Is there anything you want to blur in a video when you plan to share something on YouTube or other platforms? Add video mosaic and this problem will be easily fixed. There are top 15 mosaic software in this article, showing you how to blur out part of a video free and fast.

Table of Contents
  • 2-1.VideoCruise mosaic maker (Windows)
  • 2-2.  KineMaster mosaic software (iOS/Android)
  • 2-3.  VideoStudio mosaic maker (Windows)
  • 2-4.  EaseUS mosaic video software
  • 2-5.  Premiere Pro (Mac)
  • 2-6.  Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo (Android)
  • 2-7.  Facepixelizer (Online)
  • 2-8.  Filmora9 (Windows/Mac)
  • 2-9.  Other video mosaic maker


1. What is a mosaic?

What is a mosaic video? Mosaic definition varies with different topics. When it comes to video mosaic, it means how to blur faces in video or blur video background. In order to solve this problem, there are numerous mosaic software with video blur effect. Would you like to know such mosaic makers?

2. Mosaic software

How to mosaic or how to blur out part of a video? You need the help of video mosaic software. There are a wide range of mosaic maker or app of great help. Read them and see which one do you want most.

2-1. VideoCruise mosaic maker (Windows)

VideoCruise is the most easy-to-use and versatile mosaic software you are looking for. It is able to  blur video easily and fast and also works to edit videos in numerous ways. Let’s learn how to use this free video mosaic software to blur something in a video.

How to add mosaic to a video:

• Install VideoCruise mosaic software on Windows

• Launch it and register to get free services without watermark

• Select a video aspect ration from the option of 9:16, 16:9, 4:3

• Click the button of “Import” to import file or folder

• Alternatively, record PC/phone/camera screen or online class

• Drag the video to the Timeline and click it

• Press the button of “Mosaic” among numerous video tools

• Click “Add” in a new panel and move the frame to blur video

• Press the button of “OK”

• Export the mosaic video in high denifition on your favorite device

Then this part in the whole video will be blurred. This is video mosaic or we can say how to add mosaic to video. If you want photo mosaic, import images to this mosaic software and you will make it. In the meantime, this mosaic maker also supports audio input.

Besides video mosaic, VideoCruise is also used to rotate, split, crop video and add text, filters, transitions, elements and more. Considering its free version bears no watermark, you cannot miss this chance. And start to mosaic video now.

2-2. KineMaster Mosaic Software (iOS/Android)

If you want video mosaic on iOS or Android devices, KineMaster is a good choice. There are multiple video, audio, images and text layers in this Mosaic video maker and you can use it to trim video as well. Now let’s see how to apply mosaic video effect using this video blur editor?

How to blur faces in video:

• Install KineMaster video mosaic app in Google Play

• Create a new project with default resolution

• Input a background color and set its duration

• Add your image one or seconds after the video starts

• Adjust the duration of your image

• Insert mosaic video effect using the options on the top right

• Set its position and emerging time

As a mosaic maker, KineMaster offers a free trial and paid version. According to users’ feedback, there are a series of bugs in this video mosaic software. So you are supposed to try it free and check the mosaic video effect.

2-3.  VideoStudio mosaic maker (Windows)

Sometimes when one posts a video or picture with a child included on YouTube, TikTok, etc., it is often the case that the baby face will be blurred. Then do you know how to blur faces in video? Add a video mosaic and nobody will know who he is. Now, let me show you how to blur face in video with VideoStudio.

How to add a mosaic to a video:

• Get VideoStudio opened in Windows

• Drag a video to the Timeline

• Click the “Track Motion” button in the toolbar

• Move the red tracker to the video part you want to blur

• Tap the option of “Apply/hide Mosaic” option in line with the tracker

• Select a shape for the video mosaic

• Adjust the size of mosaic video effect

• Click “Track Motion” > “OK”

• Preview and check the effect of video blur

This is how to blur faces in video with VideoStudio by adding video mosaic. And he video mosaic will follow the object all the time, even if it is moving in a video. This video editor blur tool is free for 30 days. After that, you have to pay it.

2-4. EaseUS mosaic video software (Windows)

Available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7, this mosaic software is very simple and easy to use. No matter you are going to crop, blur, or edit video in other methods, this blur video editor is your best assistant. Now, follow me to learn how to blur out part of a video with this video mosaic.

How to add mosaic video effect:

• Click “+” icon to import your file to EaseUS

• Right-click the video on the track and select “Mosaic”

• Locate the part you want to blur in the Timeline section

• Click “Add” and adjust the size and place of video mosaic

• Export and choose output video format

If you like this mosaic software, just install it on your computer and use it to blur face in video or blur anything else.

2-5. Premiere Pro (Mac)

This mosaic maker works on Mac operating system. You can use this video blur editor to add a motion-tracking mosaic anywhere on your video, and output it to YouTube. Here is the use method of this mosaic software.

How to blur faces in video:

• Start Premiere Pro video mosaic software on Mac

• Add a video clip to the Timeline part

• Add mosaic effect horizontally or vertically to your video

• Use the ellipse to cover the subject you plan to blur

• Track the moving subject

Although Premiere Pro mosaic maker is powerful, it is very complicated. So if you are a beginner to video editing like video mosaic adding, this mosaic software is not recommended.

2-6.  Mosaic Pixelate Censor Photo (Android)

This mosaic maker is a professional video editor blur tool. Adding mosaic to a video with this software is very easy. You have two steps to follow: click “mosaic” to add it to a video and press “black” to change the mosaic video color. But the free version of this program has limited functions.

2-7. Facepixelizer (Online)

As an online software to blur video, Facepixelizer makes it to add video mosaic. For those who refuse to install any mosaic maker on their computer, this video editor blur tool deserves your attention. The only weakness is you cannot export a mosaic video directly to YouTube or Facebook.

2-8. Filmora9 (Windows/Mac)

How to blur faces in video with Filmora9 mosaic maker? Import your files first or click “File” > “Import Media Files”. Right-click the video in the Timeline, scroll down the option and choose “Power Tool” > “Mosaic”. Edit the video mosaic and export.

2-9. Other video mosaic maker

• Movavi

• Faceoff

• Tilt-shift

• YouTube blur video editor

• AVS mosaic software

• Lightworks

• Blender

3. Conclusion

These are the top 15 mosaic makers you can use to create video mosaic. No matter which mosaic software you choose, the method to add mosaic to a video is similar. But here, I highly recommend VideoCruise, the best video mosaic maker, which you can use to split, crop, rotate video and add texts, filters, transitions and elements. It is suitable to both beginner and expert, so you must have a try of this video editor blur tool.