There are many multimedia formats available which we use but sometimes we need to convert some file formats to other for some reasons. Reasons can be many, we are not going to talk about the reasons but we will talk about methods of converting formats. In this article, we will guide you through converting M2TS format to MP4. Let’s first talk about the benefits.


Benefits to convert M2TS to MP4

M2TS is not much popular format but MP4 is very popular and accepted everywhere, and every multimedia player supports MP4.


There are many benefits of converting M2TS to MP4:

1. MP4 for is popular and supported almost everywhere.

Be it a website or a multimedia player, everywhere there is multimedia is concerned, MP4 is supported for sure but M2TS may or may not be supported by all.

2. M2TS files are large in size

M2TS files are generally very large in size which takes more memory of your phone or computer. Thus, converting that to MP4 will make it lower in size.

3. Uploading Videos

If you are uploading videos to Facebook, YouTube, etc. MP4 is the best format to use as the upload will be faster.


Convert M2TS to MP4 on Win/Mac Easily and Quickly

Now, you know the benefits to convert M2TS to MP4, let’s talk about how to convert. To convert M2TS to MP4, you would need a video converter software.

DVDFab Video Converter is the best software we can suggest you that you can use to convert M2TS to MP4 quickly and easily. This tool offers converting a wide range of file formats to another without any degrade in the video quality. The best thing about this software is that is quite easy, and you can do the conversion in just few clicks.


How to Convert M2TS to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter?

1. First of all download, DVDFab Video Converter, and install on your computer.

2. Now, you will see DVDFab 11’s icon on your desktop after the installation. Launch it by double clicking it.

best video converter to convert m2ts to mpr

3. You will see the UI as shown above. There click “Converter”, and then click + icon to select the M2TS file that you have to convert. So, click the + icon, and locate the M2TS file.

4. It will be then imported to the software.

best software to convert m2ts to mp4

5. Now, click on the Profile Switcher, and select “MP4”

best video converter to convert m2ts to mp4 easily and quickly

6. Now, click “Start”, and in few seconds, the conversion will be done.

powerful video converter

In some time, you will see a confirmation about the conversion.

best software to convert m2ts to mp4 files

That is all you have to do to convert M2TS to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter.

If you want to edit your videos rather than converting, again this software comes into use as it has some advanced settings and Video editing features that make your work easier.

best video converter software which you could edit your videos

As you can see the marked icons. These are the ones which you can click to explore.

In Advanced Settings, you get to change frame rate, bit rate, volume, and many other technical things of the video as you can see below:

best video converter software

You only need to change the values as per your requirement, and update the changes.

Now, when you click Video Edit, you get options to change contrast, brightness, etc. of the video. There you can crop and trim the video as well. Even you can add texts, and images to the video using this feature.

the most powerful video converter software

Even you can add credits in the video as well as music can be added too. So, you get a lot of features to edit the video when you use DVDFab Video Converter.


Convert M2TS to MP4 Online Freely

There are many online M2TS to MP4 converter sites that you can use to do the conversion for free.


1. is a popular tool for converting files from one format to another. You can convert M2TS to MP4 easily using this. All you have to do is to you open the site, there click on “Browse” to choose the source file i.e. M2TS, and Select the output format as MP4, and click “Convert”.

a popular tool for converting files from one format to another


2. is a quite efficient tool for converting M2TS to MP4. To use it, you just need to go to’s M2TS to MP4 conversion page, choose the file, select the output, and click “Convert Now!”

m2ts to mp4 conversion


3. ZamZar

ZamZar is another file converter tool online which efficiently converts M2TS to MP4. Visit the site, and there again the same process. Choose the source file such as M2TS, select the output format such as MP4, and then click “Convert”.

file converter tool online

In some time, the conversion will be done.


4. Online Converter is another free online tool available which can convert M2TS to MP4. Visit the site, and there choose the source file, and then click “Convert”.

free online tool to convert m2ts to mp4

In some time, the conversion will be done, and you will have your MP4.


5. is  nice site to convert M2TS to MP4 easily. The same process you have to do; go to the site, choose the source M2TS file, and convert. In some time you will get the MP4 format file.

a nice site to convert m2ts to mp4 easily



M2TS and MP4 are the file formats that you may get at times but the thing is M2TS is not so popular than MP4. So it might be possibility that many players may not be able to play it. So, in that case, you can just convert it to more popular format, MP4. DVDFab Video Converter is the best tool out there to convert any format. If you can wait, you can use the free tools as mentioned above as they take time in uploading the source file first, then they convert.

If you also want to rip and convert Blu-ray to MP4, click the Methods to Convert/Rip Blu-rays to MP4 videos to learn more.