What is overlay? When it comes to video overlay, there is a wide variety of patterns you have seen or expected, such as sky overlays, act overlays, GIF overlays, white overlay, text overlay, and among others. In order to add such video effects to your file, you need the help of video overlay software. Here in this article, I have collected a number of tools with free video effects. Follow me to see which overlays for edits you can apply to your video and how to overlay videos.

Video Overlay

1. How to overlay videos on Windows

There are two free overlay makers recommended to help you add video effects like video overlay to your file, including Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker.

(1) Video Editor

The first free overlay maker I am going to introduce is Video Editor. There are free 37 video overlays included in this overlay creator, namely, 21 lens flare and 33 frames. Different from other video overlay software, most video overlays in Video Editor is named in numerial order. The number is different, so is the pattern of free video overlays. When you come to the main interface of this video overlay software, what comes to your sight will be numerous free video effects on the left. Here are some examples showing you the overlays for edits embedded in Video Editor, like “Particle effect, money rain, glory time, capture, film, flare, flower fire, stars, light, album, and Happy Children. Check if there is video overlay you are desiring, and let me tell you how to add and edit overlays using this software.

Video Overlays in Video Editor

Steps on how to overlay videos with Video Editor:

• Download and install Video Editor on Windows

• Launch this video overlay software

• Choose aspect ratio from 9:16 (Portrait), 16:9 (Widescreen) and 4:3 (Traditional)

• Import your files from “Media” > “Import” or drag your videos directly there

• Put the videos to the timeline section

• Click the option of “Overlays” on the left

• Get video overlays downloaded

• Add free video overlays to your file

• Edit your video with other tools (optional)

• Export and set the video and audio format

Are you clear about how to add video effects like video overlay to your file? Open Video Editor and just wander in the video overlay world. You can add as many free video overlays as possible to your file to make it beautiful. And there will be no watermark in your output video. Subsequently, let’s see some other software with video effects such as video overlay.

How to Overlay Videos

(2) Windows Movie Maker

The second video overlay software you may like is Windows Movie Maker which is also a Windows video editor. The video overlays scattered in this tool are all named in entities instead of numerical order. For instance, there are Bokeh, Balloon, Polaroid, Snow View and Falling Petals accessible. Also for those who are passionate about pink overlays, there are “Pink Light, Pink Streak, Pink Present” here. Besides, you can find “Yellow flower and White and Blue” video overlays as well. Now, let’s see how to add video overlay using this free overlay maker.

Steps on how to overlay videos with Windows Movie Maker:

• Get Windows Movie Maker launched on Windows

• Open it and import files to this video overlay software

• Drag files to the Timeline

• Choose where to add video overlays

• Click “Overlays” above the Timeline

• Make a decision and add video effects

• Click the button of “Export” in the lower-right corner

It is also easy to add video overlay using this Windows overlay tool? But, don’t take it for granted that free overlays & effects are completely free in this vieo overlay software. When you start to add video overlay to your file, you will be reminded to register or purchase this overlay software. Otherwise, there will be a watermark on your exported file.

Free Video Overlays

2. How to add video overlays on Mac

iMovie is Mac video overlay software used to add video overlay and motion like dissolve, zoom as well as swap to your file. Also, you can use it to add free overlays on iPhone. It is simple to use and very user-friendly. Now, follow me to learn iMovie transitions download and iMovie overlay adding to your free video overlays. I will take a PC platform as an example.

How to overlay videos with iMovie:

• Start iMovie free download on Mac

• Drag your video to the Timeline section

• Click anywhere between the video clips you want to add video overlays

• Tap the first “Square” icon above the video

• Choose among “Cutaway, Green/Blue Screen, Split Screen, Picture in Picture”

• Add video effects like “dissolve, zoom, swap”

• Preview and output your file

Apart from adding free video overlays to your video, there are other iMovie special effects available. For example, you can crop, fast forward your file and doing more using the options on the top of the video.

Free overlays

3. How to overlay videos on iPhone

Filmora is the best solution to how to overlay videos on iPhone. This video overlay software is easily found in the App Store. Install it and prepare to experience its colorful video effects.

How to add video overlay on iPhone using Filmora:

• Launch this video overlay software

• Import your video to this free overlay maker

• Click the button of “Chaplin” on the left

• Add video overlays like “Love” and “Concert”

• Save and export your file

This is how to use Filmora on iPhone to add video overlay to your file. Besides free overlays, there are also other video effects like filters, transitions for your choice. You can apply as many as free video effects to your video and make it more attractive. In case of watermarks on your file, you may need to purchase this video editor in advance. Besides asking for Filmora for help to add video overlay, Video Rama is also of great assistance.

4. How to add video overlay on Android

Is there a way to add video overlays to your file on Android? Let PocketVideo do you a favor. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to make it.

How to overlay videos with PocketVideo:

• Get this free overlay maker started

• Click the “+” button on the bottom of the App

• Create a new project by selecting a video

• Click “VideoSticker” > “Add” > “YouTube”

• Search video overlays you want

• Download the video effects and add them to your video

When using this video overlay software to customize your video, the options of “VideoSticker”, “Add” and “YouTube” are very useful. With the help of them, you can download any video effects you want and add them to your file. In addition, you can apply “Mask” and “Cue”, as well as adjust the volume of your video with PocketVideo.

Video Effects

5. Where to get free movie clips

Till now, we have talked about so much about how to overlay video using different software on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. Besides shooting videos using your camera or smartphones, is there another way to find more attractive videos? How about downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other video streaming websites you want? Whenever you find a terrific video and want to add video overlays to it, download the video first with a free YouTube video downloader. It allows you to download videos from 1000+ websites free and fast.

6. The best photo overlay software

Apart from video overlay software, what to do when one wants to add overlay to a photo? Here are three video editors for you to do that. They are PicsArt, PhotoShop and InShot. And let me tell you how to add photo overlay instead of video overlay using PicsArt. First of all, start this app and click the “+” icon. Choose a photo to import and click “Edit image” in the upper-right corner. Scroll down the options on the right and add a new photo you like. Zoom it and click “Blend” > “Overlay”. Set the value of “Opacity”, “Size” and “Hardness” based on your needs. Save the file and output it to Instagram or Facebook.

Overlays for Edits

7. Conclusion

How to overlay videos? There are Video Editor for Windows, iMovie for Mac, iMovie for iPhone as well as PocketVideo for Android. Follow the detailed steps in this article and try to add as many video effects, including but not limited to video overlays, to your file. If you also want to add photo overlay, there are also three software mentioned in this post. Choose the best video overlay software you like and start the trip of video overlay adding. Hope you have a pleasant experience with Video Editor. For more video effects, you can read another article about video edit.