TS and MP4 are both digital file format containers. MP4 format is used to store and play audio and video files because it is a versatile format, and almost every media player offers support to it. On the other hand, TS is a broadcasting format of a video stream that can fight errors or corrupted data. Hence TS format is flat, whereas the MP4 format has an index at the beginning.

ts to mp4:Introduction

In any case, the video quality inside these formats is the same, but TS files usually compress the video data using MPEG-2. TS files are saved on DVD in multiple formats, so frequent users prefer to convert ts to mp4 for flexible usage. Therefore, this article will briefly discuss some interesting tools to convert ts file to mp4 hassle-free, so you won’t have trouble playing, editing, and sharing your favorite content online.

So, let’s discover ts to mp4 converters and learn how to turn all the DVD video ts to mp4 quickly.

Best Alternatives to Convert TS to MP4

DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter stands as the best MP4 converter with its fast speed and multiple built-in editing tools. This full-featured video converter can convert up to 1080p, 4K, 5K, and 8K from one format to another, and you can definitely rely on the software to convert .ts to mp4. Moreover, it has an intuitive interface and insanely 30 x faster speed lets you batch conversion.

Besides reading any digital format and converting it into 100+ formats, the DVDFab Video Converter gives you full control of your output mp4 file. You can crop, edit, add subtitles, adjust audio parameters, and play with advanced file settings to make the file as per your requirements.

ts to mp4:DVDFab Video Converter

Experience all the amazing built-in capabilities, including background music, enhanced video quality, and much more, with the 30-day free trial. Then, turn to the paid version to enjoy without any hassle. Now, let’s learn to use the software and satisfy your knowledge craving for how to convert .ts to mp4 via DVDFab.

How to Convert ts to MP4 in a Few Easy Steps

· Download and launch the DVDFab video converter in your systems. Check the system requirement on the website beforehand. And, it is absolutely free to download and sign up.

· Add your profile credentials, sign up, and get into the software.

· Go to the converter at the top ribbon.

ts to mp4:How to Convert ts to MP4 in a Few Easy Steps

· Insert, drag, or upload the ts file here. You can add multiple files for the batch conversion.

· Select the conversion format.

· Perform advanced settings if required.

ts to mp4:How to Convert ts to MP4 in a Few Easy Steps

· Select the final destination of the output mp4 file.

· Hit the convert button and wait.

ts to mp4:How to Convert ts to MP4 in a Few Easy Steps

· The ts file will convert into MP4 within a few minutes without any quality loss, and you can find it in your desired destination.

ts to mp4:How to Convert ts to MP4 in a Few Easy Steps


· NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync support

· AI-Powered Video upscaling

· Supports 100+ video formats

· Customize or edit the video

· Compatible with Windows and Mac devices


· Simple and user-friendly interface

· Batch conversion with exceptional speed

· 30-day free trial

· The best software to convert ts to mp4 data


· A little expensive subscription


ts to mp4:Movavi

Compatible with Windows and macOS, Movavi is an incredible software that can help you convert any possible digital file into your desired format for easy and quick access. Besides conversion, the software provides access to various editing tools, including color adjustment, trim video parts, adding subtitles or effects, merging multiple files, etc.

Moreover, it also lets you compress videos without any quality loss and help you store much without consuming space. This best ts file to mp4 converter opens doors to unlimited entertainment as it allows extracting audios from the ts files and saving it in any format.

In addition, the interface is easy enough to understand and start the conversion. Here is how you can use Movavi to convert video ts to mp4 version.

· Download and launch the software

· Go to add media at the upper right corner of the interface

· Hit the add video button and browse the TS file to convert.

ts to mp4:Movavi

· Once you upload the file, the editing window will open that lets you customize the ts file according to your preferences.

ts to mp4:Movavi

· Now, choose the output format as MP4 in the video tab. Ensure you select the right preset of MP4.

ts to mp4:Movavi

· Click the save button to choose the final destination of the output file. Otherwise, the converted file will be saved into the Movavi library.

· Now, hit the convert button.


· Convert ts file to mp4 or any format instantly

· High-quality conversion

· Fast processing and conversion speed

· Batch compressions

· Advanced file editing


· Simple interface

· Subtitles editing or extraction

· Audio extraction from the files

· Video upscaling to AI


· Not free

Cloud Convert

Cloudconvert is a free, fast, and user-friendly tool that provides the .ts to mp4 conversion on the fly. It is very helpful for beginners who don’t want to complicate things by getting into editing or various format complexions. Also, it is safe to use for personal as well as professional files as the tool wouldn’t keep the record of anything and delete all the data instantly.

Another impressive thing about the CloudConverter is its free conversion of up to 25 1GB files per day, which should be enough for beginners. However, the affordable and flexible payment options are also worth considering.

The smart and friendly interface has nothing to complicate you except a few basic settings to adjust. Let’s learn how you can perform ts to mp4 conversion with this versatile online tool.

· Click the link below to open the web

· At the front, select the file formats. Mostly it will be “ts to mp4” by default.

ts to mp4:Cloud Convert

· You can adjust some basic to advanced settings with the options given, including video codec, aspect ratio, resolution, output format, preset, etc.

ts to mp4:Cloud Convert

· It allows video trimming or adding subtitles from online

· And hit the convert button.

· You final file output will be downloaded to your system within a few minutes.


· SSL encryption for security

· No quality compromise

· 200+ format support

· Smart interface


· Free for 25 conversions

· Basic to advanced editing tools

· Constant updates for improvement

· Fast conversion speed


· None

VLC Media Player

Who doesn’t know VLC Media Player?

It is one of its kind, and almost every digital media streamer has VLC downloaded in his system. Fortunately, this player has some hidden but appealing features that don’t cost a kidney to make the online content more accessible.

ts to mp4:VLC Media Player

Moreover, this famous and simple player supports a wide range of different files that can be played in the best possible quality. Also, it has a traditional interface that doesn’t need any special skills to operate. Apart from playing different online content, VLC can offer file conversion services, including helping to convert ts files to mp4 hassle-free.

Though you may not get to enjoy a variety of built-in editing tools, the quality will remain intact even after the conversion. Furthermore, the conversion is also a walk in the park comprising a few easy steps.

· Download VLC Media Player for free

· Go to the Media Menu and choose the Convert/save button to convert .ts to mp4

ts to mp4:VLC Media Player

· Add the ts file by clicking on the Add button

· Select the conversion formats

ts to mp4:VLC Media Player

· Save the destination folder

· And hit the convert in the drop-down menu

· It may take some time, but the tool notifies you once the conversion is complete


· High-security protocols

· It supports almost all audio and video formats to play

· It can convert ts file to mp4 without quality loss

· Compatible with all OS


· Open-source media player

· Free to download and use

· Supports 4k and 8k playback

· Decent speed


· Limited features and basic interface

ts to mp4:Cons


To convert ts to mp4 is no rocket science, especially if you have the right tool to do the job. We have discussed some safe, reliable, and handy online ts to mp4 converter that offers exciting built-in editing tools, batch conversions, etc. In addition, we have also discussed the conversion process in detail for your convenience.


How are ts and mp4 files different?

Since both are digital media containers, ts files are relatively flat, and the mp4 files have an index at the beginning of every file. So, the video quality of both formats is the same.

Which is easier to play, ts or mp4 file?

Mp4 is a universally compatible format that many famous, free, and readily available players support. Hence MP4 files are much easier to play, save, and share on different platforms.

How can I convert .ts to mp4?

Download the DVDFab Video Converter, choose the Convert options, upload your ts file, and convert it into the mp4 format by following the on-screen instructions. You can also opt for the other tools we have mentioned to get the job done hassle-free.