MP4 to OGG conversion is required if you prefer listening to music with high-quality and notes. Where MP4 provides you an extremely good video quality, OGG would represent outstanding audio. So, whenever you feel you want only music, not the video, please first consider converting MP4 to OGG. Furthermore, you can convert MP4 to .OGG if you wish for different audio, video, and metadata streams. Why should you pick OGG? We will let you know in detail in the next paragraph.

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What is OGG?

OGG is an open container format developed by Xiph.Org Foundation. It's an open and unrestricted container that you can use for streaming high-quality digital multimedia. If you relate the name OGG to your favorite computer game, you’re right. The jargon is derived from the computer game Netrek. If you dig deep, you will discover that Theora presents a lossy video layer in the OGG multimedia framework.

mp4 to ogg

On the other hand, the music-associates Vorbis format provides the audio-layer (it was early supported, now separated). Various codecs have been incorporated as Xiph.Org Foundation makes it a free container. You can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The OGG is like the mp3 format, and its compression method includes Theora, Vorbis, Opus, Flac, and OGG PCM. The plus point is that though the format is like mp3, it provides more high-quality audio than mp3 in similar file size.

Why do you convert MP4 to OGG format?

The answer lies in your requirement level. MP4 provides you with audio video, but if you need high-quality audio tracks, you must convert video MP4 to OGG. As Vorbis supports OGG audio compression and various digital players, you can play the song anywhere you move. With OGG, you can feel the rhythm, the pitch, and more clear audio clarity.

How to convert MP4 to OGG?

You need an MP4 to OGG converter to convert your MP4 file. With the help of an MP4 to OGG converter, you can quickly finish the conversion process. We will show how you can convert MP4 to OGG on windows and online converter for your convenience. Let’s show you how to convert MP4 to OGG with a converter.

Several converters can convert MP4 to OGG. But to diversify the process, we pick the three different software for you. Check the table below:




DVDFab Video Converter

A complete package of video and audio converter tool that you can rely. Supports several formats and platforms.



An open-source online converter that provides you drag and drop option to convert one format to another


Basic: $9.99

Pro: $25.99


It’s an open-source cross-platform software



DVDFab Video Converter: Convert MP4 to OGG on Windows

convert mp4 to ogg using dvdfab video converter

First, you try to convert MP4 to OGG on Windows. The DVDFab video converter can provide you with a seamless conversion process. It's a complete-featured video converter that goes with all your requirements. The plus point is that it converts the file and upscales the conversion quality. Supports all the major formats; the tool converts your MP4 file to OGG smoothly. Whether you're a novice or pro, you can convert any format to another.

Why do you select the DVDFab Video converter?

Its offers you:

  • Quality conversion from MP4 to OGG
  • Supports 1000+ video to audio and vice versa formats
  • It provides a customized option for the conversion
  • Its multiple hardware accelerate scale up the speed to finish the process quickly
  • It has a built-in video editor for video conversion to give a customized view

How to convert MP4 to OGG using a DVDFab video converter?

The versatile software will allow you to convert your MP4 file to OGG following some simple steps. Arrange the system requirements include a desktop or laptop, 10GB hard disc storage, Pentium ll 500MHz with a stable internet connection readily available so that on a quick note, you can complete the process. Let’s start:

Step 1: Install DVDFab 12

convert mp4 to ogg using dvdfab video converter

Download DVDFab 12 on your device, double-click on the application, click on the Converter module and upload your MP4 file. There’s a drag and drop option, and you can drag the file on the interface.

Step 2: Select the Profile

convert mp4 to ogg using dvdfab video converter

Click on the Profile drop-down menu select the format and the destination folder of the output file. Here, you must choose the OGG format and the folder where you want the file.

Step 3: Click on the Start button.

convert mp4 to ogg using dvdfab video converter

Once you select the format and destination folder, click on the Start button and wait for a little time to convert your MP4 to the OGG file.

Additional note: As DVDFab video converter is an audio-video converter, it offers Advanced settings in the Profile selection step. So, if you convert Video, you will get an advanced editing option here.

You will get notified once your OGG file is ready. Aren’t they simple?

Tips: Similarly, you can convert MP4 to OGG Mac and get a high-quality OGG file to enjoy the music. The video converter also supports converting MOV to MP4, you can click here to learn more.

How to convert MP4 to OGG Online Free with Online Converter?


mp4 to ogg converter freeconvert is an online tool that can convert audio, video, picture, and document file. It's a simple online tool that does not need signup or registration and does not need software to download on your device. You can drag and drop the file you want to convert and convert 20 files simultaneously. The tool supports various formats for the conversion.

Why do we mention FreeConvert online converter?

Because FreeConvert offers No-software Installation to finish the conversion task. To introduce you to a convenient and hassle-free conversion, we mention the tool. Simply drag and drop, and you are done.

How to convert MP4 to OGG online free with online convert? online tool brings simplicity in its functions. Without installing any software, you can perform the conversion process. Below are the simple steps that you can follow to convert MP4 to OGG file. We also recommend the other video converters to you.

Step 1: Click on Choose the File option to select your MP4 file.

Step 2: Tap on the Convert to OGG button to start the conversion process.

Step 3: After the completion, the status notify you Done; click on the Download OGG button

Free MP4 to OGG converter: VLC converter

mp4 to ogg converter vlc converter

VLC Media Player is a familiar name since our boyhood days when we started using windows and tried various tasks performed with windows. VLC is the software that supports several file formats and conversions and allows you to convert from one to another. It's a cross-platform multimedia player.

Why do we pick VLC?

Because VLC is an open-source, cross-platform software lets you convert any file to another format. It supports several formats, and you can access it on a desktop/laptop or smartphone. It would be easy to use on any of your available devices.

How to convert MP4 to OGG using VLC?

You can start the process if you have already installed VLC on your device. Or else, first, you need to install the process on your device. Next, follow the steps:

Step 1: Open VLC media player, and from the menu, click on Media -> Convert/ Save.

Step 2: In Open media, click on Add button to browse the MP4 file. Once get it, click on the Open button.

Step 3: Press on Convert/Save button

Step 4: In the Convert Settings, change the Profile section and click on the format you want. Click on Audio-Vorbis (OGG)

Step 5: Next Audio Tab option is there if you want to go for the specification of audio codecs like bitrate, channel, sample rate, etc.

Tips: This is an optional step you can avoid, but if you are looking for specifications, you can select one by one

Step 6: From the browse option, set the output folder name and save it

Step 7: Finally, click on the Start button

We present you the three software to perform the conversion from MP4 to OGG. Pick anyone and perform the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Free online converters are safe because they need not install on your device. Without installing, they perform the conversion task.

Both are good in file size and sound quality. But, Vorbis support the highest bitrate, 320kbps, and AAC 256kbps. Whereas AAC supports many media players and platforms, Vorbis supports few media players and platforms. You have to select based on your requirements.

If you have an OGG compatible device, you must select OGG as it's superior to mp3. Based on the device compatibility and availability, you can choose the best that suits you.

Bottom Line

We show you the top 3 ways to convert MP4 to OGG with different software. There are a few drawbacks to OGG that we have discussed in our FAQs. Based on your requirements and the availability of the device, you can convert MP4 to OGG using the software we have mentioned. Thus we can conclude that, while going for the conversion, keep a few things in mind, select the MP4 to OGG converter that suits you best, and further proceed.