+ websites. Then it will be easy for you to find lots of free music for videos.

Add music to Video

5. Conclusion

Have you known how to add audio to video free and fast? If you expect some embedded free music for videos, Video Editor is the best choice on Windows. It also allows you to add music downloaded from YouTube or other websites to video. Besides, you are welcome to try other offline or online audio editors based on your preference. Read this article and you will find it possible to add audio to YouTube video as well. Pick the best way to add audio to video and you will have have a pleasant experience of MP3 to MP4.