Digital File conversion from one format to your preferred format is not any more an option. Instead, it has become a compulsion. So, if you are dealing with the container Material Exchange Format (MXF) that stores multiple media content, you may face certain difficulties using this format for some specific purpose.

convert mxf to mp4

❌ MXF Format Limitations
  • All device & OS incompatibility
  • YouTube doesn't support MXF format
  • Large file size
  • It could be more beginner-friendly due to the complex format with many codecs.  

So, to avoid all these major issues with your required audio-video file, you must convert MXF to MP4 file format. Being another container file format, MP4 is accessible on all devices and platforms with a lossless file compression option to enjoy original quality content in smaller file sizes. So, let's get straight to the top 5 MXF to MP4 converters with their file conversion steps.

Best MXF to Mp4 converters: Different Devices & Platforms 

You may want to overcome the limitations of the MXF file while handling your favorite or required audio-video content in the digital world. So, you must try the top MXF to Mp4 converters to convert MXF to Mp4 free on multiple devices and platforms.

1. Unifab Video Converter

convert mxf to mp4: unifab video converter

OS: Windows

To know how to convert MXF to MP4 with your desired customizations, the Unifab Video Converter is an all-in-one program. While offering lossless conversation with original content quality, it supports batch processing with extensive file editing options.

Step 1: Once you begin with the Unifab program on your Windows system, add the MXF video file to the program.

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how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 2: Select your desired MP4 file format as an output file and then go for your preferred customization with resolution, codec, frame rate, etc.

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 3: Once you finish your output file format customization, hit the "Start" option to convert MXF to MP4.

2. VLC Media Player

convert mxf to mp4

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Android, & iOS


The open-source, cross-platform VLC Media Player lets you convert MXF to MP4 free without spyware or adware. With extensive file format support, it also subtitles synchronization with multiple audio-video filters. 

Step 1: To know how to convert MXF to MP4, you must launch the program on your device, and then head to Menu > Media & then Convert/ Save. 

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 2: Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+R for the Convert/ Save option. Next, select the "Add" option to insert the MXF file to the program from the local disk and then select the "Click" option.

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 3: Click "Convert" (for shortcut Alt+O) at the lower right corner of the drop-down menu.

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 4: Head to the "Profile" option > Select Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4) > Decide the destination folder for the output file > Select "Start" to convert MXF to MP4 Mac or on other platforms.

how to convert mxf to mp4


OS: Linux, Windows, Mac


To convert MXF to MP4 large file with multiple filter and video decoder options, you can try the cross-platform FFMPEG program. This free and open-source software is a suite of libraries and programs to record, stream, and convert multimedia files.

Step 1: To execute the process of how to convert MXF to MP4, you should download the right version of the FFMPEG program.

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 2: Head to the recently downloaded. Zip folder to extract the files > choose all the files > In C drive, create a new folder called FFMPEG tool > paste all the selected files in this folder.

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 3: Next, open the Run App option > Enter CMD > Command line window > cd\ > enter cd FFMPEG Tool > FFMPEG Tool folder > enter cd bin > access the content > enter FFMPEG.exe.

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 4: Wait for a second to process the command. When you see text lines on the screen, it ensures that FFMPEG is working properly. 

how to convert mxf to mp4

Step 5: From the bin folder, copy the MXF file and then type the command: ffmpeg -i yourvideoname.mxf -c:v libx264 outputfilename.mp4. Then, you will get your MXF to MP4 converted video.

4. Adobe Media Encoder

OS: Windows & Mac


The multiple language-supported Adobe Media Encoder is an audio-video processing application to convert MXF to MP4. This MXF to MP4 converter is the video editor's first choice for its exclusive features of After Effects, Premiere Pro, Character Animator, Audition, and Prelude.

Step 1: To initiate the process of how to convert MXF to MP4, you should take the file in After Effects or Premiere Pro > Hit File > Export Media.

Step 2: select Export Settings or Preset > select queue > the software will open the file for encoding > select green arrow at the upper right corner > the content will be encoded with your selected codec.

5. CloudConvert

 how to convert mxf to mp4

OS: Online Tool, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Others


Without software installation or registration hassle, the online MXF to MP4 converter, CloudConvert, lets you convert MXF to MP4 larger file or any other file size while customizing resolution, quality, and file size. With over 200 format support, it offers API integration.

Step 1: Using any web browser, open the CloudConvert website > to import the MXF file for conversion, and hit the "Select File" option. You can import the file from any cloud storage service, including Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc.

Step 2: Due to the default MP4 output format, you don't have to change the format. For further audio-video customization, select the Wrench signed setting option and select your required parameters.

Step 3: Next, hit the "Convert" option to start the file conversion method. Once the conversion is over, you can download the newly converted MP4 file to your system.

How to select the MXF to MP4 converter

To select the most suitable MXF to MP4 converter, you must know the pros and cons of both online and desktop converters. This will guide you to pick the tool for your specific requirements.

Online MXF to MP4 converter: Pros & Cons


  • All devices & platform compatible
  • Free for use without log-in or installation hassle
  • No professional skill or prior knowledge is required to use the online tools
  • Smart interface with a simple conversion process


  • Malware & adware risks 
  • Very limited content customization option

Desktop MXF to MP4 converter: Pros & Cons


  • Completely safe & secure tool
  • Multiple customizations, including editing, quality selection, etc
  • Batch & auto conversion option to save time
  • Ads-skipping option during conversion


  • Device & OS limitation 
  • Installation & sign are required


Why do you need an MXF to MP converter?

  • For YouTube support
  • For all devices, OS, & media player access
  • To save device storage with a smaller file size
  • For easy handling of the file with a simple codec

Can you edit an MXF file while converting to MP4?

Yes, with desktop converters, you can edit your MXF file with extensive customizable options such as resize, trim, crop, etc, according to your preference.


If you are confused about selecting the right MXF to MP4 converter, you can try any of these tools depending on your requirements. For editing or other customization, the desktop software is perfect. However, you can use the online tool with certain limitations for instant and free file conversion. In terms of maximum customization for flexible use of your content, Unifab Video Converter offers everything under one roof.