Is MP4 a special format?   

Free mp4 converter online

Free mp4 converter software——DVDFab Video Converter

Advanced function of DVDFab Video Converter

1. Is MP4 a special format?  

Why so many people care about to convert these various video formats all into MP4? What is so special about MP4?

MP4 File Format Explained:

Mp4 file format explained

Developed by Industry Standard later on based on MOV, it ranks as one of the most popular file formats, as MOV is Apple’s unique QuickTime movie format, it cannot be displayed on many other non-apple devices.

But MP4 is virtually compatible with almost all devices, capable of storing different audio and video data, subtitles and graphics, enabling advanced content like user interactivity, menus, and even 3D graphics, making it understandably one of the most commonly used format everywhere.

2. Free mp4 converter online  

Here, we recommend you 3 online free mp4 converter to help you to convert your video file of whatever formats into MP4.

2.1 OnlineVideoConverter - YouTube to MP4 converter free download

Key Features:

  • Unlimited YouTube to MP4 converter free downloads
  • Compatible with most browsers on Windows and Mac
  • Support comprehensive range of video formats
  • No registration required and no need to register online
  • Also serving as a good mp4 to mp3 converter free online

YouTube to MP4 converter free download

Besides being a good YouTube to mp4 converter free downloader, it is also a good mp4 to mp3 converter free online, capable of converting YouTube video as MP3 for you to listen offline. What’s more, you don’t need to register or install a software to use this mp4 converter free downloader, saving you much time. Want to try this online YouTube to mp4 converter free downloader? Just paste the URL of your YouTube video onto the enter box of this MP4 to MP3 converter free online, and choose target format as MP4 to start the process, that’s it.

2.2 AConvert - Free video converter to mp4

Key Features:

  • Capable of changing size, bitrate, framerate.
  • Support 16 popular video formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, MKV, etc.
  • With many other functions like converting audio and image formats.

Free video converter to mp4

This is not only a MKV to MP4 converter free online, but also a FLV to mp4 converter free online. You don’t have to bother to find an all-inclusive free video converter to mp4, this converter supports 16 target formats, including MP4, MKV, MOV, MKV, FLV, etc. And if you want to reduce the original size of your video, you can also achieve that with this fabulous online free video converter to mp4.

2.3 Online Convert - MOV to MP4 converter Fee Online

Key Features:

  • No need to download and install this MOV to MP4 converter free online
  • Quick conversion speed, simple interface to use.
  • Support most mainstream video formats like MKV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, etc.
  • Also serving as an mp4 to mp3 converter free downloader

MOV to MP4 converter Fee Online

This is both an MOV to MP4 converter free online as well as an AVI to MP4 converter free, it is simple and fast MP4 converter online free can convert file to MP4 free or other formats. Come and try this AVI to MP4 converter free online, you can simply drop the files into this green box, or just enter the URL of the video to load the source. And at below side you can choose screen size and video bitrate as well as many other parameters as you like. See more to understand the how to convert Mov to MP4 quickly.

3. Free mp4 converter software——DVDFab Video Converter   

After these online free mp4 converter recommended capable of converting so many video formats, why bother to download a free mp4 converter software? The answer is it is more powerful. DVDFab Video Converter is the best Video converter on market, supporting 50 different video formats. This mp4 converter software is easy to use, yet both suitable for entry-level users as well as movie and video experts.

video converter that support multiple video formats

Step on how to convert video into MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter

Step 1: Download and installation

Download DVDFab Video Converter on your computer, it has both Windows and Mac version software for you to choose. Take windows version of this free video converter to mp4 as an example, the interface after successful installation looks like what below picture presents.

 i Download Now    i  Download Now   

Step 2: Choose the Correct Module

After successful installation, open this free video converter to mp4, choose “Converter” mode on the top, and then choose video format as “MP4” on the left column.

step 1 choose the video format

Note: What is fantastic about this free mp4 converter is that, it can make your video playable on many mainstream devices, even including many 3D devices, with very fast speed and astonishing quality.

Step 3: Load the source

Then, the step comes to loading the source. One way is to add videos from your laptop by clicking the “+” button in the middle of this software. Another way is to click “Add from Local” button located on top left corner. Or, you can simply drag the videos you’d like to convert into this software.

step 2 load the file

Note: you can click the little tool button to customize advanced settings according to your preference.

step 3 advanced settings

4. Advanced function of DVDFab Video Converter   

There is one more fantastic function of this free MP4 converter to tell you. When you start DVDFab Video Converter, you would have a full trial version with 30-day full functions. That means, you can try all the video conversion functions within this period. But after this 30-day period, it would become the free version. When you try this free mp4 converter, during the 30-day trail, you may use one really fantastic tool offered by this free mp4 converter: that is, video editing function.

video converter with video editing function

This might be exclusively useful for the below 3 kinds of conditions:

  • Gather daily family videos to compose a memorable private home movie
  • Cut travel video clips and make a wonderful travel vlog and post it on social media
  • Polish an impressive video to use on business conference, school presentation, or even just for fun party surprise.

The built-in video editor enables you to add closing credits, add your preferred background music or dubbing audio into your video, add self-made subtitles with special effects, crop or trim off unwanted video parts. Moreover, you can also plant an image like an emoji or sticker to your video to mark a special moment. That means, you can completely customize your own video!

video converter with video editing function 2

Note: With a free software DVDFab Remote downloader on your mobile phone, you can directly transfer the converted video to your mobile phone, without using any cable anymore.


Overall, this article has gone through 3 free mp4 converter online with many mainstream video formats supported. Whether it is MKV to mp4 converter free online, or YouTube to mp4 converter free downloader, with these 3 recommended online free mp4 converters, you don’t have to install something or register, you can just use it as you like, which matches with the needs of majority people.

However, if you are more like a lossless quality pursuer, trying to convert 2D video into 3D movie video, converting a 4K movie, or even trying to make your own movie or vlog, DVDFab Video Converter is definitely your No.1 choice. Its advanced function can satisfy all your needs.