While recording videos, the chance of shooting unwanted footage is high, and you can not make the audience engaged with the raw videos. Therefore, video editors come into action that helps us add exciting effects, background music, subtitles, trim the videos, and more to make the video presentable for different purposes.

Video editing is an art that requires creative skills and the right set of equipment to get the job done, so it is not the game for everyone to play. Thus, being the market leader of the electronic industry, Samsung continuously surprises us with the amazing camera for shooting videos and then some terrific video editor applications.

Yes, many top application developers have launched Samsung video editor to offer seamless editing of your personal and professional videos. Video editor Samsung is a great and handy tool for digital influencers, content creators, and marketing agencies to edit and enhance their content with their Samsung phones on the go. So, let's explore how to use the Samsung video editor and turn the tables for your next Instagram/Youtube videos.

Top Alternatives to Samsung Video Editor

DVDFab- Best Video Editor with AI Technology

samsung video editor:DVDFab- Best Video Editor with AI Technology

DVDFab is a top-notch video editor that can offer you impressive tools to enhance your photos and videos using AI technology. It is an all-rounder software that will enhance the video quality and enlarge them to high-resolution for better visibility. Moreover, it lets you convert the file format, burn CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray Discs, turn them into digital form, and organize your own media library within the platform.

samsung video editor:DVDFab- Best Video Editor with AI Technology

It is the best and most affordable video editor you can get for your professional video enhancements because its built-in editing tools are ten times better than any video editor Samsung galaxy s5 application available.


  • Copy digital media to hard drives in high quality
  • Video and audio files conversion to hundreds of formats
  • Enhance photo and video quality from 1080p to 4K
  • Lots of editing tools
  • Digital library
  • High processing speed


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Continuous updates to make the process smoother
  • Free downloading
  • Compatible with multiple OS


  • The free version has limited features

Adobe Premiere Elements

samsung video editor:Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe premiere element is the incredible video editor Samsung available to date that will take care of all the basic and complex editing requirements. The software can turn your short video clips or reel into interesting videos to upload on your youtube channels.

It integrates Adobe Sensei AI technology that transforms your raw average Samsung videos with transitions, animations, and eye-catching effects. The interface is intuitive and responsive, with excellent organizing sources via face recognition, smart tags, etc. However, all these impressive features are not available to enjoy for free; it costs around $70/year.

samsung video editor:Adobe Premiere Elements


  • Fast and convenient editing with automation and AI technology
  • Built-in organizer to manage, find and categorize your videos
  • Lots of editing tools, including animation, effects, transitions, etc.
  • Combine multiple clips, photos, and memes to create a video


  • Step-by-step guide
  • Compatible with multiple OS
  • Direct uploading from Samsung devices and share to online platforms
  • Responsive and fast


  • A little expensive

Best Video Editors on Samsung devices

If you have the latest Samsung phone with terrific camera performance, you should consider this video editor Samsung galaxy s6, because it will help you with on-the-go editing and quick saving to your devices.

Samsung Hidden Video Editor

samsung video editor:Samsung Hidden Video Editor

It is the Galaxy video editor that you can find in the Samsung devices, and it has been famous as the best video editor Samsung Galaxy S5 and latest devices. It lets you split or add multiple photos, transitions, effects, background music, and more to enhance your overall video quality.

Whether you shoot a video for educational purposes or review any new brand product, it will highlight the important parts, add subtitles, and improve the quality by adding filters. In addition, accessing the editor is seamless through your phone gallery; it will take you to the editing interface and help you save the final video in no time.


  • Free Samsung video editor
  • Exciting and appealing effects
  • Adding texts or subtitles to clips
  • Compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Combining clips, music, and multiple images to create a video


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of transitions
  • Audio levels adjustments
  • Quick and fast saving
  • No lags and security issues


samsung video editor:Filmora

Filmora Wondershare is a famous video editing tool compatible with Windows and Mac devices and can polish your Samsung videos like never before. Though shooting with a Samsung camera is heavenly amazing, still adding final touch-ups or giving a taste of a few transitions wouldn't harm anybodysamsung video editor:Filmora

Filmora is an incredible Samsung video editor free download option that can edit your videos on your phone or PC. Its widely compatible application wouldn't consume much space and allow you to trim, rotate, merge, convert formats, add background music and a lot more with a tap. In addition, its mobile version, which I must say makes an incredible video editor Samsung galaxy s5 and later devices, allows aspect ratio customization, background blur for Instagram videos, and next-level cropping for interesting photo placement.


  • Lots of editing tools
  • Audio level adjustments
  • Background noise removal
  • Enhance Samsung videos in one-go
  • Adds texts or subtitles to videos for professional use


  • Free download
  • Compatible with almost all video formats
  • Aspect ratio personalization
  • Export videos to smart devices


  • Not free

Download Samsung Video Editor APK

The APK version of any software or app will let you explore more about the platform and help you enjoy locked features without paying much. Though buying a subscription is always a wise decision to safely proceed with your editing requirements, the APK version can help beginners have a rough idea about the platforms and their advantages.

FilmoraGo is an updated version of Filmora, a practical and feature-rich tool for next-level video editing. It can help design videos for TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with no content nature limitation. It has expansive tools to edit, transform, and convert the videos to make their quality enlarge and engage the digital audience. Here are some key features of the FilmoraGo.


· Incredible video effects

· Animation tool with unlimited direction, speed, and layers adjustments

· Subtitles addition

· Background music and voice removal


· Lots of built-in editing tools

· Multiple filters

· Easy and quick sharing on different social media platforms

· Safe to use


· None

Downloading FilmoraGo APK

Download the FilmoraGo APK Version from the following link

Version: 6.5.9 Android

File Size: 84.2 MB

OS requirement: Android 7.0+

How to Use Video Editor Samsung?

Using any Samsung video editor is no rocket science. Here are a few steps to kick start video editing with any online tool or app. Let's explore how you can edit Samsung videos with DVDFab Video Editing Tool.

· Download DVDFab on your system. Luckily, it is free to download with plenty of features unlocked for the free version.

· Launch the tool.

· Upload your Samsung video.

· A broad editing window will open with plenty of editing tools at the front.

· You can trim, crop, rotate and merge different files from the bottom right corner (tools placement may vary with the version).

· The editing ribbon above may include transitions, effects, animation, music adjustments, and other advanced settings.

· Once the editing is complete, you can select the final format of your video among hundreds of formats available.

· Export/save/download the final file on your system or directly share it with the different social media platforms.

· You can also save the video in your digital DVDFab media library to keep a record.


Video editing is important to give any raw video a professional touch to make them interesting and engaging for the digital audience. No matter which camera you use for video capturing, editing them via the best editing tool will charm your content.

Since the popularity of Samsung Galaxy phones and their cameras are growing rapidly, and content creators are enjoying capturing photos from them, we have added some reliable, safe, and worth-using Samsung video editors. This article will also disclose how to use Samsung video editor easily.


How to use video editor Samsung on different devices?

Download the respective Samsung video editor, upload the Samsung video, and start editing. You can find many free and paid video editors Samsung online or refer to the article for reliable tools.

Can I download Samsung Video Editor APK?

Yes, you can download the APK version of the Samsung video editor to enjoy tools without paying a penny.

Can I edit S20 videos for free?

Enjoy unlimited video editing and sharing your galaxy-captured photos and videos with the hidden Samsung video editor free download from the app's library. Go to the phone gallery and tap to edit the video. It will take you to the library to download the Samsung Hidden Editor for free.