It is an indisputable fact that normal aging is associated with a decline in working memory performance. Hence, when you get older and older, it’s hard to clearly recall all gorgeous memories in the past time such as rendezvous for first love, wedding anniversary or unforgettable birthday parties of your loved children. So how can you deal with your fading memory?

To make cumbersome DVDs or take lots of pictures? These two ways seem feasible but not the optimal ones. Actually, there is a shortcut out there. If you know how to turn a bunch of pictures into a video, namely a video slideshow, things will become a piece of cake. After all, video slideshows can be saved and viewed easily. In this article you will be guided how to make a video with pictures so as to preserve the moments of past crazy events, thus reducing the burden of your brains.


1. DVDFab Toolkit (Windows)

2. PhotoShop (Windows & Mac)

3. PIXGRAM (Android & iPhone)

4. Photo Slideshow & Video Maker (Android)

5. Perfect Video (iPhone)

6. ANIMOTO (Online)

7. Adobe Spark (Online)

PART 1: How to Turn a Picture into a Video (Desktop Software)

This part will list desktop software used to turn pictures into a video slideshow on Windows, Mac or both.  

1. DVDFab Toolkit

This Window-based software is a versatile multimedia toolkit to address all FAQs related to video, audio and image. When it comes to converting a bunch of pictures to a video, this image to video maker allows you to customize the output video from multiple aspects. Below tips will give you a clear clue to the way of making a video with pictures.

How-to Guide

Step 1: run DVDFab Toolkit and choose ‘PIC to Video’ from ‘Image Tools’

Download, install and launch this program, entering its main interface as below.

Know how to turn a video to a picture with DVDFab Toolkit

Step 2: load pictures to the program

Tab ‘+’ button to import your wanted pictures. Alternatively, simply drag and drop your selected images onto the operation window (see below screenshot). Besides, you can add more images via ‘Browse’ route on the preview interface in step 3.

Load source to turn images to a video

Step 3: customize the output video

Once pictures loaded, feel free to personalize output video by creating a new title, opting for format (MP4 and MKV are available), choosing resolution (360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P and 2160P), scaling options (scale to fit or fill) and time interval for each image (customized value). Above all, you can add background music by uploading your favorite soundtrack, thus adding more emotional appeal to the final video.

Customized settings before turning pictrues into a video

Step 4: start to convert pictures to video

Once done, just press the ‘Start’ button to launch the conversion process. With acceleration technologies, this picture to video converter will bring you a video fast and well. In addition, if you want to further edit the created video, you can try other features of this master toolkit.

By the way, if you do not have many pictures in store, you can shoot live pictures right now. Then transfer the pictures to PC and further start the work on how to turn a live picture into a video.

2. PhotoShop

This software, available for Windows and Mac, is a powerful program devoted to modifying already created images or graphics, like photos, which can considered a good choice for web graphics, photo editing and designs, even a picture to video maker.

How-to Guide

Step 1: install and open the program

Step 2: go to ‘File’ < ‘Open’ , and load the first image and ‘Photoshop Image Sequence’ box

Step 3: personalize how many frames per second on the ‘Frame Rate’ box

Step 4: click ‘Export’< ‘Render Video’ < ‘Save to (Select Folder)’, and set parameters such as time interval, format, resolution and size.

Once done, wait for the resulting video with a patience.

PART 2: How to Turn Pictures into a Video (Free Apps)

Now let’s look at some apps to turn live pictures into videos. The following image to video makers are suitable for Android and iPhone users.

3. Pixgram

This free app to turn pictures into video allows you to integrate your favorite photos, music and videos together via some special effects, thus creating an eye-catching video able to recall your unforgettable past moments.

Simple tips

Step 1: select and import photos

Step 2: customize the video

Add matched music and exquisite filters, choose exported video quality and size or edit the video.

Step 3: start to convert

Once finished, the final video will come out. Then share the slideshow to your social media posts.

Despite the free trial, you need to purchase some extra features.

4. Photo Slideshow & Video Maker

This turning pictures to video app kills two birds with one stone. Aside from being as a video editing tool and video to audio converter (MP3 format), it highlights its photo to video making feature, thus creating excellent video slideshows to enrich your life and facilitate work.

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install the app from Play Store

Step 2: import pictures from camera and gallery

Step 3: choose video quality (HD) and start to convert

Step 4: trim and crop the video as needed

Once done, a video slideshow will be made. Versatile as it is, this image to video maker app varies in picture quality according to your chosen level. But, once saved, the video is difficult to share to other social channels.


5. Perfect Video

This app to turn live pictures into videos boasts its powerful video editing function and transition effects, which is dedicated to creating amazing videos with multiple photos, clips and text. However, free trial is not accessible to its advanced features.

Simple Guide

Step 1: download and install the app from Apple Store

Step 2: create new project and load pictures

Step 3: customize and export

You can add music, voice recordings, super transition effects and even do some extra editing.

PART 3:Image to Video Maker Online

Here are two online picture to video makers accessible to creating video slideshows to recall your memories, please your audience, or promote your business. 


This online video maker helps you create videos that engage your audience, drive sales and boost traffic to your website. Nevertheless, free users have to remove watermark from the video via upgrading to paid account.

How-to Guide

Step 1: choose a video template

Step 2: add photos and video clips

Step 3: customize your video

Step 4: produce and share

7. Adobe Spark

This is a free online slideshow maker with music and transition effects, with user-friendly interface that allows you to create striking slideshows without racking your brains to design hard.

How-to Guide

Step 1: start a new project

Step 2: add media to the slides

Step 3: customize (layouts, themes and soundtrack)

Step 4: publish and share

The above recommended online picture video makers work well when you aim to create your video slideshows directly on the webpage.  


Now you probably know how to turn a picture into a video on Windows, Mac, via app or online image video makers. Just feel free to choose your desired one according to your actual needs. But the first multipurpose toolkit is really worth your preference. By the way, once you want to convert videos between various formats so that you can enjoy video contents on diverse devices, DVDFab Video Converter is ready for you.

Meanwhile, sometimes you may hope to further process your DVD or Blu-ray movies like ripping DVDs and Blu-rays to extract your favorite clips. However, most of these disc movies contain copy protections. So what will you do? Give up or decrypt DVDs (Blu-rays) via third-party software? If you choose the latter, you are sensible enough to get your expected results.