If you’re sick of hearing the same Christmas music over and over again every year we suggest doing something about it this time. No, we’re not talking about wearing noise-canceling headphones all the time to avoid all music, but rather, creating a special playlist that only contains Christmas music from your favorite genre. In this particular article, we’re going to give you some recommendations of good R&B Christmas songs that you can add to such a playlist. If that’s not exactly your style, however, don’t worry because we’re also going to show you how to download any song from YouTube regardless of genre.

Part 1: Top 10 Best R&B Christmas Songs

Brian McKnight – The Christmas Song

Our first entry is a bit of an old-school sounding R&B song from Brian McKnight’s holiday-themed album “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” A very peaceful song for a peaceful Christmas night alongside your loved ones.

Whitney Houston – Do You Hear What I Hear?

There are many versions of this popular early 60s hit floating around out there but our favorite by far is Whitney Houston’s interpretation of the song.

The Jackson 5 – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Back before Michael Jackson made a name for himself as a solo artist, he was performing great R&B Christmas songs along with the other members of The Jackson 5. The group even had a whole album dedicated to the holidays but Santa Claus is Coming to Town is definitely their most memorable Christmas-themed song.

Mariah Carey – Silent Night

There are popular Christmas R&B songs and then there’s Mariah Carey’s take on the classic carol Silent Night. Between this song and All I Want for Christmas is You, it’s safe to say Mariah Carey has found the perfect formula for performing memorable Christmas songs.

Kanye West – Christmas in Harlem

Harlem is a rough neighborhood even around Christmas time and Kanye West’s lyrics definitely reflect that fact. This song is targeted at teenagers and young adults so maybe skip it if you’re looking for music that you can listen with your whole family.

Stevie Wonder and Andra Day – Someday at Christmas

Despite being one of the oldest R&B Christmas songs on this list, Someday at Christmas aged very well and is just as enjoyable today as it was back in 1967 when it was first released.

Whitney Houston – One Wish (For Christmas)

We usually try to limit ourselves to one entry per artist but in the case of Whitney Houston, we just can’t help ourselves because she has so many great R&B Christmas songs. If you like the late artist’s holiday songs, make sure to also check out Who Would Imagine and King and her version of Joy to the World.

Faith Evans – O Come All Ye Faithful

Like most artists on this list, Faith Evans also has an entire album dedicated to Christmas and it’s a bit hard to pick our favorite from that album. However, if we were to choose just one, we’d probably have to go with O Come All Ye Faithful.

K. Michelle – Christmas Night

R&B Christmas songs are usually all about spreading joy and happiness but for a lot of people, holidays can actually be a bit depressing. If you’re feeling down this Christmas don’t worry, you’re not the only one, but hopefully K. Michelle’s emotional song Christmas Night will make you feel a bit better.

Boyz II Men – Let it Snow

Boyz II Men’s Let it Snow was extremely popular back in the 90s but you can still hear it at Christmas parties even today from time to time. Who knows, maybe this year you’ll be the one asking the DJ to play it.

Part 2: How to Download These R&B Christmas Songs from YouTube Freely

In the introduction of this article we mentioned that we were going to show you how to download songs from YouTube for free, so here we are. The process is actually very easy and only requires a single tool known as DVDFab YouTube to MP3. With this tool, you can download as many R&B Christmas songs as you’d like or even entire playlists of them. The software is very fast and while it does have a premium version, you can definitely check it out for free to see how you like it.

1. Launch the DVDFab 11 main client and go to the Utilities tab to locate the tool.

download r&b christmas songs

2. Visit YouTube and search for one (or multiple) of your favorite R&B Christmas songs that you want to download and add to your playlist. Alternatively, you can just create the playlist on YouTube and then download the whole thing with this tool. Once a song is playing, copy its URL and return to the software.

download r&b christmas songs

3. Simply hit the Paste URL button and you’ll notice that your song will begin downloading automatically. If needed, you can change the default destination folder by using the bottom menu.

download r&b christmas songs

4. Once all your songs have finished downloading click the folder icon next to one of the songs in the Finished tab and enjoy.

download r&b christmas songs


R&B Christmas songs are always a good pick for any holiday playlist so hopefully, our list helped you find a few that you like. Although you can always listen to all your favorite songs on YouTube, there are times when playing music offline is a better idea, such as when you’re internet is slow and YouTube keeps freezing for example. For those types of situations, we recommend trying out DVDFab YouTube to MP3.