It is common to add video transitions effects to a presentation. Free video transitions are not only easy to get, but contribute a lot to your artwork. As a creator of videos, would you like a video editor with transition effects? If so, you are in the right place. There are 7 free video editing software with transitions which can be used on Windows or Mac. Choose the best video transitions provided in Video Editor, Premiere Pro or others and learn how to add transitions in iMovie and other software.

1. What is a video transition?

To make the definition of “video transition” clear, let’s take PowerPoint as an example. When you make a PPT, there is a belief that you will design how each page displays. That is the option of “Transitions” I have highlighted below. Then the display mode you select for each page is similar to the free video transitions we are going to talk about. In most video editors, there is also an option of “Transitions”, allowing you to add video transitions effects like “Fade” and “Push” to your file. Subsequently, let’s see “how do you make video transitions”.

Free Video Transitions

2.How to add free video transitions

In order to add free video transitions to your video, you need to find some free video editing software with transitions functions. Is there any idea in you mind? If you have no options, why not try such video editors like Video Editor, Premiere Pro, iMovie, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro, etc? Here, let me show you how to add transitions in iMovie or other transitions software in the second part.

(1) Video Editor

The first video editor with transition effects is Video Editor. As the best Windows video editor, it is free and easy to use. As long as you log in, your export files will not bear any watermarks. So you can add free video transitions using it with great reliance. There are 65 cool video transitions contained in this free software which have been listed in the chart below. You can choose any video transitions free you like and add to your video.

Video Transitions in Video Editor

Fade in


Page Upper



Wipe lower

Roll Clickwise

Fade Out 1

Bounce Up

Uncover Left

Unconver Up

Ripple Out

Wave 1


Center Out

Fade 1

Fade Out 2

Fade Out 3

Fade Out 4


Wipe Up 1

Fade Upper

Wipe Up 2

Box Unfold

Fade Upper



Abstraction 1

Abstraction 2


Black & White




Page Left



Random Ve …

Maple Leaf

Running Wa …

News Broadcast



Roll Anticlo …


Roll Clockwise


Uncover To…

Wave 2

Wave 3

Zoom in An …

Transverse …

Transverse …



Push Left

Vortex 1

Vortex 2

Random Ho …

Random Ho…

Random Ho …

Wipe Down

Wipe Left

Wipe Right

Wipe Up 3

How to add free video transitions in Video Editor:

• Get Video Editor launched in Windows

• Log in and choose an aspect ratio (9:16; 16:9; 4:3)

• Import your video by clicking “Media” > “Import” or drag your file directly

• Move the video to the timeline section

• Click the button of “Transitions” on the left

• Decide which part to add video transitions effects using the ruler on the timeline

• Double-click video transitions to see what they seem like

• Click the “+” icon around each video transition and add it to your video

• Preview it and click the button of “Export”

• Name your file, set its destination and resolution

This is how to add free video transitions in Video Editor video editor. Besides adding video transitions effects, you can also use it to add text, filters, overlays, elements and mosaic. There are also tools for you to rotate, split, crop, record and fast forward video in this Windows video editor.  Video Editor is so versatile and deserves your efforts in video editing transitions free download.

Video Transitions Free

(2) Premiere Pro

How to add transitions in Premiere? Premiere pro video transitions you can find in this software include 3D Motion, BCC Obsolete, BCC Transitions, Dissolve, Film Impact Animations, Film Impact Distortions, Film Impact Essentials, Film Impact Lights & Blurs, Film Impact Smart Tools, Film Impact Transformers, FxFactory Pro Transitions, Iris, page Peel, RG Universe Transitions, Sapphire Builder, Sapphire Transitions, Slide, Wipe, Zoom and among others. It is a professional free video editing software with transitions, but is hard to use, especially for beginners. Here is how to add free video transitions with this editor.

How to add transitions in Premiere Pro:

• Download and install Premiere Pro on Windows or Mac

• Drag your file to this video editor with transitions

• Display the video in the timeline

• Right-click between two video clips > Apply Default Transitions

• Set the duration of the video transitions

• Go to the “Effects”panel > Video Transitions

• Add free video transitions to your file

• Adjust the direction of video transitions

• Save and output

Although there are so many Premiere Pro video transitions available, some are paid plug-ins instead of free video transitions. Premiere Pro video transitions are only free for 7 days. After that, you have to pay for Adobe Premiere video transitions HK$158/month, otherwise there may be a watermark on your exported file.

Free Video Transitions for Premiere Pro

(3) iMovie

As a Windows video editor, iMovie free video editing software with transitions is filled with a series of cool video transitions, such as “Bar”, “Blind”, “Butterfly”, “Colour”, “Grazy”, “Cross Zoom”, “Cross Fade”, “Cube”, “Doorway”, “Dreamy”, “Evaporate”, “Fisheye Roll”, “Flash” and others. For a beginner in video editing, the video transitions effects in this transitions software is enough for you and it is very simple to use. What is followed are instructions on free video transitions adding.

How to add transitions in iMovie:

• Download iMovie in your computer

• Start this video editor transitions

• Drag added file to the Timeline

• Click “Transitions” in the upper-right section

• Select a video transition

• Add free video transitions right in the video clip

• Double-click the transitions to set its duration > Apply

• Right-click the transition to expand its length

• Export your video

iMovie video editor transitions support many output formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM and MP3. You can name your file at will, save it to anywhere you want, choose the best quality, frame rate, and be ready to enjoy fantastic video transitions effects.

Transition Video

(4) Lightworks

Lightworks free video transitions are easily accessible when you get this video editor downloaded on Windows or Mac. There are video transitions like dissolve in this software and you can add it easily to your file. But some bugs may occur when you use this free video editing software with transitions. So Lightworks is not recommended to beginners for video editing. Subsequently, let me show you how to use this transitions software.

How to add transitions in Lightworks:

• Import two video clips to this video editor transitions

• Drag to the Timeline

• Click “VFX” > “+” > Favorites > “Dissolve”

• Add free video transitions to the video clips

• Right-click the transition and adjust its length

• Edit video transition clicking the “Edit” button on the top

• Save and output

This is free video transitions adding in Lightworks. The types of video transitions free in this video editor are not that many. If you have a high demand for video transitions effects variety, choose other transitions software like Video Editor.

Video Transitions

(5) Final Cut Pro

There are a bunch of video transitions effects in this video editor, such as “Blurs, Dissolves, Lights, Movements, Objects, Pixel Film Studios – Picture, Replicator/Clones, Stylized, Wipes. In order to apply free video editing transitions effects to your video, follow the steps below.

How to add transitions in Final Cut Pro:

• Install this transitions software on Mac

• Import your source video and move to Timeline

• Click the “Infinity” icon in the upper-right corner

• Choose your favorite video transitions effect

• Add free video transitions to your file in a right place

Final Cut Pro is an easy-to-use video editor with transition effects. It is easy-to-use for beginners but is only available on Mac. If your computer is Windows, choose a Windows video editor.

Video Editor Transitions

(6) DaVinci Resolve 16

Video transitions effects included in this video editor transitions contain “Push, Slide, Barn Door, Box, Heart, Star, Triangle Left/Right, Band Wipe, Center Wipe, etc.”. Let’s see how to use this video editor with transition effects.

How to add transitions in DaVinci Resolve:

• Get this video editing transitions free download

• Input video clips on the timeline

• Click “Edit” > “Effect Library” > “Video Transitions”

• Drag video transitions to your video clip

• Hover over the edge of the video transition and adjust its duration

• Or click the transition and use the “Inspector” option on the top right

• Finish adding free video transitions

Davinci Resolve is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. YOU can use it easily and add video transitions free fast.

Free Video Transitions

(7) Google Slide

Similar to PowerPoint, Google Slides is an online presentation app you can use to create presentations with cool video transitions. Free video transitions included in this video editor are “Fade, Slide from right, Slide from left, Flip, Cube and Gallery”. Let’s see how to add video transitions free using this online presentation software.

How to add transitions on Google Slides:

• Prepare a ready-made presentation

• Select a slide and click “Transition” option on the toolbar

• Click the “Triangle” and scroll down

• Choose a video transition effect and apply it

• Continue to add other free video transitions to other slides

This is how to add video transitions using Google Slide. It is very easy and you will make it even if you are a beginner. However, available video transitions are not so many if you desire more.

How to Add Transitions on Google Slides

3. Conclusion

What is a video transition and how do you do transitions? In this post, there are 8 video editors with transitions effects for your choice, such as Video Editor, Premiere Pro, iMovie, ShotCut, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro,DaVinci Resolve 16, as well as Google Slides. Learn about the features of each software and how to add video transitions with each of them. Among them, Video Editor is the best Windows video editor transitions and it is suitable for both beginner and expert. There is belief that your will add free video transitions to your files successfully using this freeware.