With the advancement and popularity of social media, everyone loves to share videos of their choices with their family and friends. Sometimes there is a need for merging videos, and in such a case of emergency video joiners or any kind of app that combines videos comes to the rescue. An app that combines videos must have a simple interface that allows for faster operations as well. However, the time taken in processing the videos depends certainly on the file size of the videos. This is the reason we are providing you with amazing app options for combining videos.

Benefits of Merging Videos

Following are the benefits of merging videos:

  • It makes the video looks more appealing.
  • A variety of professional transition effects can be added to the videos.
  • Multiple files can be combined to make one final file.

Why do we use apps to combine videos?

Sometimes people are looking for a good app that combines videos so that they can be easily shared with family and friends or on social media applications. The main reason for using an app to combine videos is that it helps in adding a variety of different transitions in between the clips of the videos which looks quite impressive. Along with this, the user gets the facility of selecting the output quality for their video. Additionally, the videos can be exported to different locations and can be posted on all social media websites as well.

Top 10 app options that combine videos

Following are the options for apps that combines videos:


app that combines videos filmorago

Filmora Go is an app that combines video in a very effective way. It also merges video files to transform them into a single file of larger size in a couple of seconds. Besides this, it also offers quick access to the user to any kind of videos that are stored in their phone's memory or on their SD card. It is an efficient app that supports a majority of video formats that include MP4, 3GP, MPEG, and many more.


  • Along with being an app that combines photos and videos it also helps in trimming your clips.
  • Also helps in conducting transitions with the ability to move between clips in many interesting ways.
  • Helps in playing the footage backward in reverse order.
  • Helps in choosing the best aspect ratio for the user’s videos.
  • It has an amazing slicing of the user's footage into 2 parts or more separate clips.

Price: Annual plan at US$ 67.97 available at US$ 61.99

Perpetual plan at US$ 97.97 as a one-time fee available at US$ 89.99.

Bundle Subscription plan at US$ 171.87 per year is available at US$ 109.99.


  • Works well with a majority of formats as MP4, MPEG, etc.
  • Helps in a seamless merging of two files in a quick time.
  • Efficiently easy to use and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • It can only two files at a time and cannot merge multiple files at a single time,


app that combines videos vivavideo

VivaVideo is an amazing app that combines photos and videos and allows the user to stylize, publish and even personalize their videos right from the scratch. There is an availability of pro editing tools that helps in editing with the precision of frame, a good mix of backgrounds available in multiple ratios, and can also apply amazing background effects such as blur, gradient, and a lot more. It also includes the functionality of adding music, voice-overs, and sound effects to any kind of video clip.


  • Helps in easy editing and it also applies a variety of effects like supporting the reverse motion in a single click.
  • There are a variety of templates available for collage that helps in turning images from the internet or phones gallery into a fabulous slideshow.
  • It helps in combining a variety of videos to form a single file that can be transported online on other platforms.
  • The user interface is pretty simple to use and helps in generating and editing videos with a classic timeline editor.
  • There is a camera lens support along with a beautiful overlay of colorful texts, themes, and images along with adding music to your videos.

Price: Free Version

Paid Version at $10 per month


  • Very economical to use.
  • The app is super user-friendly and can be easily used by beginners as well.
  • Supported on iPhone and Android devices as well.


  • It is not available as a web version.


app that combines videos together capcut

If you are looking for an app that combines multiple videos then CapCut is available for use as a free application for video merging. It is available for Android and iOS devices as well. With one click it helps the users in the easy merging of multiple videos in a quick time. Along with this, it also helps the users with the delivery of great quality in editing work.


  • The Video effects in this software are available with excellent animations and layouts to bring noticeable transformation to the videos.
  • There are many e-series filters along with color schemes for bringing improvement in image quality and the Beauty tools help in adjusting the luminosity levels.
  • You can add any text or music to the video.
  • The video can be saved on your device and can be shared across various platforms without any sacrifice in quality.
  • The slideshow maker in this application helps in combining photographs along with a good background score.

Price: Free


  • Available for free.
  • There is an availability of more than 60 templates that are built-in in the application.
  • Helps in combining videos by improving their general appearance of them while editing them.


  • There is a limit for videos in terms of their duration.

Video Merger

app that combines videos together video merger

Video merger is an app that combines videos for Instagram and various other social media sites. Most importantly it is available as a free application that can be used very easily even by beginners. Other than helping in joining videos this application can also be used for adding overlays to the user's edited videos along with the application of many other effects to enhance the quality of the videos.


  • It can be used on Android devices for free.
  • This application supports a variety of video formats that includes MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.
  • Allows easy sharing of merged videos to social media sites and friends as well.
  • There is no watermark available on the videos and this application works very well in the background as well.
  • There are options of merging side by side, sequentially and merging up and down.

Price: Free


  • Amazingly easy to be used by beginners.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which makes it pretty easy to understand.
  • Available as freeware.


  • The free version misses out on some important features which makes it an incomplete application for professionals.


app that combines multiple videos vidtrim

VidTrim is an app that combines photos and videos to form clips and make them available for Android devices. There are a variety of features available for editing that also helps in making use of facilities like extraction of audio, grabbing of the right frame, merging and trimming of videos along with many other features.


  • The frame grabber option works very well with photos and videos.
  • It allows easy merging of multiple videos in a single file.
  • It supports amazing techniques for trimming videos.
  • The video files can be easily converted to the audio format of MP3.
  • There are many additional features such as sharing of clips, rotating of videos, playing of videos, along renaming and converting them as well.

Price: Free


  • Amazingly easy to use.
  • Very interactive platform.
  • Provides Alice with sharing options for edited videos.


  • Can be affected by bugs very easily which leads to crashing down at constant times.


app that combines multiple videos imovie

If you are looking for an app that combines photos and videos together, then iMovie can help you create amazing videos for your iPhone. It is a free video editor that can be used for combining, trimming, cropping, and performing a variety of other editing functions along with the possibility of high-speed delivery.


  • Allows the creation of excellent movies and videos by using a wide variety of features in the application.
  • Helps in the editing of videos by using features like cropping, merging, cutting, and much more.
  • Creates amazing customized cast, credits, and movie studio logos.
  • Sharing process files in the form of messages, cloud storage, and emails.
  • Helps in adding any kind of sound effect, special effects, animated titles, filters, and a lot more.

Price: Free


  • It helps with a variety of video effects that are predefined for use as per the requirement of your video.
  • Helps in adding special effects, along with many kinds of filters in videos.
  • There is a variety of creating trailer templates for stunning graphics.


  • There are a variety of key features that are absent from the application and this hampers its performance.


app that combines videos for instagram magisto

If you are looking for an app that combines videos together then Magisto can help you with the same. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and is available for free. There is an amazing interface that is pretty easy to use that also assures delivery of effectual output even for beginners. See also: Top 10 Online Video Editors to Polish Your Editing Skill.


  • Provides merging of videos without any kind of loss in quality.
  • Provides adding on the facility for filters, music, graphics, and effects to the videos.
  • Allows cutting, trimming, and other editing functions on videos efficiently.
  • Provides readymade templates to the user that can be used for videos and photos as well.
  • There are multiple options available for the customization of videos as per the desire of the user.

Price: Free with the availability of in-app purchases.


  • Helps in easy customization of videos with the ease of many features for editing.
  • Very convenient and easy to use.
  • Available as freeware.


  • The restriction of making only 10 minutes videos makes it an unpleasant experience for the users that wish to make longer videos.


app that combines videos for instagram kinemaster

If you are looking for comprehensive software for video editing then Kinemaster can be your perfect choice as an app that combines videos. It is available for use for both Android and iOS devices and comes with multiple tools that are whales for precise streaming, adding any kind of text, images, and videos along with effects. It helps in the creation of professional videos by providing unprecedented control over their creations.


  • It helps in the creation of real-time recording and altering a complete video in the blink of an eye without any need for completing the recording process.
  • It helps in addition to a variety of layers for videos, texts, images, and much more.
  • It is a very user-friendly application that is available for mobile and helps in the creation of pro-level videos in a hassle-free way.
  • A great application that helps in social media integration and can be used effectively by advertisers, influencers, professionals, and many other people who wish to reach their audience in real-time.
  • Many flexible tools are available for the adjustment of brightness, saturation, and colors of the provided video.

Price: Free Trial

Monthly subscription at $4.99

Annual subscription at $39.99


  • Many options are available for the creation of saturation and brightness along with many other features.
  • Can be integrated well on many social media apps.
  • Helps in the creation of real-time recording for users.


  • The annual subscription may be a costly option for beginners.


app that combines mulitple videos youcut

If you are looking for an app that combines videos for free then Youcut is a capable option as a video editor. It helps in transforming videos from a smartphone or a camera into a fabulous movie. This software air is also packed with great editing tools for your video to enhance its quality. There are a variety of features such as cutting, trimming, splitting, etc. that are available in addition to combining videos. Except for combining videos, you can also ehance your vide quality.


  • The video merging facility helps in joining separate videos along with cut videos to form a fabulous movie with a click of a button.
  • The cut and trim facility available for the videos makes it easy for the user to remove any kind of unwanted parts in their videos.
  • It is available as freeware that helps in splitting and slicing videos into a variety of parts so that the user can arrange them in the order of their preference.
  • There are no ads available in this software which makes it pretty easy to use with a controlled video speed to enable the user for highlighting special moments in their videos.
  • It helps the users in enjoying multiple options for or sharing their work online by using Instagram, YouTube, and many other social media apps.

Price: Free


  • Helps in sharing videos across a variety of platforms.
  • Assists the users in easy conversion and compression of their video files.
  • The users can even control the speed of their video so they can highlight any special moments available to them.


  • There is a limited facility for adding any kind of music to the videos.


app that combines mulitple videos quik

If you are looking for an app that combines multiple videos then Quik software will help you with the same. The facility of adding multiple effects for speed in a single clip allows for ½ slo-mo, 22x speed, and toggling between real-time. The exclusive filters available in the application make it easier for the user to go for adjustment of the intensity of any kind of filter chosen for the video.


  • The users can easily send their content directly to the media gallery of the software.
  • The availability of speed tools helps the user in applying multiple effects for speed on a single clip. Along with toggling between real-time the speed can be increased to 22 times.
  • There are around 25 filters that are available as an optimized option for adjustment of intensity as per the utility of the user.
  • There are many royalty-free tracks available in this software for the user to apply to their videos.
  • There are amazing video editing themes that are available for easy customization and adding transition along with music by the user.

Price: Monthly Subscription at $2

Yearly subscription at $10


  • There are many premium themes available for users for customizing, adding transitions, and even changing music for their uh videos.
  • The exclusivity of the filters available with the software helps in adjusting the intensity of the video.
  • The speed tool also allows for 1/2 x slow-mo for the video needs of the user.


  • There is no option for importing any kind of footage from the smartphone or any DSLR that can be made available for editing.


Yes, there are many apps like Quik, YouCut, etc. that help in combining videos.

YouCut and VidTrim can be used for free for combining videos on Android devices and iMovie can be used for the same purpose on iPhone.

CapCut, InShot, and many others can be used for combining photos and videos as well.


Users usually look for such applications that help in adding effects, music, titles, and many other changes to their videos along with the ease of use. They always look for a polished result that is also professional looking so that it can be shared with family and friends and also provides an easy downloading facility. This is the reason they often look for an app that combines videos along with providing the above-mentioned features. Here, we have not only provided you with the choice of an app that combines videos together, but some of them offer a lot more either for free or for minimal charges. We hope that you will be able to find your ideal choice with this article.