Webm and mp4 are both reliable audio-visual format that supports significant browsers and devices, and there is no room for compatibility issues. But most users get confused about which to select when converting from one format to another. There are a few grounds that trigger the argument of WebM vs mp4, and you will understand better if you know a brief about both formats.

webm vs mp4

What is Webm?

Webm is an audio-visual format that was developed in 2010. Further, it was released in 2019 by Google. Webm is widely supported by browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Vlc media player. This file format contains VP8, VP9 Or AV1 Video and Vorbis Or Opus audio. You can watch anything on Webm format using vlc media player, MPlayer etc. Initially, it was developed by Matroska; later, Google took over.

The sad part is that Apple Safari and Internet Explorer do not support Webm format.

What is Mp4?

Mp4 Or MPEG -4 is a multimedia format used to store video and audio. The official file extension for mp4 is .Mp4. Largely, it's also come in .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, and .m4r and .m4v file extension. The format is not open source and is based on the 2001 QuickTime File Format Specification. The plus side is mp4 supports various video coding formats that include HEVC/H.265, H.264, and AVC.

The plus point is mp4 is primarily supported by almost all devices regardless of network, browser and platform.

WebM vs Mp4: Compared discussion on what is more suitable to use

While Webm format is associated with internet streaming, on the other hand, MP4 file container is used for Video, audio, subtitles etc. Further, the latest content type like 3D graphics and user activity is contained inside an mp4 file. Mp4 file is called universal file format due to its device-friendly features and video quality. Besides, WebM is perfect for online streaming, and users need both based on their needs. But before going for blind acceptance, you need to check and conclude the battle between .webm vs mp4.

There are plus and minus on both sides. Let's see what is in WebM format vs mp4.

WebM vs mp4 file size: Quality and Size

As Webm is for the internet, the compression ratio of Webm is relatively high than mp4. Again Webm is a bit smaller than mp4 in size. But overall, video quality include resolution and audio; mp4 is better than webm.

WebM vs MP4: Compatible device and browser

In terms of compatibility, mp4 is much ahead of webm. Mp4 format is primarily accepted to all the major devices, including Android, Xbox, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone etc. On the other side, Webm supports various web browsers, and Apple Safari and Internet Explorer do not support WebM format.

Mp4 vs WebM: Whether HTML5 supportive or not?

Mp4 and Webm both are compatible with HTML5. In the HTML5 context, the argument is pointless because both support HTML5 video, in browser and in mobile.

WebM vs mp4: Which one is royalty-free?

Webm and mp4 both provide a high-quality watching experience. The notable point is webm

the format is royalty-free, but mp4 is not as it's patented.

WebM vs mp4: Who is older than the other?

Webm is a comparatively new format that was released in 2010. In other notes, mp4 is 15 years old, much older than webm. Why does mp4 last so long time? Because of its compatibility and processing power to encode, this is unbeatable that most of the platforms support mp4. The webm, too, can help better video quality, but users hardly notice it due to its limited supportive platform.

WebM vs mp4: Which one should you select?

It would be pointless conclusion if we select one and reject the other one. Because both are necessary and play crucial role to hook your target audience. You can summarize this way:

  • Smaller file size: Webm
  • Compatibility: Mp4
  • Video Quality: Mp4
  • Device friendly: Mp4

The battle is ongoing series, and to reach a certain point would be irrelevant as you have to select the format based on your requirements. Let's focus on how you can convert WebM to mp4.

How to convert WebM to mp4 file format?

If you want to convert WebM format to mp4 format, the DVDFab video converter can easily do the task. Further, it can convert any video file to other formats like AVI, FLV MKV, WMV etc. It also supports more than 214 output devices. You can share the output files directly to social media like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc. You can add text, images, music and make it more appealing.

convert webm vs mp4 file size by dvdfab video converter

Following are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Install DVDFab video converter

webm vs mp4 file size

Download DVDFab video converter on your device, open the interface, select the converter module. Add Webm file from local folder or mobile.

Step 2: Select Other Profile

Click on the triangle icon in line with Info and choose other Profile.

Step 3: Select output video format

Click on Video, then format, and select Mp4 as the output video.

webm vs mp4 file size

Step 4: Customize the Settings

In this step, you can avail the advanced settings and select the parameters of Video, audio, subtitles, frame rate, and resolution. If you click on the Video Edit option, you can add text, music, image, credits to your file. You can also check the brightness, contrast, playback speed, crop, rotate or trim.

webm vs mp4 file size

Step 5: Set the output directory

Once you customize the output file, it's time to select the output directory that includes mobile devices, folders, and social media like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Step 6: Click on the Start button.

Finally, click on the Start button, and the tool converts Webm to mp4 within a few seconds.

Tips: DVDFab Video Converter support the batch conversion. If you want to convert multiple WebM files to mp4, you can process them.

If you do not want any edit option and simply convert WebM to mp4, there is another way to finish the task.

How to convert WebM to mp4 without editing?

Vlc can convert WebM to mp4 without any edit, and it follows simple steps for the conversion. As there are no complex steps involved, beginners can convert files from one format to another. Vlc also supports various file formats for conversion and provides standard output files.

Let’s follow the steps:

Step 1: Install vlc media player

Download and install the tool on your device.

.webm vs mp4

Step 2: Open the Media tab

Tap on the Media tab on the left corner of the media player and select Convert, and open a new media window.

Step 3: Add the file

Tap on the Add button to add the Webm file in the Open media Window.

.webm vs mp4

Step 4: Click on the Convert button.

Click on the Convert button to start the process.

Step 5: Select the Output format

In the Profile drop-down menu, select the output file as Mp4.

Step 6: Select destination folder

Once you select the output file, tap on the destination folder and tap on the Save button.

.webm vs mp4

Step 7: Click on the Start button.

Hit the Start button, and it'll start the conversion process.

If you have queries regarding the ever going battle of webm vs mp4 size or mp4 vs webm, please check our FAQ session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both are the winner on Youtube. Youtube support a list of file formats that include Webm and Mp4, which means if you upload Video in these two formats, there will be no issue. Therefore, we can conclude both are the winner.

Facebook does not support webm, and instead, it prefers MP4 and MOV. Further, the video compression codec should be in H.264 with AAC sound compression at 128kbps. As smartphone users broadly use social media platforms, mp4 is the best format they accept.

It's difficult to say which one is practical, and it's entirely based on your requirements. If webm to mp4 is useful, vice versa is too suitable in some cases as webm is supported by major web browsers as a part of HTML5 video delivery and is also valuable for commercial and non-commercial aspects if you convert your mp4 to WebM format.

Bottomline of the entire argument

The majority of users are confused between webm vs mp4, which one they select. But after going through our article and comparative discussion, you can make the right decision which format you should opt for based on your objective. The mp4 vs WebM battle is never-ending as both forms have their ups and downs. Though mp4 has comparatively less downside, webm is also acceptable in some cases. To conclude, we can say first you determine your purpose, then select the file format because both have significant importance in their respective field.