Can you blur the video in iMovie on iPhone? How can I blur out part of a video? Knowing how to blur video in iMovie will help you get desirable results from your shot footage. Sometimes, you need to blur part of a video or blur the faces of a video for a particular purpose, for example, in an interview, the interviewee might request anonymity, or you need to blur the logo or personal information to avoid copyright issues, or even sometimes you just need to blur a video to achieve a special hazy video effect. Then, how to blur video in iMovie on a laptop or on iPhone? Check out the following you would know the answer to that.

1. How to Blur a Video in iMovie on MacBook?

We all know that iMovie is a free and powerful video editor for iPhone and MacBook, if you are looking for the answer to how to blur video in iMovie on MacBook, you are at the right place. In this part, we would offer you the simple answer to how to blur video in iMovie on MacBook. Now let’s have a look together.

Steps on How to Blur a Video in iMovie

(1) Launch a Project

The first step to learn how to blur video in iMovie is to create a project in iMovie. After that, select Preferences from the main menu and find the General, then click Show Advanced Tools.

Launch a project in imovie

(2) Select the Video Clip want to blur

The 2nd step to learn how to blur out faces in videos in iMovie is to find and select the targeted video clip you need to blur, so you can see a magnified window to get a clearer video effect. This iMovie blur face can meet your basic need.

(3) Make a Screenshot for the video

The 3rd step to learn how to blur video in iMovie on MacBook is to use the Picture-in-Picture effect as right now iMovie doesn’t have a great solution to blur moving faces or objects, so you can blur relatively motionless objects like people in an interview, a logo of a video or personal information, etc. Just press Shift-Command-4 and then draw an area around the object you would like to blur to save the screenshot on your desktop.

(4) Blur the Image of the specified area

Next, you can use Photoshop or other image editing software to make the image unrecognizable to achieve a blurred effect. Then save the image and drag it into your iMovie project and place it over the video clip you are trying to achieve a vertical video blur background iMovie effect.

(5) Apply the Picture-in-Picture effect

The last step to learn how to blur video in iMovie iPhone is to apply the Picture in Picture effect. Choose Picture in Picture in the menu and then place the blurred image over the area of the video clips you would like to blur. This would help you to achieve a hazy video effect.

Apply Picture-in-Picture Effect

2. How to Blur a Video in iMovie on iPhone & iPad?

After learning how to blur part of a video in iMovie on MacBook to achieve iMovie blur video effect, let’s talk about how to blur video in iMovie iPhone. The steps might be similar. Now let’s have a look together at the specific steps: 

(1) Find a Blurred or Mosaic image

The first step to learn how to blur video in iMovie on iPhone or iPad is to find a blurred or mosaic image and then save it to your camera roll for later use. 

(2) Launch a New Project

The second step to learn how to blur video in iMovie on iPhone or iPad is to launch a new project in iMovie, and then import the video clip you would like to make a blurred effect, then your video would appear on the timeline and you can select the small Music and Video icon on the right up corner. 

Launch a New Project in imovie on ipad


(3) Import a Blurred or Mosaic Image

After that, import the blurred or mosaic image into this project by clicking the 3 dots button, your image would appear on the video clip. 

Import a Blurred or Mosaic Image

(4) Adjust Blurred Area

The last step to learn how to blur out faces in videos iMovie on iPhone or iPad is to adjust the blurred area. You need to press the image clip at the bottom, then hit the arrows icon and move the blurred or mosaic image to the target area of the video clip. Meanwhile, you can pinch to adjust the image size if you need to do so. After you’ve finished, click Done to save it.

Well, the above is all about how to blur video in iMovie on iPhone or iPad, hope you’ve found useful information regarding this question. 

3. Alternative Blurring Video iMovie Tool - DVDFab Toolkit

If you are using Windows instead of Mac OS, it’s true that you cannot use iMovie as it is a free software specifically designed for Apple users, which might beg the question: how to blur something in a video on iMovie alternative software on Windows? The answer is quite simple: through DVDFab Toolkit.

Alternative Way to Blur Video DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is a powerful toolbox comprising all kinds of tools, covering video, audio as well as image fields, which is a perfect choice as media management and editing software for you. Similar to what you have learned about how to blur video in iMovie iPhone or MacBook, how to blur video in iMovie alternative DVDFab Toolkit is well explained in the following paragraphs, read the following. By the way, here is a nice guideline on how to blur face in video.

price: For only $84.99 you can enjoy this wonderful blur-video tool permanently ensuring unlimited free upgrades. Besides, you can have DVDFab Video Converter Pro at the same price, including three excellent products Video Converter, Toolkit, and Video Editor to edit videos

Steps on How to Blur Video in iMovie Alternative DVDFab Toolkit

(1) Download and Installation of this iMovie alternative: DVDFab Toolkit

Install this iMovie blur video alternative software by clicking the below button.

 i  Free Download  

(2) Use Sharpen/Unsharpen Tool

Double click to start this software, you would see a toolbox comprised of video, audio as well as image tools. Choose Video Tools> Sharpen/Unsharpen.

(3) Import the video that wants to blur

Find the video that you would like to blur and import it into this software, and then you would notice there is two viewing windows for you to distinguish the comparison between the source and the target video.

(4) Adjust relevant video parameters 

If you would like to adjust the blurred effect of this video, you can choose Unsharp at the Effects drop-down box, which would be the choice for making a blurred effect out of your video.

Use unsharpe as the tool to blur video

Then following appeared parameters are set by default, which would be the best effect to achieve a blurred effect.

Note: if you wish to turn a blurred video into a clear one, you should choose Sharp at the Effects drop-down box; or if you want to customize the video effects, you can also choose to Customize to set the parameters yourself.

Customize the video settings to acheive blurred effect

There are 6 parameters that you can customize, among which Luma Intensity and Chroma Intensity are in charge of the haziness of the video, then other parameters like Luma Matrix Horizontal Dimension, Luma Matrix Vertical Dimension, Speed Matrix Vertical Dimension as well as Speed Matrix Horizontal Dimension are responsible for the brightness, color of the video.

(5) Save the video to local

After you have achieved the desired blurred video effect, select a directory to save your video and then click the Start button to kick off the conversion process, then you would have a blurred video out of the original one. 

Besides serving as the best alternative to the method on how to blur video in iMovie, DVDFab Toolkit can also do many other things, like:

1) Turn video into GIFs easily
2)Batch convert audio files among different formats.
3) Make a continuous screenshot of a video
4) Fast motion a video up to 16x

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4. Conclusion

This article has given you a glimpse into how to blur video in iMovie iPhone, iPad and MacBook, as well as offered detailed information about the best alternative to iMovie blur video effect, DVDFab Toolkit. Besides the way to blur a video, we also offer methods on how to enhance video quality from 480p to 1080p.