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Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software No Watermark

2019-03-19 03:34:17

   Posted by Amanda


Summary: Looking for a free video editor to create no watermark video? Here we will take you have a look at some best free video editing software with no watermark.

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The market of video blogging is growing by leaps and bounds. No matter which social platform you are using - Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or video sharing websites like Vimeo, YouTube and more, you need to know how to create attractive videos to get followers.

While there is no shortage of video editing tools on any platform be it Android smartphones, iPhones, Mac or a Windows computer, what is in short supply are free video editing tools with no watermark problem. While many companies do offer their products for “free”, they add a watermark to the end output video so that you can’t use the video for public purposes like sharing on Facebook or YouTube. In this article, we will be looking at the best free video editing software with no watermark.


Part 1: Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software No Watermark



Let’s start with a light-weight application that uses very low resources from your computer and never crashes. Blender is a free, open-source application for 3D creation that has been designed to do basic and some advanced level video editings. You can use this free video editing software without watermark addition on the end result. You can crop, trim and splice the video as well as perform advanced options like speed control, layers adjustment, audio mixing, audio scrubbing, offers a live preview of your edits, luma waveform, chroma vectorscope and histogram displays.


VSDC Free Video Editor

This is a free video editing software which leaves no watermark on the generated video. It supports editing of all popular video and audio formats and can be used to accomplish often complex video editing tasks with much more ease. It lets you access and edit videos in any order. In addition to video editing, you can also do screen recording, audio recording, burn DVDs and video conversion without adding any watermark.



Another open source free video editing software with no watermark problem that is available for Windows, Mac, BSD and Linux platforms. It is written completely in C++ and supports non-linear editing. It supports multiplexing of multiple audio tracks in the same stream (hence the “mux” in its name), let’s you crop and trim videos, contains filters you can add on video, supports color correction, adding subtitles and more. It supports a basic level of automation with which you can apply some basic video editing effects as soon as the program runs.



Lightworks started out its journey as a paid software and got used in the creation of a few commercial movies too. Now there are both free and paid versions of this software available. The free video editing software version adds no watermarks and is packed with seriously powerful tools. The only limitation of the free version is that it does not generate high-quality end videos which should not be a problem for most home users and video bloggers who don’t want too big a file size which becomes cumbersome for sharing.

Lightworks does have a learning curve to get started by setting up a project with resolution, frame rate and more before you can actually import the video file. But once you have crossed that stage, using the visual editing tools is frankly quite easy.


OpenShot Video Editor

This is another free video editing software without watermark addition on their output video. It is an open-source project that can trim and animate video objects. It is available for 3 major OS platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux. It has tools for 3D video editing, audio editing, playback speed optimization, text overlay and the ability to split or merge videos.


Part 2: DVDFab Video Converter - The Recommended Tool to Convert and Edit Videos with No Watermark

DVDFab Video Converter is a result of many years of development, bug fixing and feature additions. It is a highly stable video editing software that offers an intuitive video editing as well as a video converter. While it is easy for some new to get started to, it has capabilities that even a professional will find it useful to do comprehensive editing on their creations. It can be used to edit all types of videos be it the common low-quality internet clips or 4k and UHD quality videos.

Video Editor feature highlights

1. Video Conversion - Native formats from camcorders and iPhones are not ideal for many other devices and for uploading to online platforms. DVDFab Video Converter offers you conversion to all major video formats which support 3D, 4k and UHD videos. You even get the option to just generate the audio in multiple audio formats like AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3 and more.

2. Make use of the Assets library to edit your video. The Assets library helps you add credits, text, music, and images to the video. You can use the materials in the library or stored on your computer.

3. Graphical edits - In addition to resizing and trimming the video, you can also change the brightness, contrast and saturation of the picture quality.

4. Easy to use and smartly designed - The interface is professionally arranged with each feature having a dedicated set of tools when activated. Like if you click on the Crop button, you can use the mouse of specify the cut dimensions or mention it specifically in the Top, Bottom, Left, Right coordinates section, you can specify if you want to maintain the aspect ratio or not.

5. Fast video rendering - Making use of advanced programming, DVDFab Video Converter accelerated the video generation speed by making use of multithreading, batch conversion, multi-core and support of Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA CUDA.

6. Advanced Settings - You can not only edit the visual but also modify the video and audio attributes like video frame rate, encoding method, resolution, codec; audio bitrate, channel, sample rate and more.

DVDFab Video Converter has too many capabilities that can’t be described in a single article. It is easy to get started with. It supports creation of editing Profiles which you can use for video editing for different use cases. Video generation happens in the background which leaves you free to do further video editing or conversion and you can anytime monitor the progress from the application itself or using its mobile app.

All the editors in this article are designed for Windows or Mac, if you want to edit videos on your mobile phone, please check top video editing apps.

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