Want to reverse video to create desired visual effect for different purposes? If you are a video enthusiast and strive for perfection, you must be particular about every footage you have captured. Gone are the days when you carried a cumbersome digital camera to shoot your video clips in all places. Now a HD smartphone will help you make home movies to retain momentous events like birthday and wedding celebrations. However, you might shoot videos upside down due to certain reasons, make mistakes during film editing, or simply want to create special effects like applying a rewind effect to a section of a video. Take it easy. Here has everything you need to reverse video online, on Win & Mac, or with mobile apps.

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1. What to Know before You Reverse Videos?

2. How to Reverse a Video with Video Editor?

3. How to Reverse Video in Premiere?

4. How to Reverse Video in iMovie?

5. How to Reverse YouTube Video Online?

6. Reverse Video Apps That Deserve Your Attention

1. What to Know before You Reverse Videos?

If your shot videos are upside down or want to play back videos backwards, you need to reverse video with professional tools. If you intend to reverse a video in hope of producing special effects and stunning visual enjoyment, or highlighting a specific part to engage audience, reverse video editors will come in handy. As to what reverse video applications you shall choose, refer to the following tips.

⚬ Support various video formats, reverse video with custom option for speed, direction and duration

⚬ Added options to reverse a video like preview window, undo button, trim, mute audio, or watermark

⚬ Export quality video with high resolution and directly share on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms

2. How to Reverse a Video with Video Editor?

If you aim to reverse video on Windows free and easily, here comes the best professional video reverse software Video Editor, a reverse video editor armed with powerful video edit options including split, crop, zoom, video speed change, volume adjustment (fade in & fade out), color correction, mosaic, freeze frame, set duration, speech & text converter, and amazing effects like transitions, filters, overlays, elements, text, music, audio. This free and easy-to-use reverse video editor enables you to reverse video with one click. So, how to reverse a video with a breeze?

Reverse Video with Custom Options on Windows

Step 1: Install & launch Video Editor, and import video file

Download this reverse video editor from its official site (PS: if you read through this post with your mobile, do not forget to input your valid email to receive download link of Video Editor). You can act according to the window instructions to load media file if you use it for the first time.

How to Reverse a Video Free and Easily

Step 2: Highlight loaded clip and ‘Set Duration’ before ticking ‘Reverse’

If you want to reverse video clip, you need to set duration to identify the start and end time, then click ‘Edit’ (Pen icon) to tick ‘Reverse’. Meanwhile, drag the speed slider to adjust video speed as needed. Once done, play your reversed video to check final work from the preview window. Then press ‘Export’ to get your HD reversed video.

Reverse a Video with Turbo Speed and High Quality

This reversing video software is so easy-to-use that you can reverse a video, both in direction and speed, within one simple click. With intuitive interface, it is the best option for beginners.


For an overall detailed user guide to this video reverse editor, click here.

3. How to Reverse Video in Premiere?

Aside from Video Editor, you can feel free to try other alternative tools like Adobe Premiere to reverse video. As we know, Adobe Premiere, available on Win & Mac, is the leading video editing software in film & TV postproduction for professionals. If you aim to reverse a video more professionally, this reverse video editor might be a nice choice. Then how to reverse video in Premiere?

How to Reverse Video in Premiere on Win & Mac

Step 1: Launch the program, import video file and drag the clip into the timeline.

Step 2: Open ‘Clip’ > ‘Speed/Duration’ to set Reverse Duration

Of course, you can set reverse speed for the chosen clip. Once done, click OK. When the clip shows a 100% label on it, it means both the direction and speed of the reversed clip have been completed.

This reverse video editor is widely used in film industry due to its packed advanced features to polish videos. Nevertheless, Adobe Premiere always comes at a price for video editing. If you are a novice user, you can resort to other simple editors.

4. How to Reverse Video in iMovie?


For Mac or iOS users, iMovie is a top priority when it comes to reversing video with simple clicks and for free. Look at below simple guide on how to reverse video in iMovie.

Free Reverse Video Editor for Mac

Step 1: Run iMovie and import video from Media

Step 2: Drag clip into the timeline, right-click on the video clip you intend to reverse. Then select ‘Speed and Duration’ to launch a new window and tick ‘Play video clip in reverse’.

A piece of cake, yes? Within two clicks, you can get your reversed video free of charge.

5. How to Reverse YouTube Video Online?

Want to know how to play YouTube videos backwards? Apart from Windows and Mac reverse video editors, you might hope to reverse video online instead of downloading and installing software on computers. For YouTubers, YouTube videos playing backwards will make a strange but compelling effect like reversed memes to attract more viewers and followers. In this part, we will discuss how to reverse a YouTube video online.

Among all online reverse video editors, Kapwing will be a nice choice for you to reverse video online since it is web-based and free to use. Above all, you can import a video directly from your YouTube account instead of downloading from YouTube and re-uploading. Now let’s get down to how to reverse YouTube video online.

How to Reverse Video Online for YouTube, Facebook...

Step 1: Launch Kapwing online

Step 2: Import YouTube video via URL copy & paste

Note that Kapwing supports video files smaller than 300 MB and shorter than 30-minute long.

Step 3: Choose reverse video options

When entering reverse video edit window, you can choose reverse speed, reverse a certain part of the video by trimming unwanted parts, add custom watermark (text & image), or reverse video sound via muting the output.

Step 4: Download video and share on social media

Once finished, you can download the MP4 output to share with your friends or upload the reversed video on your social sites like YouTube.

Remember that this web-based reverse video app works on Chromebooks, computers, phones. Free as it is, you need to sign in to remove watermarks for free, otherwise the output video will be watermarked in the bottom corner.

6. Reverse Video App Deserves Your Attention

There might be occasions when you want to reverse video on mobile phones, both Android and iOS. Never mind. Here are several reverse video apps worth your full trial.

Reverse Movie FX (Android & iOS, in-app purchases)

Able to create backward videos, slow down or speed up video in a breeze. Record video as well.

Best Reverse Video App for Android & iOS

iMovie (iOS, free)

Easy-to-use and clean intuitive interface to reverse a video

LumaFusion (iOS)

Reverse Video Backwards (Android, free)

Reverse Video Editor: Rewind videos & add music (Android, free, in-app purchase)


In this article, you have been familiar with the best reverse video editors to reverse video online, on Windows, Mac or with mobile App, both free and paid. Just choose the one that takes you to reverse video easily and polish clips with added features. After reading this post, no need to rack your brains as how to reverse a video free and easily, because there are lots of reverse video applications for your reference. One more word, want to figure out how to edit a YouTube video to perfection and in multiple ways? Click here.