Why do people like playing MKV on Chromebook? Chromebook has its own niche market, especially in the education sector which captures more than 40% of the market. Even for the elderly who have issues with the latest technology, Chromebooks have become the best choice. People like to play MKV on Chromebook because of its dirt-cheap price, cloud storage and no extra spending for all applications courtesy of Google apps. But can Chromebook play MKV files? Unfortunately, Chrome fails to play MKV files. Hence, How to watch MKV files on Chromebook? What is the best Chromebook MKV player?

Why is it unable to play MKV on Chromebook? Let's start with the feature of MKV format. MKV format sometimes contains proprietary codecs which can cause audio not playing, video playback being patchy or subtitles not appearing when playing on Chromebook default media player. So in order to play MKV files, you have to pay an MKV player. But there are still some free ways to play MKV on Chromebook. Let me tell you two solutions.

Solution 1: Play MKV on Chromebook with VLC Player

Heard of VLC player for Chromebook? In order to play MKV on Chromebook, you can make use of a free open source media player for Chromebook - VLC player from developers VideoLAN. A good to go player for all major media types including MKV. Since it is also available for Linux distributions you can install it on your laptop and it can act as your default MKV player on Chromebook. With the help of this software, you can not only play MKV on Chrome, files but videos of other formats. But there may be some bugs when VLC works. To avoid it, you can try the second method which is perfect to solve how to play MKV files on Chromebook. Would you like VLC download for Chromebook?

how to play mkv files on chromebook

Solution 2: Convert MKV Files into MP4 Format

The best video player for Chromebook. The second solution to how to play MKV on Chromebook is to convert MKV to MP4 or other Chrome-supported video formats with UniFab Video Converter. You are expected to convert MKV to MP4 with it and copy the files to your Chromebook to play MKV on Chromebook.

MKV to MP4 

UniFab Video Converter

This Video Converter is the best method for whenever you want to convert mkv to MP4 on Windows easily and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Support to convert any video to 1000+ video and audio formats
  • Convert or compress videos to any video format without quality loss
  • Offer customized settings and a built-in video editor to make your video 
  • Convert multiple videos with the Batch Mode

How to play MKV files on Chromebook by converting MKV to MP4:

Step 1

Install and launch the UniFab Video Converter on your device first.

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Step 2

Select the video/file you want to convert from MKV to MP4, add it into UniFab Video Converter.

MKV to MP4 

Step 3

Customize the format and video resolution you want, then, click the Start button to convert your MKV to MP4 format.

MKV to MP4 


Can Chromebook play MP4? Have you grasped the skills at how to play MKV files on Chromebook? There are two ways provided and using UniFab Video Converter to convert MKV to MP4 is highly recommended. Hope this was helpful for you to play MKV on Chromebook.