Using your portable device to listen to digital music from the Internet can be a delightful thing. As a matter of fact, you might already use a music service such as YouTube to stream to your portable. Though there are many sites on the net offering songs to listen to, have you ever considered to own a program on your devices instead of using a browser to find and download music? Yet to find a perfect one is a time-consuming thing as there are so many of them now on the market. In order to guide you to the right direction, we have already weeded through them for you.

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Part one: Audiomack-a free music-sharing platform

You may have been extremely familiar with YouTube, yet unfamiliar with Audiomack. Maybe you are new to Audiomack, there is no need to worry, because we are happy to give you a brief introduction about it.

Simple Guide to Audiomack

Audiomack- a music sharing platform

Similar to YouTube, Audiomack is also a sharing platform. Other than that, Audiomack is way different from it. Being a free sharing platform that concentrated on music, Audiomack provides a place where artists share music and fans can discover free songs and albums without limitation. Aside from this, Audiomack allows free music downloads by offering streaming and free download access to the newest and hottest tracks, right at your fingertips. The feature: download streaming video and audio, allows you to play your favorite songs & mixtapes offline, even better, its “Trending” section shows you the best mixtapes and songs that are hot right now.

Audiomack is a versatile program to listen to, discover, favorite and share music with ease. Here are some key features of it.

  • Download music, mixtapes or albums for offline, data-free listening.
  • Collect the music to create playlists of your own without limitation.
  • Browse curated playlist by mood, genre, and much more other aspect.
  • Follow your favorite artists and producers.
  • No user account necessary for new albums music download with Audiomack.
  • Totally free to website ads.

Even though Audiomack is accessible to directly download new Audioamck music free online, many users still choose not to press “Download” button for Audiomack free music downloads. That’s because the Audiomack download songs are compressed into large-size files which may take extra time to unzip it.

In order to download Audiomack music, you surely need to find the best audiomack downloader. With the help of these programs, you will be able to download music freely in high-quality MP3 format so that they can be played on your computer, phone, or tablet. Since you can download and save these songs, they will forever be yours.

Part two: How to download music from Audiomack?

To download Audiomack MP3 music with high quality, you can seek DVDFab YouTube to MP3 for help. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is one of the best Audiomack music downloaders that you can completely rely on.

Simple Guide to DVDFab YouTube to MP3

Speaking of downloading new music from Audiomack, numerous users go for DVDFab YouTube to MP3. It is a handy music downloader and converter software can download or convert online videos to MP3 files that are compatible on extremely portable devices, such as an iPod Shuffle. However, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is not just an Audiomack music downloader, it features various functions.

  • Apart from Audiomack, you can also download music from other 200+ websites, like YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud.
  • A 10x faster downloading speed is provided by this software.
  • An entire playlist download is achievable.
  • Upmost 5 downloads at same time is possible.
  • Download metadata and apply to the output MP3s so that you can learn about the cover art, artist, title and other information.

Apart from these features, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 still has other details that need your attention. If you are interested, please go to its official website. Featured with so many functions, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is no hard to use. Now we will present its using steps about downloading new music from Audiomack.

Step 1: you may need to download and install it on your device. For your convenience, we offer you two downloading buttons here, one is for Windows and the other one is for Mac. Choose one based on your need. 

              i  Free Download             i  Free Download   

Note: This software is high customizable. The reason why we say so is that if you launch up this software and go for an inverted arrow located on the right corner of the upper side. After one click of it and then continue to click Settings, as a result, you will see a panel where you can choose your language, your audio directory as well as your audio quality, including Standard Quality - 128kbps, High Quality - 192kbps and Super Quality - 320 kbps and Ask me each time. Here we recommend you to select “Ask me each time”.

Customize DVDFab YouTube to MP3

Step 2: after launching up this software you may need to locate a new music to be downloaded from Audiomack. Speaking of that, we provide two ways for you.

The first one is to open official website of Audiomack and find the music you desire to download, for example, you search a hot song named "Havana" from Audiomack. And then point your mouse cursor to it and click right for one time to copy its URL. Once this action is done, you may need to paste the URL to the searching bar of DVDFab YouTube to MP3. When this music is loaded in, as a result, you can see a Download button appear on the left side of the main interface. This button is to be clicked to download the music.

Paste URL of the song named Havana

Download Havana with DVDFab YouTube to MP3

Do you still remember that we have mentioned that DVDFab YouTube to MP3 supports you  to download music from Audiomack and other 200+ websites? Have you ever wondered how to find these websites? Well, you will know from the second method. To put it in a simple way, the second method allows you to browse the website of Audiomack from DVDFab YouTube to MP3 thanks to its function of supporting 200+ websites to download music. Detailed operations are here.

When you launch up this software, you will see a “More” button, represented by “+”. Click it, and then you will jump to another page where you can see a title named “1000+ Supported Sites” by sliding your mouse down. These websites are managed according to their first letter. So go for “A” section that is where you can find Audiomack. Click and open it, and then you can search music you like. Same to the first step, a Download button shows up for you to click.

Find Audiomack

Step 3: click the Download button we have talked about to initiate the downloading process. Since we have recommended you to choose “Ask me each time” concerned the audio quality. If you have do so, before downloading starts, a Default Audio Quality panel will pop up prepared for you to choose your preferred audio quality to download. Pick one based on your need. Then the downloading progress begins.

Want to check the downloading progress? No problem! Move your sight to the left column and find “Downloads” sections. Click it. Four options are listed, among them the last one is “Downloading”. After one click of it, you will see the downloading progress here. During the progress, please make sure the Turbo-Speed is on to obtain 10 times faster downloading speed.

Start to download Havana

Note: YouTube is also widely accepted by a large group of people. If you prefer to stream music from your phone, Audiomack works that way, too. Since Audiomack also offers as an App to be installed and used on both Android and iOS devices.

If you have already installed Audiomack app on your phone and need to know how to download Audiomack music to your phone, DVDFab Downloader for Mobile is here to help you achieve free Audiomack music downloads. 


Audiomack is a good-evaluated platform to relax yourself. Listening to music on your devices is truly a very delightful thing. Yet it would be better if you can download your desire music to enjoy anytime and anywhere. Some streaming sharing website may not allow you to download music, however, with the help of DVDFab YouTube to MP3, you can do this freely. May you enjoy your music without limitation!