iMovie! This piece of software is the most common thing among all Apple users. This software is commonly used by Apple users to edit videos. And the best part of this tool is that it is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This means you can use this tool on almost all Apple products. This is one of the reasons why this is the most used tool among Apple users. 

However, there is another side of the coin. Even though this tool satisfies all the basic needs of the users when it comes to video editing, the tool falls short of tons of advanced features. Hence, users are in search of a different alternative for iMovie for windows. Today we will show you some options to iMovie. In addition to this, you will also get a hands-on iMovie tutorial. Read below to know more. 

Part 1: iMovie Tutorial

Apple provides the iMovie app as a video editing software catering to video creators with audio editing, support for 4k resolution, high-quality effects, and other functions that suffice their need to create aesthetic movies and videos.

iMovie is a video editing solution designed for macOS and iOS that can generate a full storytelling film, with studio logos and credit rolls, using videos and photos. iMovie can be used by users using macOS and iOS to create videos for special moments, memories, and sceneries and then share them with their loved ones. Users can also use their creative aspect by creating Hollywood-akin trailers, either from the beginning or by employing the templates and themes available and then personalize them to create their unique video. This video editing tool supports 4k video resolution, is simple to use, and the end result can be played from an Apple device and projected to a screen. It can also be shared on social media or any video-sharing platform.


  • Photo & music import
  • Crop & rotate video clip
  • Video color settings
  • Pre-built themes & backdrops
  • Video effects & transitions
  • HD & 4K video support
  • Automated video editing
  • Open multiple projects simultaneously
  • Clip browser
  • Video speed change
  • Audio & music editing
  • Real-time titling
  • Timeline
  • Stabilization


  • Easy sharing
  • A very user-friendly interface
  • Effects and enhancement
  • Easy to learn


  • Importing MP4 files for editing is complex
  • Requires a high level of HDD space
  • Costly app

Now that you had a look at what iMovie for PC is, let us see how to use iMovie app.

How to add music to iMovie?

1.Open iMovie and choose New project.
2.Import your video.
3.Click on Audio, and then click an option:
4.To surf the in-built music, click Soundtracks.
5.To surf music that you have downloaded in the Music app to your device, click on My Music.
6.To see songs saved in another location or iCloud Drive, click on My Music, and then click Files.
7.Click a soundtrack to preview it. You may be prompted to download the music file to your machine before previewing it.
8.To add the music to your timeline, click the plus option next to a music file. The music track will be added to the project timeline at the bottom, beginning at the starting of your project.

How to add text to iMovie?

1.Open iMovie and choose New project.
2.Import your video.
3.Click on a photo or video clip in the timeline to see the inspector at the screen’s bottom.
4.Click on the Titles option.
5.Click to choose a title style.
6.To switch off titles, click None.
7.To modify where the title comes on the screen, click the sample option in the viewer, then drag it where you wish it to place on screen.
8.To modify the title, click the sample title >> Edit >> enter a new title.
9.Click Done.

How to add subtitles in iMovie?

To begin with, there is no such direct way to add subtitles in iMovie app. But there is a way around for you to make this possible. All you need to do is play with Titles and sync them with video to make it appear as subtitles. Follow the below steps to know how to add subtitles and how to save iMovie projects. 

1.Open the app, select New Project, and import your video.
2.Drag your video to the timeline area.
3.Tap Titles and select the style named Lower.
4.Enter the text in the given field of about 5 seconds of the clip and adjust the duration time of the Text accordingly.
5.The text block comes over the video and can be shifted from one place to another to sync as well as shortened or lengthened in time that it views on screen.
6.Once you have adjusted your text correctly and center it in the lower part of the screen. 
7.Next, tap the text box, and copy-paste the 5-second text all along with the video.
8.Now all you need to do is hear the dialog and add correct text in each section of the video.

Part 2: Best PC Alternative to iMovie - DVDFab AI Products

Now that you are aware of iMovie in and out, below is the best alternative to the app. Have a look:

DVDFab Video Converter for Video Editing

DVDFab Video Converter is a tool that does different tasks such as editing videos with fundamental editing features and converting audio and videos between various formats. Editing videos with this all-arounder tool is very easy and swift. You do not require any technical experience or background to edit videos on macOS or Windows 10/8/7.


  • Important editing features such as merging, cropping, trimming, and rotating video clips
  • Simple and easy-to-use UI. No technical or professional knowledge needed
  • Add watermark, music, and subtitles
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, and saturation
  • Quick export but lossless quality
  • Available for both Mac and Windows, 30-day free trial
  • Work with Enlarger AI (AI video enhancer) to increase video quality from 360p to 1080p

Below are the steps that you need to follow to use DVDFab video converter for video editing

1.Download and install the DVDFab Video Converter tool on your machine. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool. Next, launch the software to see its UI followed by many options. You need to click on the Converter option.

 i  Free Download    

2.Tap on the “+” sign present on the middle of the screen. Doing this will open a dialogue box. Add the video that you wish to edit.

3.After the video file is loaded, choose "Enlarger AI" feature if needed.

4. tap on the “Pen” icon present at the right side of the screen. This will open the video edit pane, allowing you to edit your videos.

4.You can use different options such as Trim, Info, Watermark, Crop, Video, and Subtitles to edit the video. The names of the feature are self-explanatory and are very simple to use. 

5. You can also click the icon on the left of the "Pen" for advanced settings.

In addition to this, DVDFab Video Converter is the software you need if you want to convert any video to any other format. The tool creates video that are compatible with iPhone, iPod, PSP, iPad (iPad 2), NDS, ZUNE, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Android OS, PS3, PDA, and PVP.

Integrated DVDFab Enlarger AI for Video Enhancing

Now this tool, DVDFab Enlarger AI, is an additional feather to your hat. You get this software bundled along with DVDFab Video Converter. The tool is best suited to upscale the video quality by almost 300%. Isn’t that great?


  • Ability to upscale Old Videos Quality and Resolution
  • Enlarge video by 300% with AI-powered, enhance clarity exponentially
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Intelligent deep-learning
  • Four output quality options available
  • Better conversion efficiency
  • Work with DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, Video Converter and DVD to Blu-ray Converter

Follow the below steps to know more about DVDFab Enlarger AI:

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1. Switch to the To Blu-ray button at the Backup Mode section.

2.Load your video and check off the Enlarger AI option box behind the wrench logo.

3.Tap the Start button to begin the upscale process. Also, do not forget to choose the destination path for the end result. 

However, this tool only runs on Windows 10 (64 bit only). But the magic it does after enlarging the video shadows this only a small compatibility issue. 

Part 3: Best App Alternative to iMovie

Below is the best alternative to iMovie app.


Magisto is a video editing tool developed to assist marketing agencies, professionals, and companies of all sizes. The tool uses inbuilt videos and photos, editing styles, and soundtracks to share and create videos across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. Users can include custom branded text, colors, and fonts, along with the customized logo in the videos. It also allows users to embed videos all over different websites and get insights into analytics on a user-friendly UI.


  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Animation
  • Audio Capture
  • Brand Overlay
  • Customizable Branding
  • Lead Capture
  • Media Library
  • Mobile Screen Support
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Privacy Options
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Social Sharing
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Split / Merge


  • The app generates polished videos from your clips, and needs zero editing knowledge. 
  • Lots of song options are built within, or you can use your own music. 
  • Supports all standard formats of video.


  • Free users are restricted to videos of about one minute in length. 
  • Theme options are limited in number. 
  • Poorly designed video picker tool makes selecting videos tedious and annoying task.

Part 4: Best Online Alternative to iMovie

Below is the best iMovie online alternative:


WeVideo is a powerful online video editor. It assists you capture videos and edits them anywhere and anytime. Even kids can use the editor easily. The user-friendly UI lets you assemble your videos and photos easily into a high-quality video. Then you are able to download it to your PC, or directly upload to Google Drive, YouTube, and Dropbox, among others. 


  • Audio Capture
  • Brand Overlay
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Media Library
  • Social Sharing
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Text Overlay
  • Video Capture


  • Easy, fast, and powerful online video editor.
  • Completely featured with transitions, themes, filters, etc.
  • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.


  • Restricted features in the free edition.
  • Uses app only. Unavailable on mobile phones.

Part 5: Comparison

Seeing the above options, it seems that DVDFab video converter for video editing is the best option to iMovie. There are many aspects where DVDFab beats iMovie. Below are some to name few:

  • DVDFab Supports all types of videos
  • DVDFab process video faster as compared to iMovie
  • The end result from DVDFab is of greater quality as compared to iMovie
  • DVDFab Video Converter also comes with DVDFab Enlarger AI, which is great for increasing video quality.


In a nutshell, DVDFab video converter for video editing along with DVDFab enlarger AI is the best option to iMovie. We also saw other options for iMovie app and iMovie online, which are Magisto and WeVideo respectively.