Every one of us needs some entertainment to keep ourselves in good mood because after working for long hours we get tired, and when some good songs or movies we watch and listen, we feel relaxed. Some people may tell you that watching movies are waste of time but that is not correct. We must watch at least 2-3 movies every month, and listen to songs every day. Of course, not all day you should listen to songs, but you must listen to it before going to sleep to feel relaxed.

When we talk about songs, videos, and audios, there are various file formats available on the internet. For example, you can see MP4 videos, AVI videos, MKV videos, etc. When you watch the video, you won’t feel much difference but they are technically different to each-others.

Today, we are going to talk about AVI and MKV File formats, and then we will talk about converting an AVI file to MKV format.


Part 1: What are AVI and MKV?


AVI stands Audio Video Interleaved. It is an audio/video file format that works as a container to hold audios and videos that are created using various codecs such as DivX and Xvid. AVI has inbuilt support in Microsoft platforms, and that is because this file format was created by Microsoft itself in 1992. AVI format videos are of high quality.


MKVstands for Matroska Video. It is an audio/video container format that supports various codecs. It was developed in 1992 in Russia. It is popular for the high quality since MKV format videos are of high quality. And, most of the modern day video player has the support to play MKV files.


Part 2: The Most Powerful AVI to MKV Converter

There are times, when we have a video player that supports MKV but not AVI, then either we can go for some other player or just convert AVI to MKV. Yes, this is fairly possible to convert a file from AVI to MKV.

DVDFab Video Converteris one of the bestAVI to MKV converters. Not only AVI to MKV but there is a wide range of videos it can convert. When it converts videos, there is no quality loss happens. This is an AVI to MKV converter for Mac and Windows both.

Features of DVDFab AVI to MKV Converter:

1.       Not only AVI to MKV, it converts various different formats.

2.       Quality doesn’t degrade due to conversion.

3.       You can freely edit and customize the output video. There are many different customizations are available.

4.       Now, users can also select the input file from mobile devices which is wirelessly connected to DVDFab 11 using DVDFab remote.

5.       DVDFab offers a free module, YouTube Video Downloader which you can use to download videos from YouTube. Further, import that video to converter module, and convert to the format you want.

Steps to Convert AVI to MKV using DVDFab Video Converter

The conversionprocess is very simple with this tool and completely hassle-free. Let’s check out the steps:

1.       First of all, Download DVDFab 11, and then install on your computer.

2.       Once installed, launch DVDFab 11. You will see the main UI of the tool.

3.       Click “Converter”, and then click the + button to select the AVI file that you want to convert.You can also click “Add from Mobile” to select videos from your mobile phone.

avi to mkv converter

4.       Now, go to Profile Switcher, and select MKV there, and click “Start”.

avi to mkv converter

5.       Now, you will see the processing, and in some time, you will see the confirmation about the conversion completed.

convert avi to mkv

That is all you have to do. Just in few steps, you can convert AVI to MKV.


Part 3: Free AVI to MKV Converters

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best tools in the market, and due to this, it is a premium one. But, you want a free AVI to MKV converter; you can go for Freemake Video Converter which is one of feature-rich AVI to MKV converter out there.

Features of Freemake Video Converter

1.       Apart from AVI to MKV, it supports plenty of other file formats as well.

2.       You can download streaming videos from YouTube.

3.       It can extract audios from YouTube Videos.

4.       Various editing and customizing features are available for output video.

In three steps you can convert AVI to MKV. First of all, download and install the software on your computer system, add AVI file, choose output format as MKV, and click “convert”. That’s it.

avi to mkv converter

Freemake Video Converter being the free AVI to MKV converter is one of the best in business. No other free software can compete with it.

Another good free AVI to MKV converter is Handbrake which is a great tool to convert AVI to MKV. It is like any other video converter, but the main drawback is the conversion process is very slow as compared to other similar tools.

free avi to mkv converter


Part 4: Online AVI to MKV Converter

If you are the one who doesn’t want to download a software program on the PC but wants to convert AVI to MKV, then you can go for online converters. One such online converter is video.online-convert.com which can convert AVI to MKV efficiently.

Either you can directly follow the link to reach to MKV converter, or you can go to the Homepage of the site, and then click “Convert to MKV” from the right panel.

Then you will see this page

online avi to mkv converter

You have to upload the input file such as AVI; then you have to wait to get that uploaded. Once uploaded, click “Start Conversion”. It will convert the file quickly depending upon the size of the file.

The onlydisadvantage of online video converters is that you have to upload the file which takes some time depending on the file size. You don’t face this problem when you have the converter software such as DVDFab Video Converter installed on your computer.

One more Online video converter is Convertfiles.com, which can easily convert AVI to MKV but the same issue is you have to wait for the input file to be uploaded on its server, and then the conversion will be done. Then, again you have to download the output file.

online avi to mkv converter

The tool is quite efficient to convert AVI to MKV.



Video conversion is one of the processes that we need to do in real life if we deal a lot with videos. So, we have here 5 good video converters namely:

1.       DVDFab Video Converter

2.       Freemake Video Converter

3.       Handbrake  Open Source Video Converter

4.       Video.online-convert.com

5.       Convertfiles.com

You can make use of these AVI to MKV converters on your Windows or Mac computers.