Top 10 MP3 Music Download Tools

StreamFab All-In-One

StreamFab All-In-One is the number one tool that can be used to download streaming videos and music for free. The tool lets users track MP3 files from more than 1000 websites and download them without any trouble. The music files that are converted or downloaded using this tool are high in quality. This is also one of the best applications to download MP3 files from different sites. The tool also saves a lot of time by letting users to download music files in batches. Users can now music download free in a batch to get rid of any trouble caused by separately downloading each MP3 file.

The tool can use not only for music file download but also to download video files. The tool supports more than 200+ platforms. Users can download videos from different platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO. It is compatible with over 200 popular videos or music hosting/sharing platforms. Regardless of the platform, the tool acts as a universal video and music downloader. Users can play, download, and organize their music & videos in one place.


  • StreamFab All-In-One is developed with an in-built browser. In today’s era, where most of the tools support only video downloading by using the video URL, the tools do something out of the box. This shows that users can browse music with the tool instead of using the different platforms, and then can select and download MP3 files easily as they wish.
  • StreamFab All-In-One hits a different level when it comes to downloading MP3 files. The tool comes with batch download mode, which lets you to select different files to download at once. In addition to this, the fast download speed is one more feature offered by the tool, thereby making downloading a matter of just a few minutes.
  • When it comes to downloading media files, StreamFab All-In-One allows you to download MP3 files in high quality. Users get the choice to download files with either AC3 5.1, EAC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 sound channels.

How to Use StreamFab All-In-One for Downloading Videos

Follow the below steps to know how to download music using this tool.

Step 1: Download and open the tool and go to the main interface.

mp3 music download:StreamFab All-In-One

Step 2: Next, select the free music download webisode to download MP3 files from. Users need to go to the Explore section or the Streaming Services section.

mp3 music download:StreamFab All-In-One

Step 3: Browse the website and then choose and play the MP3 you wish to download.

mp3 music download:StreamFab All-In-One

Step 4: The files automatically starts downloading while you are listening to them.

mp3 music download:StreamFab All-In-One

Free Music And Video Downloader

This mp3 video downloader offers you a user-friendly platform to download music content from a series of online sources. You are just needed to enter the name of the song or artist you are looking for and the tool will get them to it within no time.

The process to download after that is very easy and can be done with a few clicks. The tool is also very customizable, offering users the chance to automatically set a download folder, arrange MP3 files in a folder, and so much more. The tool can also download maximum 10 files at a time, thereby saving a lot of time in downloading MP3 files.

mp3 music download:Free Music And Video Downloader


  • Batch download of up to 10 files at a time
  • Find different sources to MP3 files online
  • Relatively quick search and download of files online
  • Personalized settings and interface


Songr is an exceptional app that allows you to get files from free music download sites, such as Kpop music download sites. The tool does away with the difficulty that comes with looking for a song file separately on the internet. As such, it offers a user-friendly search engine that offers you the song quickly you are searching for, so users can download it within no time.

The app offers up to 10 search engines to make sure you get the music file you are searching for without any trouble. The process of downloading is also very fast, smooth, and uncompromising in final end quality. The intuitiveness of the app does not end there. It also provides users the capability of previewing the MP3 file before they select to download it.

mp3 music download:Songr


  • Offers 10 search engines to find MP3 files
  • Fast and free MP3 download
  • MP3 file preview
  • Clean and simple to use interface
  • Organize and personalize your MP3 playlist


ReverbNation is very different from all the other options that you will find on this list. Yes, you can download music free and get access to unlimited MP3 files. On the other hand, the tool is majorly a platform for music talents to boast their talents in an attempt to get their careers started. The tool offers users the chance to join them as an artist.

Once joined, all you need to do is share your MP3 files on the platform, wherein they become available to the eyes of the audience in the music industry to assess. The platform is popular due to its ability to get unlimited gigs for its upcoming musicians. Many people have gone on to launch their record labels, book consistent gigs, and find worldwide fame on this platform.

mp3 music download:ReverbNation


  • Digital distribution of MP3 files
  • Share and promote music
  • Electronic press kits
  • User review
  • Easy to use


SoundCloud has been a great tool to download MP3 files that you like or have created personally online with other people of your community and other online music fans. The platform acts as an ideal intermediary between users who seek new music, and the users who share and create it. The tool also caters a huge library of MP3 files in the music game coming from some most revered artists. The tool lets you to get an endless supply of music or make your own playlist from a personal-made playlist developed to suffice your needs.

mp3 music download:SoundCloud


  • Follow favorite and upcoming artists
  • Share and upload music
  • Download a high-quality music file.
  • Design personalized playlists of MP3 files


MP3jam provides users with a platform that boasts a wide gallery of both new and old music from all over the world, and it is absolutely free of cost. The tool only boasts music files that are high in quality. The tool comes with a gallery of 20 million music files that are very simple to find due to its user-friendly search engine.

Users can get their favorite MP3 file every time by looking for the playlist, track title, artist’s name, or album. The search is almost 99% precise. The tool also offers users with the chance to discover new music and artists that you could eventually become a fan of. Users also get to share their beloved music on social media sites.

mp3 music download:MP3jam


  • Quick music download and search
  • High-Quality music files
  • Share music on social media
  • Discover music and artist by genre


Fildo is exceptional music downloading the app for Android devices that lets you to download or stream high-quality music files on their devices. The app does not own the licenses to any of the MP3 files it hosts. It just acts as a third-party UI to other music hosting websites on the web. As such, it provides music listeners with the tool to get any MP3 files they wish on their Android. The app is now available in the lite version to be compatible with XBOX, Windows, and iOS devices.

mp3 music download:Fildo


  • Streaming of high-quality music
  • Quick download and search of music files
  • Clean UI
  • Medium to a wide range of music hosting websites online

Free Music Downloader + MP3 Music Download

This tool is an exceptional android tool that makes listening and searching for CC-licensed and high-quality music files without any trouble easy. The tool lets you to look for your favorite MP3 files by track, artist, and album, and offers the most appropriate music file that you can hear offline or online for your listening experience.

The app has more than a billion music files for free to listen to. It also offers you the ability to select which music file you would like to listen to and download. Additionally, it also offers users the ability to share the MP3 files they download with their friends.

mp3 music download:Free Music Downloader + MP3 Music Download


  • Select from a series of music quality and size options
  • Simple download and search of MP3 files
  • Play offline music
  • Share MP3 files with friends
  • Multi-thread download


iTubeGo provides three features for music files namely TidyTag Music Tag Editor, Musify Music Downloader, and Audio Converter. Musify Music Downloader supports Mac and Windows platforms. It supports over 1000 platforms including MixCloud, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. It has features to convert Spotify albums, songs, or playlists to MP3 or some other formats. It offers high-speed downloads as well.

mp3 music download:iTubeGo


  • Users get 100% original quality.
  • The tool can convert online videos to MP3 from different sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • It offers a feature to import media files and convert them to M4A, MP3, and WAV.

ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader is an application for downloading videos from different platforms such as YouTube in a wide range of qualities such as MP3, HD, and MP4, etc. It supports over 40 platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. It supports Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and IE. It has a simple-to-use interface.

mp3 music download:ByClick Downloader


  • Users will be able to download the files in high quality.
  • The tool allows you download entire playlists.
  • Its paid version provides many more features such as Ads Free, conversion to various formats, downloading subtitles, ringtones making, etc.
  • Users can track downloads.


What is an MP3 downloader?

MP3 downloaders are tools that allow you to download electronic, pop, jazz, and rock songs without any trouble. These tools let you to save a full playlist or a single song on your device.

How does MP3 work?

MP3 fundamentally works by stripping or hiding out recorded music that is near, or beyond, the limit of human hearing. It assists you to lower the size of any music file.

Is it possible to convert YouTube videos to MP3?

Yes, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3. This can become relatively simple with the help of StreamFab All-In-One.


All in all, you just had a look at different tools that can be used to for MP3 music download. Among them, StreamFab All-In-One is the best option to download music for free. The tool lets users track MP3 files from more than 1000 websites and download them without any trouble. If you are looking for an OnlyFans Downloader, try StreamFab to save time and download music files in batches.