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The Best Professional Video Editing Software 2020 [Step-by-Step Guide]


   Posted by WiKi

2020-08-27 04:12:07


Summary: Professional video editing software like VideoCruise makes it easy to create videos with photos, music and movie clips. There are 13 motions for you texts, 54 filters, 26 overlays, 65 transitions as well as 6 elements available. Why not give a try after professional video editing software free download.


VideoCruise is the best video editor to combine ideas with everything one shoots. Equipped with bountiful video and audio effects, it is dedicated to presenting the most fantastic visual feast and making its users' masterpieces stand out.

Video is so popular and widely spread in social media. With so many approaches provided, you can not only download videos from YouTube, but create videos out of photos, music, video clips using professional video editing software. Then in pursuit of innovation and based on some special demands, most people choose the latter. They create a video, edit it and share it on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or other platforms to draw people’s attention worldwide. Then do you know how to do that? Follow me to explore professional video editing software free download. In this post, I will introduce the best professional video editing software to solve your problem.



1. Professional video editing

Here are the main features of VideoCruise, the best professional video editing software. With the help of this professional video editor, you are going to get the most views on YouTube


(1) Free without watermark and functions limit

VideoCruise is a free video editor available on Windows. After getting this professional video editing software free download, sign up with your WeChat, cellphone number or e-mail, then you will be able to create videos without watermark and limit on functions, while with free upgradation as well as professional technology support. It is rarely to see any other free professional video editing software offering such satisfactory service, so don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers.


(2) Three aspect ratio modes

Start VideoCruise after getting this professional video editing software free download, and you will see three aspect ratio modes, including 9:16 (Portrait), 16:9 (Widescreen) and 4:3 (Traditional). Then suppose you choose the middle and there are more aspect ratio modes for you hidden in the “Three-dots”icon in the upper-right corner like 3:4 and 1:1. You try any option to get the best angle and edit your video with the best professional video editing software. In the meantime, you can set language and others using the “Three-dots”.



(3) Clean and versatile interface

This is the main interface of VideoCruise you can see after getting this professional video editing software free download. The best professional video editing software is available on Windows operating systems and is preparing for Mac version with much effort. Overall, what you need to create and edit a video is all embedded in this free professional video editor. As you can see, there are options of Text, Filters, Overlays, Transitions and elements on the left. You can add such video effects to create a fantastic visual feast. In the middle section, there are also tools available for you to split and crop videos using this professional video editing computer software. In addition to these, more surprises are waiting for you. Now, follow me to find more secrets this free professional video editor provides.



(4) Import files to this professional video

This is the first step of video creation after getting this professional video editing software free download. You can drag files to import or click the button of “Import”. VideoCruise not only supports “Import file”, but also allows you to “Import folder”. And your file and folder can take form of video, audio as well as image.



(5) Drag files to the Timeline section

No matter your source is an audio, video or image, choose a corresponding option and your file will be displayed separately on the left. Click the button of “All” and you files will appear together at the import section. If you want to edit them, drag to the section of Timeline below. Double-click each imported file and they will be displayed on the right.



(6) Text

How many types of Texts you can find after getting this professional video editing software free download? Considerable, and 31, to be exact. Each of them has a sound name, like silk ribbon, cookie, cruise ship, etc. Choose a favorite text mode and click the button of “+”. Then, this Text mode will jump to your video, audio or image on the right.



If you want to input anything to this text box, select the mode you add in the Timeline section first. Otherwise you cannot edit anything. After selecting that, you are allowed to add a motion to your words, change the fonts, size, type, align and color of your text. There are 13 motions for your choice such as MoveDown, Zoom Out, and among others. Choose one you like and click the button of “OK”on the panel.



(7) Filter

Click the option of “Filters”and 54 choices will be displayed like “Mono, Scene Blur and Pthotographic Plate”. Click the “+”icon and your image or videos with be immersed in this background.



(8) Overlays

26 overlays you can use to customize your video with VideoCruise. Are you excited after that after this professional video editing software free download? Similar to adding text and filters, follow the same method to add overlays. By the way, you can add more than one video effects to your file. Just like this step below, I have chosen three overlays to make my photo more beautiful.



(9) Transitions

If you have imported many videos, photos to this professional video editor from the very beginning. How do you expect the transition of each frame? If they are displayed one by one and will it seem very simple and tedious? In order to relieve this visual fatigue, this free professional video editing software offers 65 transitions like Ripple Out, Center Out, Shape, etc.



(10) Elements

At last, you can add any of the six elements to your video after professional video editing software free download and file input. Each video effect plays an important role to make your video terrific.



(11) Rotate/Contrast/Saturation/Brightness/Hue

Now, we come to the tools above the Timeline. Click the option of “pen-like” icon and you will be able to edit video properties such as contrast, saturation, brightness and hue. Meanwhile, you can rotate your file and add motion effects. Then click “OK” and the change will be saved.



(12) Split/Delete/Crop/Mosaic

Besides adjusting video properties, supported functions in this professional video editing software also includes “split, delete, crop and mosaic”. You can use them to split one video to several clips, delete unwanted parts, crop video and add mosaic to cover someplace.



(13) Export

• After all the video editing finished, it is time to preview all the video effects and click the button of “Export”

• Set its Format and Device

• Name your file created by this professional video editing software free download

• Choose preferred video formats like MP4, MOV and M4A

• Select video resolution from 720px720, 360px360p, 1080px1080p and 240px240p

• Pick an output device among iPhone, iPad, Android

• Finally, click the button of “Export”



2. Main features of the best professional video editing software

After reading the first part, you may have familiarized the main features of VideoCruise. Now, let me list all the functions it provides in brief, so that you can made a decision on this professional video editing software free download.

• Available: Windows

• Free: without watermark/functions limits

• Tools: video properties, split, delete, crop, mosaic

• Video Effects: text, filters, overlays, transitions, elements

• Support video, audio and image

• Output video formats: MP4, MOV, M4A

• Export device: iPhone, iPad, Android

• Able to add multiple video effects at the same time

• Easy-to-use and professional video editing software



3. Other video editing software free download

Besides VideoCruise, the best professional video editing software, there are also other professional video editor free download helping you create and edit a video. Let’s see what they are.

(1) VideoCruise (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

(2) DVDFab Toolkit (Windows 10/8.1.8/7)

(3) Video Converter (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

(4) Photos (Windows 10)

(5) Filmora9 (Windows 7 or later)

(6) Windows Movie Maker Editor (Windows 8)

(7) Avidemux (Windows 10/8/7)

(8) OpenShot (Windows 10 or higher)

(9) Freemake (Windos 7/8/10)

(10) HitFilm Express (Windows 7/8/10)

(11) Blender

(12) Lightworks

(13) Shotcut

(14) DaVinci Resolve

(15) InVideo

(16) VSDC Windows Video Editor

(17) Machete Video Editor Lite

(18) VideoPad Windows Video Editor

(19) Kdenlive

(20) Online professional video editing software

     • ChipChamp without watermark

     • Kapwing

     • Animoto

     • Magisto

     • Video Toolbox

     • Video Cutter'FlexClip


For detailed information about each free professional video editor and professional video editing apps listed here, you can read 20+ video editor free for both beginner and expert.


If you are interested in which professional video editing software can be used to upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo directly, another article is accessible.



4. Conclusion

Have you had a full picture of choosing which professional video editing software free download? After this instruction on how to add text, filters, transitions to a video, how to crop, split, blur and rotate a video, are you hooked on VideoCruise, the best professional video editing software? Make a video with this free professional video editing software and you will be in the spotlight of people from all over the world.


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As a peerless, versatile, and professional video editor for both beginners and experts, VideoCruise is dedicated to providing video enthusiasts with diverse editing tools including trimming, cropping, speed change, volume adjustment, color correction, and other remarkable filters, transitions, and elements, so as to export quality video and audio files with various formats for marketing purpose, teaching and training, home entertainment, or upload on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms.

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