Google’s WebM video file is a file that has a .WEBM extension runs on a similar video format that uses the MKV file extension. It is primarily utilized by web browsers because of the format’s popularity as a file for video streaming of HTML websites. However, the video playback is yet to be available on the iPhone and the iPad and while it may or may not come to iOS in the near future, we will discuss certain solutions to play WebM on iPhone.

WebM on iPhone:

Nowadays more and more high-quality videos, particularly those on the internet, come in WebM format, a royalty-free alternative to H.264. It is, however, not as compatible as its H.264 counterpart on certain platforms and devices. This renders Webm unresponsive, it freezes or does not play at all on iOS and other browsers.  The good news is that there are ways to convert WebM videos into a format that is iPhone compatible. We will show you the simplest way to use the DVDFab Video Converter to convert WebM files into different formats. Read on to learn all about how to play WebM on iPhone. 

How to play WebM on iPhone?

If you have been seriously trying to WebMs on your iPhone, it is likely that you may face certain snags while using a mobile browser. This is because Apple’s Quicktime player codec does not support WebM. This entails that you will face difficulty playing WebM videos in Safari, Chrome, iOS, a third-party browser, or any app that integrates a web view.

Solution 1: Use a Video converter

Although the Safari app has been updated to support the WebM audio codec in OS 15, you will find that you are still unable to directly play WebM videos on your iPhone or iPad’s media player. So if you are thinking about how to watch WebM on iPhone, you have to first convert WebM to a format that is supported by iPhone iPad, such as H.264. You can use a third-party converter like DVDFab Video converter which have the ability to easily convert WebM in HD, 4K to H.264, or other formats for playback on iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

DVDFab Video Converter to Play WebM on iPhone

WebM on iPhone:DVDFab Video Converter to Play WebM on iPhone

One of the simplest ways to convert WebM videos into formats that will allow viewing them on your iPhones is to use the DVDFab video converter. Apart from being capable of converting WebM videos to different formats, the DVDFab converter has several other advantages and features.


  • Can read all popular audio and video formats from the Internet, digital camcorders, or capture cards and convert them
  • You can avail of quality conversion tools with HEVC/H265, 3D, 8K, 4K, 10bit, 12bit, and Passthrough
  • All metadata from the source file including each episode named with Show Title, Season, and Episode Number can be fixed and applied to the end videos allowing for easy management of files and effortless browsing and playback
  • Has the ability to freely customize audio and video parameters and adjust them with various options available
  • Compress videos easily for playing on mobile devices and sharing on the social network and YouTube
  • Features a built-in non-linear video editor
  • Designed with a simple and intuitive UI for the ultimate user experience
  • Shortens waiting time with batch conversion feature at 30Xfaster speed with the help of multi-threading, multi-core, the latest NVIDIA CUDA, and Intel Quick Sync


  • It can also convert videos from one format to another in high picture quality up to 1080p, 4K, 5K, and 8K
  • DVDFab can convert videos to mainstream audio formats which can be played on mobile devices and home theatre systems
  • DVD Fab also features an Enlarger AI whereby poor quality videos can be up-scaled by 300 percent to 4K from 1080p or from 480p to 1080p, without any loss of quality. 

Steps to follow to play WebM files on iPhone 

Step 1: Launch the DVDFab video converter

WebM on iPhone:DVDFab Video Converter to Play WebM on iPhone

Download DVD Fab on your device and install it. Once the tool is launched click on the Converter module that you will find in the options bar at the top

Step 2: Drag and drop the source file

Now upload the source WebM video into the main UI by using the drag and drop option. You can also use the Add buttons to upload the video.

WebM on iPhone:DVDFab Video Converter to Play WebM on iPhone

Step 3: Customize the file format

Go to the drop-down option and select Choose Other Profile. In the Profile Library, you will see the option Format and Device

Step 4: Pick the desired format

Select a mobile device or a suitable format according to your choice

Step 5: Check advanced settings

In case you have a higher request for the end result, you need to set all the audio and video parameters through Advance Settings

Step 6: Personalize the output video

You can also use the in-built video editor to deeply personalize the output video 

Step 7: Save the changes

Now go to the ‘Save to’ option and choose the output directory by clicking on the folder logo

Step 8: Social media sharing option

You can also share to video on YouTube directly

WebM on iPhone:DVDFab Video Converter to Play WebM on iPhone

Step 9: Start the process

Start converting video at high speed by tapping on the Start option. Your video will immediately start converting to the target folder that you had selected. Besides that, you will get detailed progress information when the conversion process is underway

Step 10: Cancel anytime

If you wish to cancel anytime during the conversion process, you can do so.

Part 2. Other Efficient Ways to Play WebM on iPhone

1. Use PlayrXtreme Media Player

If you are wondering how to view WebM on iPhone, you can do it in the browser with PlayerXtreme Media Player. 

With PlayerXtreme you can directly stream from websites as it supports a plethora of formats including WebM. This way you can not only watch WebM videos online on your iPhone but also download subtitles as the player supports the most common subtitle formats. By following a few steps you can use PlayerXtreme to watch WebM on your iPhone.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

Download and install the PlayerXtreme app on your iPhone.

WebM on iPhone:1. Use PlayrXtreme Media Player

Step 2:

Now open Safari and locate the WebM video that you want to watch on your iPhone. You need to use a new tab where you can open the video URL. 

Step 3:

Click on Open In link and select Open In PlayerXtreme.

WebM on iPhone:1. Use PlayrXtreme Media Player

Step 4:

The WebM video can now be played.

2. Use VLC to play local WebM videos on iPhone

VLC is a very popular media player that can be used to play all WebM video files on your iPhone. It supports most audio and video playback and runs on all operating systems. You just need to follow a few steps to play WebM files using VLC.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

Install VLC on your iPhone and open the application.

WebM on iPhone:2. Use VLC to play local WebM videos on iPhone

Step 2:

Follow the instructions provided on-screen in order to add the WebM video that you wish to watch.

Step 3:

Once the WebM file is imported, you will need to click on All Files to find the WebM video that you recently added.

WebM on iPhone:2. Use VLC to play local WebM videos on iPhone

Step 4:

Click on the WebM video to open it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the reason behind Apple not supporting WebM?

Apple has still not appended this feature of viewing WEBM files on iOS because it already has the H.264 feature that comprises a hardware decoding support and works well for them. Thus they do not feel the need for supporting WEBMs.

Is WebM used by Safari?

Safari has already added support for WEBM images with macOS Big Sur and iOS 14. Besides this, Safari 14 on macOS also comes with support for the WEBM video codec. This, however, was not included in the iOS variant of Safari.

Is WEBM supported by all browsers?

WEBM is supported by Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome browsers. 

In Conclusion

So, your concern about how to open WebM on iPhone can now be addressed as there are a number of fixes to this. Among these, with the help of tools like DVDFab video converter you get additional features such as the conversion of your video files into different formats at high quality. You can now enjoy your WEBM videos by also converting them to different audio formats and enjoy them on a variety of mobile devices.