FLV is a video container format and is a de-facto standard for web-based video streaming services. FLV is being slowly replaced by HTML5 but it is still used by various online video streaming services like Hulu, Yahoo! Video, Metacafe etc. FLV videos can also be played on standalone media player devices. But today FLV is just another video format like the most popular MP4. The only problem with FLV videos is that they can’t be played online without the Adobe Flash plugin.

Adobe stopped supporting flash for most smartphone OS’ like Android and iOS long ago. So, these two smartphone platforms don’t support streaming online flash videos. So, that is a quick intro for FLV videos and in this tutorial, we will discuss top 5 best FLV editors. FLV is a video format and sometimes you may need to use it as it is without converting, and also you may need to edit it. So, here in this article, we will tell you about top 5 best FLV editors.


Top 5 Best FLV Editors

Here is a list of top 5 best FLV editors for Windows and Mac.


1. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is the number one FLV editor. It not only edits FLV videos but also can convert them to hundreds of other video formats. It gives a user the freedom to edit FLV videos the way they want. It doesn’t have any confusing options and gives you good options for selecting the the dual audio streams and subtitles. Here’s a quick tutorial for DVDFab FLV editor.

·         Download and install the latest DVDFab 11 FLV editor and converter software.

·         Launch the program and click the ‘Converter’ tab.

·         Click the ‘Add’ button to load your FLV video for editing. After adding the video the program window will look like this below. Learn the program functions by the annotations given in the image.

flv editor

·         Click the ‘Video Editor’ button to launch the editor. You will find various options like trim, crop, rotate, video properties, add text or image watermark, add subtitles.

flv video editor

·         The trim option can apply multiple trim points and can merge them too. So this enables you to remove unwanted parts of a video at once and merge the final video without wasting time.

·         Finally after editing the video click the ‘OK’ button in the DVDFab video editor and go back to the main video converter function. Now click the ‘Video Profile’ button and from here select the ‘FLV’ format.

·         After selecting the ‘FLV’ format click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and set the video settings to original like resolution, quality, frame rate. Finally start converting your video.

·         Your output video will be an edited FLV video with no change in quality and frame rate.


2. Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter is a free option to edit FLV videos. It provides various video editing options like trim, crop, rotate (including vertical and horizontal flip), video properties adjust like brightness, color, and contrast, add image and text watermark. It also supportsmultiple trim points and you can merge the trimmed videos at once to create a new video.

flv editor


3. Movica

Movica is a simple video editor with which you can easily edit FLV videos. The important feature of this FLV editor is the keyboard shortcuts. With this editor you can select and delete multiple portions of a FLV video. You can join multiple FLV files and can split a single FLV video into smaller parts. The only problem with this video editor is that it doesn’t work with 64-bit PCs.

flv editor


4. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free and open source video editor which works on Windows 10 and lower, Linux, and Mac OS. As a free video editor it can trim FLV videos, add logos and borders, rotate, crop, and resize video. Apart from that you can sharpen edges, add subtitles, and modify video properties like brightness and contrast.

flv editor


5. VSDC Free Video Editor

If you are looking for an advanced free video editor then you can go for the VSDC free video editor. It’s not like just any video editor. Being a free video editor it provides good video editing options. If you are looking to correct video colors, transform objects, apply video transition effects, hide or blur the video elements, and create your own animations then VSDC free video editor is the right choice for you. The only problem with this software is that you will find it difficult to use as the options aren’t clearly visible.

flv editor



This post explained top 5 best FLV editors. Out of the 5 FLV editors DVDFab Video Converter is of utter importance becauseit iseasy to understand and isclear in their UI designs. We also described two advanced and free FLV video editors likeVSDC and Avidemux. Use these two if you have some extra time and want to add some custom animations using VSDC. Use Movica if you want to quickly edit your FLV videos because it is the easiest of all to use.