Want to blur face in video to conceal confidential details or conver the face of passerby? For video lovers, it is a common practice that people shoot videos and upload them on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. However, it is inevitable that some shot videos still contain defects like sudden appearance of unwanted passersby or actual need to conceal important details. In this case, you have to blur out a face in video to cover the unwanted passenger, to blur face in video to avoid revealing momentous events, or to blur out the background or certain part of the video to highlight your desired points.

Anyway, each road leads to Rome. There are quite a few programs to blur faces in video, easy-to-use for laymen or professionals. Do you have anything in mind? Thanks to your click on this page, the following description will present you distinctive ways to blur face in video with popular platforms like YouTube, professional video editing software or third-party apps on your mobile devices.


PART 1: YouTube Blurring Face in Video

PART 2: Video Editing Software Blurring Faces

PART 3: Android Video Editor to Blur Face


PART 1: YouTube Blurring Face in Video

For a YouTube enthusiast, you must have heard of YouTube’s built-in tool to blur face in video. If you anticipate hiding something both important and insignificant, it is imperative to master how to blur faces in video with this ready helper before uploading any shot videos. In fact, YouTube adopts Google algorithm to automatically detect faces and shows a list of all faces appearing in a video, which allows you to choose the one that you intend to blur or blur all faces at one go. Note that this YouTube face blurring feature costs you nothing.

How to Blur Face in Video with YouTube Video Editor

Step 1: Locate ‘Video Editor’ from ‘Studio’

Navigate ‘Editor’ via ‘Videos’ on YouTube Studio to enter ‘Video Editor’ window where you can see lots of thumbnails of faces detected by Google algorithm. Here you can trim your unwanted clips.

Step 2: Tab ‘Add Blur’ and choose blur mode

After pressing ‘Add Blur’, you will enter blurring editing interface shown above where you have two options to blur face in video: blur all faces of people appearing in your video; choose specific sections to blur and track in your video. Here click the thumbnails of faces you will blur. Say, choose Trump face and hit ‘Select All’ to get his face blurred in all video clips. On the contrary, tab ‘Deselect All’, you will get other faces blurred except for Trump’s.

Step 3: Tab ‘Save’ to apply blurred face to the video

Once done, press ‘Save’ button to saved the video with blurred faces as needed. Of course, you can choose ‘Revert to original’ if the blurred faces are not satisfactory. Just do it again. Alternatively, save it as a new video.

The above steps are the ways as how to blur faces in video free since YouTube is a video content sharing platform with increasing popularity. Make the best of this outstanding feature as necessary.

PART 2: Video Editing Software Blurring Faces

As a matter of fact, professional video editing software can be fully used to blur out a face in a video with unexpected results.

2.1 Adobe After Effects

This program is a digital visual effects, motion graphics and composition application that can be applied to post-production of film and TV, and even used for animation, keying and motion tacking. As we know, Adobe system is quite prevailing due to its versatile and powerful functions, let alone After Effects. With tech of motion tracking, After Effects can be easily applied to blurring faces in video or other redundant elements as well. Good as it, this software supports free trial for only 7 days.

How to Blur Face in Video with Adobe After Effects

Step 1: Install and launch this program, click ‘File’ to imported the video to be edited

Alternatively, double-click the left blank panel to load the source.

Step 2: ‘Mosaic’ effect customization

First, drag the video to ‘Create a new Composition’ to launch the tracking panel. Second, use ‘Pen Tool’ to track the person’s face. Then, navigate ‘Effect’ to ‘Stylize’, further choose ‘Mosaic’. Later, set your wanted color and value for ‘Horizontal Blocks’ and ‘Vertical Blocks’.

Step 3: Customize output module and set its directory

Once done, click ‘Export’ to choose ‘Add to Render Queue’. Then select your desired output module and set its output directory.

This software is considered one of the best face blurring software. Anyway, you can resort to Adobe Premier Pro to blur faces in video, too.

2.2 Movavi Video Editor

This program is furnished with face blurring feature that can be used to conceal confidential details. Just act in accordance with window instructions and below simple steps to blur face in video. What disappointing is that exported video with blurred face contains watermark. Want to remove the disgusting watermark? Sorry, you shall purchase its full features.

How to Blur Face in Video with Movavi Video Editor

Step 1: Run ‘Movavi Video Editor’ and add source video

Add the video to be edited through ‘Add Media File’ under ‘Files’ drop-down menu. Then tab ‘Filters’ (an icon typical of flashlight) to locate ‘Blur’, after which you will see various blur filters for your preference.

Step 2: Select desired blur effect and apply to the video

Drag your wanted blur icon inside ‘Filters’ panel onto the area (under preview window) where a red cursor is moving from left to right while the the video is playing. Of course, you can adjust the blurred effect by changing it from mild to intense.

These two programs to blur faces in video have gained wide popularity. You can choose oneto process your shot video. Relatively speaking, the former is more universal the latter due to its ample features.

PART 3: Android Video Editor to Blur Face

There are different video face blurring apps on the marketplace. Some are merely applicable to Android, others available to both Android and iPhone users. Below options are for your reference.

3.1 Blur Video & Image

This application software allows for blurring videos or images on Android smartphones only, even able to blur more than one area upon your confirmation of borders and let you adjust the intensity of blur effect. Anyway, this blurring tool is totally free.

How to Blur Face in Video with Android Face Blurring APP

Step 1: Install and launch Blur Video & Image

Download and install this app via Google Play on Android mobile.

Step 2: Choose ‘Blur Video’ and load video file

Once running, there will pop up a window where ‘Blur Video’, ‘Blur Image’ and ‘My Gallery’ are for your options. Select the first one to import your video.

Step 3: Blur video with simple clicks

Tab the square icon to define the borders over the face to be blurred and then hit the ‘Blur’ button (next to square icon) to blur selected area. Twice clicks on this icon lead to backward blurring area. Meanwhile, strip icon leads to multiple choice of display screen size. However, you can delete previous operations via ‘Finger’ button.

Once done, tab ‘Save’ to store the video with face blurred. Of course, you can view the resulting video or share the edited one onto Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, YouTube and Twitter, email to somebody or send to other platforms like WeChat installed on your mobile.

3.2 KineMaster

This app to blur faces in videos is suitable to Android and iOS smartphones. Apart from blurring feature, it allows for voiceovers, mode blending, multiple video layering, playback speed control, subtitling, and transitions and special effects. Free as it is, you have to purchase its premium version for full features.

How to Blur Face in Video with KineMaster

Step 1:Run KineMaster and load source video

Download this app from Google Play.

Step 2: Choose desired thumbnails on the timeline

Imported video is divided into lots of thumbnails. Choose your wanted ones for follow-up editing.

Step 3: Select ‘Ken Burns (Face Recognition)’ 

Tab ‘Setting’ icon to find ‘Editing’, there will pop up a window where you can set Fade-in and Fade-out for video and audio. Above all, ‘Editing’ allows you to choose parameters relating to Photo Clip, Layer, and Pan & Zoom mode for a photo clip, under which you can select Ken Burns (Face Recognition). Once done, click ‘Save’ button.

Next time when you want to hide your some vital information, go ahead and try the above video face blurring apps.


Some video editing software or apps to blur faces in video are free to use but do not allow you to experience their full features. Therefore, you need to try other alternate options. Anyway, before posting shot videos on social media platforms, don’t forget to blur face in video when you resolve to conceal crucial information not open to the public. Now you might have understood how to use different programs to blur faces in video. Go and test the face blurring solution listed above so as to select the one that suits you best.

By the way, there might be occasions when you need to blur the whole shot clip in order to achieve special effects, which is a common practice in film or TV production. In this case, you can try out DVDFab Toolkit, a professional but versatile tool to address numerous problems relevant to video, audio and image. To make the whole shot video blurred, go and unsharpen the video. What’s more, once the volume of shot video is too high, you can lower volume of your video with this toolkit.