Statistics States: The global video editing software market is expected to hit $1.1 billion with a CAGR growth rate of 4.4% by 2025.

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The increasing statistical ratio of the video editing industry implies the high demand for video editing software. So, if you want to find the reason behind it, we will be surprised to know that dependency on any product leads to increasing demand for its users. Either actively or passively you tend to use lots of video editing features and functions while enjoying your favorite video. And video speed control is one of the most fundamental features of any video editing software. Now, if you think why a video speed controller is so important, here you go with some most essential 7 reasons for controlling video speed.

video speed controller:Introduction

  • To skip any boring or unwanted parts or ads of your videos.
  • Pause your videos while watching.
  • To fast forward or rewind your videos.
  • Watch any fast online social media video in slow motion.
  • To shorten any lengthy family function video.
  • To highlight any particular portion of your YouTube video in slow motion or fast forward motion.
  • To grab a quick highlight shot of any video content.

DVDFab PlayerFab All-in-one: Best Chrome Video Speed Controller

PlayerFab All-in-One is a one-stop media player that allows you to play videos from local, DVD, Blu-ray to online streaming videos. In this all in one video streaming platform, you can watch any online content, from Amazon, Netflix to Tubi, Hulu. Being one of the best playback players available in the market, DVDFab PlayerFab is also the most used chrome video speed controller along with multiple other customizable video editing tools.

video speed controller:DVDFab PlayerFab All-in-one: Best Chrome Video Speed Controller

On one hand, when with the Auto Skip feature you can save your time by skipping the unwanted part of the video, on the other hand, The adjust playback speed and autoplay following feature would allow you to watch your videos according to your convenience. So, let's have a look at how this video speed controller chrome works to control video speed.

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Steps to control video speed

  • After successful installation of this Google Video speed controller Player Fab on your PC, go to the "Speed Up or Down" option that appears under the "Video Tools" when it starts running.
  • To add a video source click on the "+" option or through the drag & drop option, you can take down the video on the main user interface.
  • To speed up videos, you need to drag the slider from left to right and do the reverse to slow down the video.
  • Or, you can also customize the speed parameters by filling the box with customizable options including, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, etc.
  • Click on the "start" button once you are done with your video speed customization to get the final product that is saved in the local drive.

Video speed controller Chrome extension

Video Speed Controller is nothing but a Chrome extension and any HTML5 videos including YouTube videos. Apart from this, other Websites or online videos that don't have inbuilt playback features, this video speed controller extension comes into play to give you access and customizable control of your videos.

video speed controller:Video speed controller Chrome extension

The most user-friendly option available in this video speed controller chrome extension is that it would allow you to use keyboard shortcuts to every video that you watch through this video speed controller extension. As compared to the inbuilt YouTube video speed controller that increases the video speed two times, this video speed controller chrome extension speeds up your videos faster than this. So, it's time to know how to use video speed controller extension.

Steps to control video speed

  • After the successful installation of this video speed extension, go to the "square box" containing the number shown at the top left corner.
  • Find the mouse controller while hovering over the box to speed up or showdown the video.
  • To turn off the "box" sign, press the "V" button on the keyboard.
  • Similarly to decrease speed press"S", to increase "D", to reset "R", rewind by 10 seconds "Z", to fast forward by 10 seconds " X".
  • From shifting 1X speed to default speed press "G".
  • While clicking on the icon shown in the toolbar & then clicking on the " Setting" option, you can customize the video speed that suits best for you.
  • Since there is no auto-save option, you have to scroll down through the page to click on the "Save" option.

Accelerate: Video Speed Controller Safari

video speed controller:Accelerate: Video Speed Controller Safari

Accelerate is one of the best customizable Safari video speed controllers that work as extensions. While changing the playback speed of any HTML5 video in the Safari browser, you can use customizable keyboard shortcuts to control videos. From adjusting speed, skipping option, play/pause to toggling picture-in-picture and Airplay, all these features are supported by this video speed controller safari extension.

In the new version 4.1 of this extension, you have more features including personalized maximum & minimum speed, an "Add" icon for better shortcut visibility, etc. So, let's have a look at how to use the video speed controller safari extension. With this extension, you can control the video speed of YouTube videos, Websites, and online streaming videos. This Safari video speed controller also works best as a Mac OS video speed controller.

Steps to control video speed

  • After installing this extension, to use the shortcuts to control the video speed do the right-click mouse or on toolbar items.
  • While using shortcut keyboard control you can control video speed by default.
  • Here you go with the shortcut keyboard button list for your customizable speed control.
  • Speed up:D
  • Toggle default speed 1X: R
  • Toggle default speed 2X: A
  • Slow down: A
  • Show current speed: V
  • Enter the picture in the picture: P

Playback Speed: Video Speed Controller Firefox

video speed controller:Playback Speed: Video Speed Controller Firefox

Playback Speed Controller is a most effective tool to speed up or down videos played on this extension. This firefox video speed controller allows you to use shortcuts to change the speed of any HTML5 videos including YouTube, any online streaming platforms, websites, etc. So, to make the most out of this Video Speed controller firefox let's go through the given below steps.

Steps to control video speed

  • After installing the extension click on the toolbar icon to select the video speed option of your choice.
  • To use the shortcut keyboard:
  • "Alt+shift+right" to increase playback rate by 0.25
  • "Alt+shift+left" to decrease playback rate to 0.25
  • "Alt+shift+up" for playback rate 1.

So, though all 4 video speed controllers are best suited for a different browser extension, these all work best as YouTube video speed controllers. Now it's your turn to pick the best video speed controller depending on your convenient browser extension.

FAQs of Video Speed Controller

What is a Video Speed Controller online?

Clideo, VEED.IO, Kapwing, Adobe creative cloud express, and there are many more video speed controllers online available. You can control your video speed with any of these video speed controllers with their online speed controlling service without downloading or installing them on any of your devices.

How to control video speed on an iPhone?

On the iPhone, it's easy to do with the iMovie app. Import your created video clip>Click on the "Speed icon". Use a slider to change video speed by selecting ⅛ of the original speed or you can double up the speed. Or while dragging the spider left to right you can also adjust the video speed. While clicking on " Reset" you can restore your playback speed to its original speed. And this iOS video editing controller is free and works on all iOS platforms.

How to control video speed on Android?

Irrespective of media player or device, you can easily control videos on any android platform through the video speed controller extension or app. Your imported video clip can be sped up or slowed down up to 4 times. Select any particular part of the video that you want to speed up or slow down and then export it.

Final Thoughts

So, when you have the widest option of video speed controllers on different browsing platforms, from chrome video speed controllers to video speed controller safari, you will not have any speed controlling issues while watching your favorite movies, shows, or other videos on any device. These video speed controller extensions are the smartest solution to watch your favorite video content depending on your free time, mood, and available device while controlling their speed as per your requirement.