Everyone is quite familiar with MP3 which is a ubiquitous audio container format that’s used almost everywhere nowadays. However, do you know OGG audio format? Bet not everyone does. Also known as Ogg Vorbis or OGA most recently, OGG is a free and open container format that can handle multiple independent streams for audio, video, metadata and even text. Both fall under the lossy audio category, although OGG is not as widely popular as MP3 due to its less compatibility issue, it is still favored by a niche group of audiophiles.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

That being said, not all the music players support the playback of OGG audio files. That is why for most of the average music lovers, MP3 is still the No. 1 choice. So what if you got some OGG songs but your music player cannot play them? The answer is quite simple — convert OGG to MP3, then your problem is solved. But how to convert OGG to MP3? Well, obviously, an OGG to MP3 converter software, whether online or offline, either on Windows or macOS, is needed for that purpose. Moving forward, let’s go through some widely used OGG to MP3 converters that can help you convert OGG to MP3 fast, easily, and without too much quality loss. There should be one that fits your circumstance right.

Part 1. Convert OGG to MP3 with an offline OGG to MP3 converter software

As far as audio/video conversion is involved, a computer software is still the first choice for most people, because computer software is much more efficient by utilizing the computer’s own configurations. However, due to the fact that the OGG audio format is not that popular, only a few audio converters can handle that audio format. DVDFab Video Converter Pro, the 3-in-1 package that actually contains three separate product lines, belongs to that a few group. Among the three products it packed in this suite, two of them can be used as an OGG to MP3 converter software that can easily convert OGG to MP3 for you, fast and efficiently. Now let’s check them out one by one.

1.1 DVDFab Video Converter — the top-notch OGG to MP3 converter (Windows & macOS)

As the only product module from DVDFab 12 that is packed into the Video Converter Pro suite, this video converter software can be also doubled as an audio converter software, and it is one of the few options that can handle OGG audio format, you can convert OGG to MP3 and an array of other popular audio formats, such as WAV, WMV, FLAC, ACC, EAC3, AC3, DTS, M4A, AIFF and more. Aside from the OGG to MP3 conversion, this OGG to MP3 converter also gives you great flexibility to customize the output audio parameters, in case you’re one of those experienced audiophiles.

Key Features of DVDFab Video Converter:

  1. Convert audio files among many formats, including OGG to MP3, and vice versa
  2. Allow veteran users to customize the output audio parameters based on their own needs
  3. Support batch conversion mode to convert multiple OGG to MP3 at one go
  4. Support GPU hardware acceleration to speed up the OGG to MP3 conversion

Now let’s take a closer look at the detailed OGG to MP3 conversion process:

Step 1 — Download and installation

Before you can convert OGG to MP3 on your computer, the 1st thing to do is always to download and install the OGG to MP3 converter software, which can be easily done with the following two Download buttons, one of Windows, the other, macOS.

                           i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Step 2 — Add the OGG file(s)

Once you’ve installed the program on your computer, launch the software and navigate to the Converter module from the top menu bar, where you’re going to add your OGG file(s) to the software to ready the OGG to MP3 conversion. To do that, simply drag & drop your OGG file(s) into the software, or use the centered big plus icon to load them from your hard drive.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Additional Tips: with the Add from Mobile button near the top left corner, you can directly add OGG files from your iPhone, iPad, or any Android device, without having to transfer them to your computer first using the data cable. This is the bonus feature of this OGG to MP3 converter, however, to perform the wireless transfer, you need to install a remote app named Mobile Video Loader on your device. The great advantage of this app is that if you are converting videos to MP4 format, then you can also wirelessly transfer the output MP4 videos directly back to your device.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Step 3 — Choose the MP3 profile

Now that you’ve added the OGG file(s), it’s time to choose the conversion profile from the built-in profile library, where the MP3, among many other preconfigured conversion profiles, is listed. To enter the profile library, click the “Choose Other Profile” option available under the profile selection dropdown menu. And when you’re there, navigate to Format > Audio, where all the supported audio profiles are stored. Choose MP3 to proceed.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Additional Tips: If you’ve added several OGG files to convert, then it is highly recommended you check the box of Use for All Sources. By doing so, the MP3 conversion profile will be applied to each and every OGG file you’ve added. Otherwise, you will have to manually repeat step 3 multiple times.

Step 4 — Customize output settings (optional)

Notice the Wrench icon there? Clicking on that icon, you will enter the Advanced Settings panel, where you can further calibrate the following settings, audio channel among four options of Mono, Stereo, Dobly Surround/ProLogic, and Dolby ProLogic II, sample rate and bitrate, and even adjust the volume, too.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Additional Tips: This step is totally optional. You can ignore it if you’re not really into the audio editing thing. That being said, if you want do some adventure, then you can go for it. Here comes another question, how to convert OGG to MP3 without losing too much quality? The trick lies in the bitrate setting, if you don’t wanna compromise on the audio quality, then you can set the bitrate to a higher value, which shall maximally preserve the original quality. The theory is that, the higher the better. But you can decide how much higher you want, remember, the higher the bitrate goes up, the bigger of the output MP3 file size will become.

Step 5 — Start the OGG to MP3 conversion

When you’re finally okay with all the previous steps, choose a destination folder from your hard drive using the folder icon behind the output selection box, and then hit the Start button near the bottom right corner to let go of the OGG to MP3 conversion process. The entire process won’t take too long, especially if your computer is armed with a strong video card that is capable of GPU hardware acceleration supported by this OGG to MP converter software.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Hurray! So far, you’ve learned how to convert OGG to MP3 with DVDFab Video Converter, the top-class video/audio converter software that features the OGG to MP3 conversion function. With this software as your media assistant, you will feel absolutely worry-free next time you need to convert OGG to MP3, or from any format to another one.

1.2 DVDFab Toolkit — the easiest OGG to MP3 converter (Windows)

The video converter software is not the only one from the Video Converter Pro suite that is able to convert OGG to MP3, the other two products, DVDFab Toolkit and DVDFab VideoCruise also offer the OGG to MP3 conversion feature. The fact that probably will make you wow for the Toolkit is that this multimedia toolkit actually gives you 28 (this number is still growing) small utility tools, each of which works on its own to do one primary job. Those 28 widgets fall under five major categories, namely, Video Tools, Audio Tools, Image Tools, Watermark Tool and Subtitle Tools. So, which one exactly can help me convert OGG to MP3? Well, see that Converter module under the Audio Tools section? That one can be used as a dedicated OGG to MP3 converter for you.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Key Features of Audio Converter in DVDFab Toolkit:

  1. Convert audio files including OGG to MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC and M4A
  2. Flexible customizations regarding audio channel, bitrate and sample rate
  3. Support batch mode to convert OGG to MP3 efficiently
  4. Support GPU hardware acceleration to fasten the OGG to MP3 conversion

Now let’s see how this light-weighted audio converter can convert OGG to MP3 in just three steps:

Step 1 — Download and install this OGG to MP3 converter

Click the Download button below to download and install DVDFab Toolkit on your computer. Then installation process is unbelievably simple. Just follow the installation wizards and you won’t get lost.

                                          i  Free Download  

Step 2 — Ready your OGG file for the MP3 conversion

Once the installation finishes, launch the software, and navigate to the Converter module under the Audio Tools section. Then load your OGG file(s) using the giant plus button, or simple drag & drop them to the interface.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Step 3 — Trigger the OGG to MP3 conversion

If you don’t really care about each value of the settings at this window, you can simply select MP3 at the output dropdown menu, and then push the Start button to convert OGG to MP3 right away. Otherwise, before hitting that button, you can recalibrate the sample rate, bitrate and the audio channel as well.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

As a sidenote: despite supporting batch convert OGG to MP3, if you add multiple OGG files, you will notice that you still have to manually set the output format to MP3 one by one.

With the assistance of GPU hardware acceleration, then OGG to MP3 conversion process shall be blazing fast, even if you take a couple of OGG files to convert. That’s also why many experienced video and audio editors are so crazy about cutting-edge graphics cards.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

When the conversion completes, you are able to locate the converted MP3 files at the default output directory, which you can also change its path anytime you want at the Settings panel.

Okay, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to convert OGG to MP3 with the OGG to MP3 converter module inside the DVDFab Toolkit, which is bundled in the Video Converter Pro suite.

Part 2. Convert OGG to MP3 with an online OGG to MP3 converter service

So far, you have mastered the methods to convert OGG to MP3 both on Windows and Mac computers with full-featured OGG to MP3 converter software. Now you probably want to ask, what is I am not interested in installing anything? Can I still convert OGG to MP3 online in another way? Surely, the answer is yes. Apart from PC software products, there are still online services that offer OGG to MP3 conversion service.

However, given the fact that most of these online service providers offer similar functions, so we’ll just pick up one in this article to show you how to convert OGG to MP3 with such kind of online platforms. The one we are planning to introduce to you is the online OGG to MP3 converter offered by convertio website, which also allows you to convert from and to many other audio files. Now refer to the steps below to see how the OGG to MP3 conversion is processed by this online service:

Step 1 — Choose your OGG audio file, using the Choose Files button to select the OGG file from your local drive, or use the three icons to add files from Google Drive, DropBox and a given URL, respectively.   

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Additional Tips: you can add multiple OGG files at one time, but bear in mind, the OGG to MP3 conversion shall take longer online.

Step 2 — Click the Gear button to customize relevant output settings as you wish. All the settings on this panel will directly affect the overall audio quality, if you want to have some fun converting OGG to MP3, feel free to experiment with different values to see if there is any difference when you listen to output MP3 files. You’re even allowed to cut the original audio short to retain only the portion you need.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

As a sidenote: This option is totally optional. To do or not to do, it’s all on your call.

Step 3 — When you are satisfied with all the settings, just hit the red Convert button to initiate the conversion from OGG to MP3. Depending on your network speed and how many OGG files you’ve added, the time required for the conversion may vary significantly.

How to Convert OGG to MP3

Okay, above is the entire process of converting OGG to MP3 with the online OGG to MP3 converter offered by convertio.co. Hope you have fun with your own experiment. When the conversion completes, you do need to take a few more minutes to download the converted MP3 files back to your local drive.

Wrap Up

Quality-wise, there is no much big difference between OGG and MP3 format when recorded at higher bitrate levels, however, in terms of popularity, MP3 is really enjoying a bigger reputation than OGG is. You’ve heard about MP3 music player, but have you ever heard about an OGG music player? So, if you have some OGG songs but your music player just don’t play them, the only thing left you can do is to convert OGG to MP3 that is universally compatible on any multimedia device, a smartphone, a tablet, an iPod music player, a game console, even a smart watch, literally anything you can think of.

In this article, we’ve learnt various ways to convert OGG to MP3, either on Windows computer or on a Mac, with a dedicated OGG to MP3 converter software, or a video converter software featuring OGG to MP3 conversion function, as well as with an online OGG to MP3 converter service. Now you should no longer have issues regarding OGG to MP3 conversion. As for which method is the best one, as everyone has his/her own preference of choice, it’s really hard to name a winner that suits everyone out there. So the final choice is still in your own hands. By the way, if you ever run into the need of converting WAV files to MP3, don’t hesitate to check our topic on how to convert WAV to MP3 with ease.

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