Wrong, misleading, or untrue? This is what, you may be thinking of this post’s title. How can someone edit videos in Windows Media Player? When there are no official editing options in it. Yes! That’s right Windows Media Player doesn’t officially support video editing. But we are writing this post just to tell you that it is quite possible to use Windows Media Player as a Video Editor. You may not be aware of this fact that Windows Media Player supports external plugins. And in this post, we will be using a video editing plugin for Windows Media Player and will also teach you on editing videos in WMP, as well as Photos App embedded in Windows 10 and other free third-party video editor. So let’s check it out.

Part 1: How to Edit Videos by usingWindows Media Player

There is complete alternatives to help you edit video more directly and fast. To edit videos in Windows Media Player we will use a third-party plugin namely solveigmm trimmer plugin. This plugin is actually used to edit videos in WMP (Trim only). Itisa paid plugin and comes with a 21 day trial period with a 10-minute limit. You can test it yourself and decide later whether to get the paid version or not. But first, check this tutorial below.

·         Download and install the solveigmm plugin home edition for Windows 10. You can also try the Business edition if you want.

·         After installing the plugin open Windows Media Player and start playing any movie or video.

·         When clip starts playing you’ll have to click the ‘Edit File’ button to launch the WMP video editing plugin.

·         Now to trim a section from the video just mark two points on the video timeline and make sure the orange line should be between these two blue marker points.


·         Now click the ‘Dislike’ button to cut it out from the video.

·         You can select multiple trim points on the video timeline and use the like button to keep the selected and dislike button to cut.

·         After selecting all the points and marking like and dislike sections you can invert the selection to automatically remove the selected portions from the video.

·         Finally click the ‘Trim’ button and save your video.

This is how you can just trim the video or a movie in Windows Media Player using the solveigmm plugin. This plugin is quite useful because it lets you remove multiple portions of a single video at once. If you are looking for an advanced video editor then check the part 2 below.

Part 2: How to Edit Videos with DVDFab Video Converter

If you are looking for another easy to use and more productive video editor then check out the DVDFab video editor. DVDFab video editor is an integral part of DVDFab Video Converterwhich can convert videos to various formats and which also offers a simple approach to editing your videos or movies. It basically offers editing options like trim, crop, rotate, change aspect ratio, edit subtitles, adding an image or text watermark, and edit video brightness, color, and saturation. So, let's take a look on editing videos in DVDFab Video Editor.  Recently, this video editor has been updated several times, and ou will see a new interface like this

·         Download and install DVDFab 10 for your Mac or Windows PC.

·         Open the program and select the ‘Converter’ tab and then load a video or movie by clicking the big ‘Plus’ button or clicking the ‘+Add’ button.


·         When the video or movie gets loaded click the ‘Editor’ button just next to the ‘Video Settings’ button. This will open a video editor window.

So, you just learned to open the DVDFab Video Editor. Now we will discuss each of its editing options one by one.

Note: When the video file is loaded in, an output format has been selected by default. If you don’t want the format, you can go to the profile library at the top left corner to select the one you want.

1. Rotate Video in DVDFab Video Converter

This is the first editing option that you can use. This option lets you rotate your video by 90 degrees either from the left or from the right. This rotate option is useful for smartphone videos which get encoded in portrait mode when they are supposed to be in landscape. This rotate option will apply this portrait to landscape change and you can easily watch your videos on a widescreen. Follow the steps below to use this function.

·         Click the ‘Info’ tab and then click the rotate left ‘90’ or rotate right ‘90’ options just next to the ‘Rotate’ option. Clicking the buttons will instantly rotate the video.

·         Click ‘Aspect Ratio’ and choose the desired aspect ratio according to your PC monitor’s or TV’s screen resolution.

Please note that you can use the editor options one by one within the same window without saving your single edit and going back to the main program and then relaunching the editor for another editing option.

2. Trim Video in DVDFab Video Converter

Trimming a video simply means using a software scissor to cut unwanted scenes from a movie or a video. It also means extracting a particular scene from a movie by cutting it. DVDFab Video Converter also provides a special option known as ‘Invert’ in the Trim option. Suppose you selected a 10 minutes scene from a movie that you want to delete. So first you will select it and then click ‘invert’. Now invert function will skip that 10 minutes scene and select all other parts of the movie. Here are the steps below to use it.

·         Click the ‘Trim’ tab and you will see a trim bar located just below the player seek bar.


·         Just drag the two trim points to select a scene. After moving the trim points you can convert that selected scene as it will be extracted from the movie and the entire movie will be skipped.

·         However, if you want to delete a particular scene first you have to select it then use the ‘invert’ option to select the entire movie while skipping that particular scene.

·         Currently, I am editing the Titanic movie, so to make it family friendly I should remove that portrait drawing scene. First I’ll select that scene and then use ‘invert’ to unselect/ delete it. I can remove several other scenes by selecting multiple trims, see below.

Trimming Multiple Movie Scenes Simultaneously

With DVDFab Video Editor it quite possible to trim or remove multiple movie scenes at the same time in the editing window. Follow steps below to add multiple trims.

·         Add your first trim section by selecting two point. Now move the player seek bar beyond that trim section.

·         Click the ‘Add Trim’ button to add new trim points.


·         The again move the player seek bar beyond this second trim and add a new trim.
Repeat this process unless you select all the trim.

·         Enable ‘Merge trimmed clips’ if you want to merge them and make a single trimmed movie.

·         The movie scenes outside the trim points will be removed. You can also invert your selection and select the parts outside the trim points thereby rejecting the trim points.

·         Click ‘OK’ to go back to the main program window or move forward to other editing options.

3. Crop Video in DVDFab Video Converter

To crop a video means removing extra pixels from the video frame edges. You can select any portion of the video frame and reject other areas to crop a video. Follow the steps below to use this function.

·         Click the ‘Crop‘ tab and select ‘Customize’ from ‘Crop Aspect Ratio’ drop-down menu.


·         Now you’ll see green edge lines in the top left video. Just drag this green area from any corner to select a cropped area. You can see the preview of the cropped video in the right side video.

·         If you enable ‘Keep Aspect Ratio’ then this will preserve the aspect ratio and you won’t be able to freely select an area that doesn’t maintain an aspect ratio.

4. Add Watermark in Video Using The DVDFab Video Editor

Adding a copyright watermark will let others know about your video work. This way you will also be able to save your video from being copied or misused. In DVDFab Video Editor you can use image or text watermark for your videos or movies.

·         Click the ‘Watermark’ tab and either select ‘ImageWatermark’ or ‘Text Watermark’.


·         If you select image watermark then click the folder icon just below it to select an image.

·         After that image will be applied as a watermark on the video.  Just drag and drop the image watermark anywhere on the video frame.

·         Drag the green corners to increase or decrease its size. And use the ‘Transparency’ option to control its viewability on the video as a watermark.

·         If you select ‘Text Watermark’ then you have to enter text in a text field just below it.

·         When the text watermark appears on the video just click it once to open text editing options like change font, formatting, size, and color.

·         Increase or decrease the transparency as per requirement.

5. Add Subtitles in Video with DVDFab Video Editor

You can add subtitles to your movie or video in DVDFab Video Editor. You only need a subtitle file (.srt) for that particular movie. Now follow the steps below.

·         Click the ‘Subtitles’ tab and select a subtitle (.srt) file by clicking the folder icon.


·         Use the ‘Delay’ option for showing up the subtitles exactly at the same time when the actors deliver dialogues.

·         Finally, you can choose the subtitle position from bottom or top. Increasing/ decreasing the ‘Edge’ – ‘Center’ bar will further position the subtitles up or down.

6. Edit Video Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation in DVDFab Video Editor

Simply a nice option if your movie or video is too dark to see anything. Simply click the ‘Video’ tab and increase the brightness, contrast, or saturation as per your viewing. This is simple and easy to use.


In this post, you just learned to edit or just trim videos in Windows media player using the solveigmm plugin (home edition). Being a paid Windows media player video editor it lacks useful video editing tools like crop, rotate, watermark etc. You can find all these missing video editing options in the DVDFab Video Converter. DVDFab Video Convertercomes with a 30-day trial period which is fully functional, which means no limit on using its editing options. After a 30-day trial period, you’ll be able to decide whether to buy it or not.