Can you make a GIF for your wallpaper on iPhone? There is a belief that dynamic wallpapers characterized by GIF will be more popular than stationary wallpapers if it is possible to use a GIF as wallpaper. However, GIF hasn’t been allowed as wallpaper till now. For Apple users, only the “Live Photo” has the privilege to be set as moving wallpaper on iPhone. So, is there any way to convert GIF to “Live Photo”? The answer is “YES”.
There are two useful tools able to convert GIF to “Live Photo”, and enable you to use the “Live Photo” as wallpaper on iPhone. Who are so powerful to give the solution to how to make a GIF a live wallpaper on iPhone? They are “GIPHY” and “intoLive”. Subsequently, would you like to follow me and learn more about these two apps, as well as how to use them to convert GIF to “Live Photo”, respectively?

1. A General Introduction to Two “GIF to Live Photo” Converters

To make a GIF your wallpaper on iPhone, you are expected to convert GIF to “Live Photo” first. Then, the help from “GIPHY” and “intoLive” is essential to finish that. “GIPHY” also known as “Giphy” is often used to search for and share short looping mute videos. GIFs are such looping mute videos, so “GIPHY” was only used to search for GIFs previously. Later, “GIPHY” expanded its business and enables users to post, embed and share GIFs on famous platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Similar to “GIPHY”, “intoLive” is also dedicated to helping users convert a GIF to “Live Photo”. You can use it to create favorite wallpapers on iPhone from both videos and GIFs.

2. How to Use “GIPHY” and “intoLive” to Convert GIF to “Live Photo”

Now, let’s get down to how to convert GIFs to “Live Photo” with the assistance of “GIPHY” and “intoLive”. I will show you how to use “GIPHY” to convert GIF to “Live Photo” first, and “intoLive” is followed. The important tips on how to make a GIF your wallpaper on iPhone will start soon.

(1) How to Convert GIF to“Live Photo” with“GIPHY”

As we have mentioned above, “GIPHY” can be used to search GIFs. So, when you convert a GIF to “Live Photo”. The GIF can be available in “GIPHY” in itself, or it may be from other websites like Reddit, Google, and even your own creation. Here, we are going to learn how to convert two sources of GIFs into “Live Photos”. One kind of GIFs is from “GIPHY”, and another is from other websites or individual creations. No matter where a GIF comes from, “GIPHY” makes “How to make a GIF your wallpaper on iPhone” easy and fun.

<1> Covert “GIPHY” GIF to Live Photo with “GIPHY”

“GIPHY” is a third-party app dedicated to converting GIFs to Live Photos and helping you set the “Live Photo” as gif wallpaper on your iPhone. To witness the power of this software and be a moving wallpaper user, it is time to follow the steps below.

  • Locate the “GIPHY” app in App Store and install it
  • Start “GIPHY” on your iPhone
  • Search your favorite GIF available in “GIPHY”
  • Click the “Three Vertical Dots” option in the lower-right corner
  • Choose “Convert to Live Photo” 
  • Decide to save the GIF as “Live Photo (Full Screen)” or “Live Photo (Fit to Screen)”
  • Set the “Live Photo” as your wallpaper on your iPhone by clicking “Settings” > “Wallpaper” > “Choose a New Wallpaper”
  • After locating your saved “Live Photo”, click “Set” and ensure there is no diagonal line
  • Select the option of “Set Lock Screen” for your saved “Live Photo”

Notes: Live Photos are not available to be set as Home Screen wallpaper.

How to Make A GIF Your Wallpaper on iphone

<2> Covert GIF outside “GIPHY” to Live Photo with “GIPHY

Now, consider you have downloaded a GIF from social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, and are going to convert such GIFs to Live Photos. Follow my instructions below and think about the difference from converting “PIGHY” to “Live Photo”. The answer to how to make a GIF your wallpaper on iPhone with “GIPHY” is going to be unveiled.

  • Locate “GIPHY” app in App Store and install it
  • Start “GIPHY” on your iPhone and click the “+” icon at the bottom
  • Take a GIF and select it from the camera roll
  • Add texts, filters or effects to your GIF
  • Click the “Right-facing” arrow and choose “Upload to GIPHY”

(Here, you can make your GIF public by logging in “PIGHY” and uploading it. Alternatively, you can keep your GIF private and upload it to “GIPHY”)

  • Locate the GIF you have uploaded to “GIPHY” and open it
  • Click the “Three Vertical Dots” on the right
  • Click “Convert to Live Photo” and choose from either “Save as Live Photo (Fit to Screen)” or “Save as Live Photo (Full Screen)” based on your needs
  • Set the “Live Photo” as wallpaper by clicking “Settings” > “Wallpaper” > “Choose a new wallpaper” > “Live Photos” > “Set” > “Set Lock Screen”

How to Make A GIF A Live Wallpaper iphone

(2) How to Convert Video to “Live Photo” with “intoLive”

For those who desire to set a video or GIF as wallpaper on iPhone, make sure that your device possesses 3D Touch. Till now, the iOS devices supporting Video/GIF to “Live Photo” conversion include iPhone 6s, 6s plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, and iPhone X. Now, follow me to learn how to convert a video/GIF to “Live Photo” with the help of “intoLive”.

  • Install “intoLive” on your iPhone
  • Prepare saved videos or GIFs in your Camera Roll
  • (You can download videos with DVDFab Video Downloader)
  • Alternatively, transfer saved files from other apps

(Click “Wi-Fi” at the bottom of the screen on the “Camera Roll” page. Then, you can import your file from other apps like “Dropbox, Google”, begin iTunes file sharing and transfer videos or GIFs from your computer)

  • Launch “intoLive”, load your video or GIF and edit your video or GIF using 3D Touch
  • Preview your video or GIF by tapping the button of “Pause/Play” 
  • Click “Make” when you decide to make the edited file as your wallpaper
  • Save the “Live Photo”
  • Locate the “Live Photo” in “Camera Roll” or “Live Photo” 
  • Set it as your iPhone wallpaper by tapping “Set” and “Set Lock Screen”

Notes: The free version of “intoLive” only supports 5-second files and no looping effect.
The wallpaper is only animated when you perform the 3D Touch function on the lock screen.

How to Make GIF Wallpaper iphone

3. How to Make a Video to GIF with DVDFab Toolkit

For those who want to create their own GIFs, I am eager to give some suggestions. Thanks to DVDFab Toolkit, your wonderful ideas can become reality with little effort and time. Most importantly, no money will be charged.
Download and launch DVDFab Toolkit with three clicks. There will be no additional apps disturbing you I promise. Then, click “Video to GIF” under “Image Tools” and import your video. Decide its duration, looping times, and size. Start the conversion and locate the GIF following the instructions of the DVDFab Toolkit.

How to Make GIF Wallpaper for iphone after using DVDFab Toolkit to Convert Video to GIF


So much for the introduction to how to make a GIF your wallpaper on iPhone. In our daily life, wallpaper is easily seen on our mobile phones. It can be a person, a landscape, or something of our favorite. Among the wallpapers we have used, stationary wallpapers account for a high percentage, but live photos featuring GIF are put in the shade. Have you ever thought of using a moving GIF as your wallpaper on iPhone or other iOS devices? Now, the chance is coming. Ask “GIPHY” or “intoLive” for help and they will lead you the right way to how to make a GIF a live wallpaper on iPhone. If you are also passionate about How to Convert Video to GIF, just read another article.

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